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Before long, the mages from the army started cordoning and investigating the old neighborhood area. One of the healer mage came in time to heal Xu Da Huang’s wounds, fortunately he’s a magician with improved body if it was any ordinary human, that must blood loss would have killed them.

Seeing that slash from his chest to stomach, Mo Fan has become more alarmed to his lacking defensive spells, but also glad that he had that bone shield with him.

“Yang Zhuo He, I think we need to heightened the alert level, the magic beast in the city is going way above it’s usual level” said Cai Tang to the water mage.

“We have consulted with hunter’s union and the government, and have considered it… but we have recently sound a warning in the city, if we did it again in such a short interval, it may cause panic” said Yang Zhuo He.

“This is not the kind of magic beast that should appear anywhere near the city! It gives an ominous feeling” said Cai Tang.

“Rest assured, we’ve also increase the staff in public security department, as for some odd cases like this we’ll have to trouble you to deal with them…”

“We’ll find a fire mage for supplement your team while he go through rehab. That said, when did you guys get a new member? A lightning mage no less!” said Yang Zhuo He smiling at Mo Fan.

“We found him at recruitment hall”

“Recruitment hall!?” looking helplessly shocked, Yang Zhuo He couldn’t believe that a lightning mage will actually went over to recruitment hall to find a job…

Everyone smiled while looking at Mo Fan, his performance so far has been short of surprising, just when everyone thought they hit a dead end, a second grade lightning spell played a big role in saving their life. Thankful for the fact that they manage to even find lightning mage to follow the team running around the city, even large clans will turn green in jealous fits of rage, even hunter’s union, magic association and the government will find them better work to do.

Yu Ang stood there looking at the young lightning mage and couldn’t help but frown a little. Even with the Mu clan’s backing, even if he’s even more outstanding compared to others in his generation, this majesty of lightning element is still overshadowing him!!

“Cai Tang, you know you have to tie him up in our team nicely ah, he saved your life afterall, how are you going to repay him~” said Fei Shi in a nasty tone.

“Get out” yelled Cai Tang viciously with her face turning pink.


This wild magic beast fiasco has finally ended. For one, Mo Fan returns back to the dormitory as soon as he can, jumping over the wall stealthily only to find a petite figure waiting by the door in jitters.

“Zhou Min?” muttered Mo Fan in surprise, not knowing why this girl squat here instead of going home to sleep.

“Mo Fan… you’re alright… I thought you…” said Zhou Min her eyes red and watery.

Zhou Min is still a young girl, Mo Fan’s early heroism in the training camp has particularly moved her, but her maiden pride know not how to express them and this time because of her grandmother, both of them almost lost their lives but Mo Fan once again saved both of them and now she did not know how to repay these kindness.

Mo Fan was a little embarrassed seeing Zhou Min crying this heart but comforted her and persuade her to return to her dorm.

“Thank you for saving my grandmother…”

Late at night, a boy and a girl return to their dorm and the girl went back crying… What a scandal! Who knows what’s going into the students mind!!!  At his return at the dorm, his other dorm mates begin to grill him for answers, asking weird uncomfortable questions… What the hell you people! I’ve just saved the city okay!

Later after everyone finally stopped bugging him and went to sleep, Mo Fan went to the school’s roof. This place is his zen, his cultivation spot where probably nobody will bother him.

“The little pendant absorbed a refined soul but it doesn’t seem to do anything!?”

as soon as he finished saying that, the little pendant woke up as it started shake gently before fluttering into a bright glow, the glowing like appears like strands of silk slowly wrapping up around the pendant like a cocoon.

A metamorphosis!? Seeing this sudden change, Mo Fan couldn’t help but think of such word. As the small pendant fell under this light cocoon, its surface appears to be changing slowly where before it appears to be rusty old junk, the surface is now glowing with a dim jade like luster.

“Oooooh that old man really gave me a treasure!!”

Clearly feeling the changes in the small pendant, its transformation process brought a steady stream of energy to Mo Fan. As if being soaked in hot springs, Mo Fan felt as if he’s covered in something warm, comfortable, and soft… This special kind of physical and mental relaxation is very obvious when felt.

As the pendant completed its transformation, Mo Fan felt as if his whole body is also wrapped in a layer of something special, soft as silk. This silk thing doesn’t appear to restrain him physically although it was tightly attached to his body. Though this sudden layer of thing made him feel a little odd, but due to his recent fatigue in the battle against the one-eyed magic wolf, this sudden comfort made him felt like he’s a baby lying in a very comfortable crib, bringing his mid serenity and peace.

Mo Fan’s heart is filled with joy now, although he never had any experience with spirit grade magic tools, but he could feel this nourishing energy even better than the previous level… Even his fatigue is rapidly disappearing, Mo Fan could feel his elemental stars being nourished, as if he’s engaging in cultivation!

“What the!? It could even help me cultivate automatically!?” muttered Mo Fan with his spirits up!

[Chapter 69] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 71]


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