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“My apologies for being late, is Xu Da Huang alright?” asked a middle-aged man wearing dark blue shirt while standing proudly on the roof of an old house, on his feet the the elemental runes are still slowly fading away, looking rather mesmerizing.

This man must be Yang Zhuo He, the water mage that was to be the reinforement! Although it was a close call, Yang Zhuo He looked worriedly across the few newly renovated buildings at the bustling commercial street where many are still shopping, unaware of the dangers nearby!

If the one-eyed wolf managed to evolve and went into that area, that commercial district will become some kind of hell on earth!! Zhuo He has worked so many years at the magic association and seen all kinds of magicians but this DH squad shocked him! Knowing that it’s impossible to prevent this struggling one-eyed magic wolf from evolving, they still valiantly try to buy as much time as possible, quite heroic indeed!!!

“His chest was torn open but luckily it didn’t damage his innards, thank goodness” said Li Wen Jie carrying captain, he did not understand… Why did captain still try to protect those people, isn’t a magician’s own life more valuable than those commoners!?

“I’ve notify a mage to come over and heal him, try to stop him from bleeding out. I’m going to kill off that beast!!”

As he finished, Yang Zhuo He disappear in a burst of speed, Mo Fan only saw this man suddenly leaving the spot after a blue elemental star emerge and went over to the one-eyed magic wolf at a high speed!

Mo Fan unknowingly fixed his gaze on him, trying to trace him and finally spotted him near the end of the street with all the debris around the one-eyed magic wolf! This is an intermediate level water spell indeed, it is much more powerful than any elementary magic spells, this wolf must have become a half dead old dog!! Considering the violent waves that crash into it and thrown it around, some of its bones must have broke, in addition to losing its bearings.

Yang Zhuo He is clearly not going to let this highly dangerous flee or rampage anywhere near the city, and to finish it off he quickly use his wind magic on the knocked out wolf.

<Wind Blades>!!

At the sound of the spell, first come a burst of air before it’s suddenly siphoned off into the spell, flowing crazily around the wolf. Mo Fan who have just arrived saw the middle-aged man holding an arm up as the beautiful wind elemental runes formed around him!

“Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu”

The wind started to coalesce around the wolf as the air around started rushing in, even Mo Fan could feel the wind accelerating around it rapidly and in an instant a cloudy tornado appeared, enveloping the one-eyed magic wolf. The furious wind pulled the wolf off its feet, throwing and tossing it within the tornado before throwing it off 20 meters in the air.The tornado then dissipated very quickly and the one-eyed magic wolf fell from the sky.


The concrete on the ground cracks as the wolf even sunk into it as it fall, its eye destroyed and its blood pooled out of its wounds. The beast no longer made any roar whether in pain or rage, its appearance miserable.


“Dead…” said Yang Zhuo He with a smile.

“Can I look at it nearer?” asked Mo Fan

“You may… Oh if I wasn’t wrong, those charred skin must be your lightning whips?”

“Yeah, I did it”

“Good job young man, you have done a great service. The Magic Association, the government and the Hunter’s Union will give you a reward” said Yang Zhuo He as he patted Mo Fan on the shoulder.

Mo Fan looked at the barely recognized pile of carcass and took out his small pendant out of his collar secretly. The little pendant suddenly have a very strong reaction over the recently killed one-eyed magic wolf, emanating some sort of tune that nobody else could hear.

The wolf’s soul slowly wafted out from its mouth, appearing like a frightened tiny firefly not knowing where to go before drifting into the small pendant as if it has found a place to be… The little pendant absorbed this wolf’s soul before emanating with a different tune, a happy contented tune as if a happy child who have just had a good meal.

“This doesn’t look like a residual soul…” muttered Mo Fan after seeing the soul that the small pendant absorbed. The souls that it absorbed from the previous hunts have been weak and very faint, glowing with muddy light as the small pendant reluctantly draw them in. But this time the small pendant took in he soul eagerly, humming with a very excited and happy tune. This might be a refined soul!??

Previously Cai Tang did mention that this one-eyed magic wolf might have stole a huge energy from the holy spring and then hid within the city to secretly evolve, this magic beast has nourished itself so well and so powerful that it almost completed its evolution to advance level!

This kind of magic beast has quite the high possibility to have refined soul after killed!

Because only soul magicians could collect this kind of thing, even this middle-grade water mage won’t be able to take it without some tools to specially collect refined soul, let alone know or see any refined soul within the beast. After its death, magic beasts’ soul essence will dissipate in less than three minutes since Yang Zhuo He didn’t bother to collect them, he didn’t really care about the carcass.

No mage would ever thought that this kid has this kind of special tool that could easily collect these souls, if valued financially… Mo Fan have just gained at least five million dollars for free!!! Even an almost advanced magic beast’s body is still valuable but this refined soul is even worth many times more than the carcass!!!

[Chapter 68] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 70]


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