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Xiao Ke was stunned!

She obviously used water shield to protect captain! But this wolf tore it off!!

“Captain….!!!” yelled Cai Tang with a sluggish countenance.

It will ignore Flames-Explosion? It could also tear off water shield! Are we really doomed!?

“Xiao Ke!! Run!!!” shouted Fei Shi in panic.

Xiao Ke startled awake from her panic before feeling the immense brutal and ferocious pressure from the one-eyed magic wolf’s icy stare.

Its next target is herself!!!

“Lightning Whip!!”

While everyone was panicking streaks of purple lightning emerged around Mo Fan, he held his hand high and then fiercely gripped his hand. In an instant all the streaks of lightning as thick as a giant python whips around the one-eyed magic wolf, the lightning whips around the wolf as if trying to constrict it, charring parts of its body. Every time the lightning whip came around, torrents of lightning charred its skins before diving into its muscles and bones!

The strikes from each attacks left its mark on its body, causing it to attracts the streaks of lightning over and over again, as the lightning continued to ravage its body unabated.

“Awoooooo!!” roared the wolf with a painfully.

While its strong fur and legs may withstand flames with its burst of destructive power, the lightning might at best cause it some skin damage but its muscles made of flesh is absolutely unable to resist the paralysis from the lightning shocks as it continuously ravage its body from within.

“Lightning!! This physically strong wolf’s weakness is lightning magic!!” exclaimed Cai Tang at the moment!

“This is a second level lightning spell!!!”

In their helpless moment, they would never expect their newest member to actually pull through and save them… Nobody knows when this kid actually reached second level!!

Although it is only at the second level, the strongest element still show its domineering effects, restraining the beast strongly, it even looked rather shaky with its limp body.

Somewhere far from the wolf, Mo Fan let out a deep breath… Fortunately this lightning spell is really effective otherwise we would be wiped out!!!

“Fan Mo! Keep at it, as long as you can keep it paralyzed and stop it from running around we will win this fight!” said Cai Tang hurriedly.

Mo Fan nodded and started casting the lightning spell again… Although it is only a second level spell, Mo Fan has no room for error in this life and death battle. The lightning whip attacks the beast again, causing parts of its body to deform… While the beast tried to suppress this paralyzing effects from the lightning, some parts of its body has started to swell while some of its bones has visibly reverted back to before its evolution.

“Good job Fan Mo! Keep at it!!!”

Everyone was excited for their own reasons, cheering on Mo Fan keeping this wolf down.

“The beast cannot be paralyzed indefinitely, once its bones and muscles adapted to the shocks, it may reenter its growth again!” reminded Cai Tang silently.

Even Mo Fan is clear that he couldn’t do this indefinitely and its effects will fade off at one point, but he managed to gain some time at least Li Wen Jie managed to get the captain to safety, but his life is still in jeopardy.



Loudly howling, the wolf finally adapted to the paralyzing effects of lightning whip, its whole body once again brimming with ferocious energy.

“Oh it’s evolving again!!”

Everyone’s face changed for the worse, their lives are now back in jeopardy. Seeing this scene happening before him, Mo Fan realize that he’s still lacking too much…

Their only available course of action is to withdraw, his lightning spell should have bought some time for the other citizens to flee, he has saved as many people as he could…

“Evil Beast! Die for your trangressions!!” echoed a solemn voice across the street.

While he didn’t find the person who said it, Mo Fan could feel huge fluctuations of magic power in the air as the mist wet his cheeks.

“wooooooossshhhh” (the sound of rushing waves of water)

Mo Fan raised his head only to find a big wave of water floating above them!!! A surging wave of water in the air!? Mo Fan couldn’t believe his eyes, but there are surging waves of water rushing over the roofs of old houses, crashing into the one-eyed magic wolf severely.

“<Storm Waves>!!”

Along with the sacred sounding magic spell, the tides wrecked the one-eyed magic wolf and instantly flooding the neighborhood.

Almost all the old trees were destroyed, some of the old houses’ walls were destroyed as the one-eyed wolf struggled within this violent wave of flood and soon it has been pushed until the end of the street.

“Middle grade water magic!!!” said Xiao Ke flushing with excitement!

Storm Waves!

This mid level water spell filled the streets with violent tides of rapid waters, as Xiao Ke feel extremely excited seeing her future goals! To be able to wield such powers is also one of her goals!!!

The violent wave of water continued to surge at one direction but did not spread over to the other team members, otherwise like this one-eyed magic wolf they would be washed away and killed within!

Mo Fan watching this scene has his hearts surging with excitement! Mid-grade magic spell is really strong!!!

[Chapter 67] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 69]


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