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The trees shudder and shook, its leaves falling messily on the ground.

“Yu Ang, another layer of ice wave!” said Cai Tang who realized what’s happening.

“No.. I can’t breath… the pressure is too much!” said Yu Ang.

Mo Fan also felt a kind of pressuring atmosphere spreading out from the beast as it tries to force itself out of the ice.

“Oh no, it’s trying to evolve! This beast is forcing itself to evolve in desperate last move!”

“Dammit, it must have stolen parts of the holy spring! It has all the things it needs to evolve! We have to stop it from doing it if it really evolved, even if that master grade water mage wouldn’t even be able to kill it!!” said Xu Da Huang the captain with a bleak face.

After working in the city for so long, it’s his first time fighting advanced grade magical beast, this aren’t the kind of magical beast they can fight with as elementary mage!!!

If we can’t kill it soon once it rampaged, the city will be devastated!

“Damn it, we can’t stop it… we should get out of here before it completely evolve!” said Li Wen Jie with a pale face.

If that thing successfully evolve, not even Li Wen Jie with his speed can cope with it, everyone here will die without a doubt! It wouldn’t even need anymore than 10 seconds for it to kill everyone!!

“Bullshit, turn your head and look what’s behind you!” raged Xu Da Huang.

Although the neighborhood around is deserted, beyond the trees are the brightly lit commercial district. There are those who came to watch the festival with the whole family, the promoter girls, even some leisurely walking old couple. there are even residential buildings dotting the area, shops, redlight district, there’s even a mall there…..

Those people have nothing to protect themselves with! No magic, no weapon, nothing!!! As long as it finish evolving, all those people are food in its eye!

Even if the city does have stronger mages in it, it’s impossible for all of them to be on active duty all the time, even if come over as fast as they can and kill it, it will definitely left wanton slaughter and destruction in its way! Even Xu Da Huang shudder at the amount of lives that might perish at this impending disaster…

“Although that little bastard is damn annoying but he has done a great thing for the city today… If we didn’t know about this close to evolving advance one-eyed magic wolf here, the future will be an even greater disaster! Although it’s impossible, we still have to stop it from evolving with any means necessary!” said Cai Tang laughing desolately.

The captain never have the intention to run, whether it’s Cai Tang or the captain, Mo Fan admires both their conviction in this impossible moment.

“Fei Shi are you ready? Once it broke out we must not let it rampage around!”

Fei Shi nodded and tap his hand on the concrete ground, in an instant the ground appear to have ripples and then slowly made a wave towards the wolf, making the half frozen wolf move further away from everyone. However, the Ice Wave couldn’t held it back much longer as a fiery heat wave force the ice and frost around it to evaporate, turning it into vapors.

“This wolf is really evolving! Its body and blood is in heat like it’s boiling!” said Fei Shi in an uneasy tone.

Li Wen Jie gritted hard, not knowing what to do. To put it simply, once this wolf successfully evolve, even the survival of the whole group is in jeopardy, it’s even more impossible to stop the monster from going into the bustling commercial district! But they will also die while waiting for reinforcement to reach here! Even so, the evolution signs is already quite obvious isn’t it! Why are we staying here to die!?

“It’s about to finish its struggle!!” said Li Wen Jie with cold sweat dripping.

We’re so dead… even if I want to run it’s already too late!

Xu Da Huang, Xiao Ke, Cai Tang and Fei Shi never thought about leaving here… Mo Fan is observing the wolf at the moment, as he can clearly see the wolf’s muscle suddenly become translucent, even its blood vessels and bones are clearly visible, as the inexplicable heat could suddenly be seen flowing very fast within its body!

The wolf’s bones crackle as it break and mend itself, growing a spike through its shoulder, as it evolve so its size also increases, while the spines grow thicker and stronger, jutting out spikes up to its tail, as the cold moonlight spill down on it, it made the wolf appears even more terrifying and monstrous!

Fire Wave- Explosion!

Xu Da Huang finally lose his cool, and quickly brought out a mass of flames on his hand and quickly shot it towards the evolved wolf.


The mass of flames exploded on the wolf, the intense flames engulfed its body, reflecting the wolf’s eye red. The wave of fire spilled over and lit the trees on fire, spreading into the old buildings nearby. This should at least be able to cause some sort of damage to the evolved one-eyed wolf!

The fire dissipates away while the wolf clad in flames explosively spring forward, ignoring everything on its way.

“Captain watch out!!” shouted Fei Shi.

Xu Da Huang’s face was in dismay, it didn’t even get hurt from that!? It’s actually still fine after that!!

“Ground Wave!!”

Fei Shi finally display his ability, controlling the ground surface, trying to pull back the wolf but who would expect this evolved one-eyed magic wolf to be this fast! Even trying to pull it backwards didn’t have much an effect!


The burning wolf leap towards Xu Da Huang, its rippling chest filled with strength, with its arms open ready to slash the captain with its claws.

Water Shield!

In this time of crisis, Xiao Ke managed to complete her water spell, strands of water rapidly wove itself before Xu Da Huang’s body to block the claw swipes, but the fierce swipe tore through the water shield and in a flash his stomach was lacerated!

[Chapter 66] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 68]


  1. these guys sigh…..
    waiting for the power up transformation before doing anything
    it reminds me of the retarded power rangers

      1. Can’t remember the name, but I’ve definitely read or watched something where they purposely interrupted the transformation sequence. The one trying to transform even complained that you are supposed to let it finish. The other guy who interrupted it simply states that its retarded to knowingly let it happen.

        Really can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure I’m at least not making it up

    1. That would be awesome, but it’s probably going to be an advanced skill. It’s already referred to other series and games so it would feel like the natural way for things to progress.

  2. … -_- … couldn’t Mo Fan or Fan Mo in this case… just… paralyze the wolf while it’s evolving? You know… to slow or stop the process?

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