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Mo Fan could already cultivate longer than others, with his magic pendant assisting him, he could cultivate 12 hours every day. However, any person’s time is limited even if have even better grade elemental magic tool! But Mo Fan could now cultivate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round!?

In each mage’s training, combat training is a major part of the routine. Just enhancing one’s cultivation is not enough, one must also experience life-threatening combat, with the desire to overcome and defeat one’s enemies in order to consolidate one’s cultivation which also improve one’s elemental star a little. Hence, Mo Fan didn’t only invest his time in cultivating his elemental star, but also joined a DH squad to get some hands-on experience. Even if others have a better elemental magic tool to assist their cultivation to 10 hours, there’s probably nobody that could cultivate as efficiently as Mo Fan.

Contrary to his expectations, this spirit grade magic tool not only allow him to cultivate all the time, it also directly improve his elemental star! Even if he did not deliberately cultivate, the elemental star will slowly grow… But once he entered into cultivation, the elemental star will grow even faster! Not only he gets a great amount of cultivation time, its efficiency also increase! This improvement is like riding a rocket to the moon!

“This is great! I can definitely reach that third level fire spell, maybe even lightning spell too! If I put even more efforts, maybe I can hope to reach that bottleneck to the next grade mage!!”

When one’s elemental stars reach the third level, that means the elemental star system can transform!! Mo Fan has study as much information about a mage’s grading level. Mages who have just formed their spiritual world would call them elemental star and when this star transformed into a nebula, with its stars within shining with brilliant light, that means the mage have reached middle-grade in that element!

A nebula is obviously much larger, more expansive than mere stars, if an elemental star is merely a speck of shiny dust in the vast universe, then a whole nebula system contains many times more magic energy, even more stars within, and when the mage is capable of manipulating the entire range of the nebula into a specific pattern of star runes, that will allow the mage to use even stronger spells!

Mo Fan could never forget the sight of that water mage’s spell, the runes on his feet held a very beautiful arrangements of stars, although it is of different element, the power it contains will still fascinates any elementary level mage! The power of storm waves that washes away that one-eyed wolf and Tornado blades, slicing and breaking the wolf.. that burst of power is incomparable to the weak looking elemental level spells! But if just wind and water spells are already very awesomely strong, if I mastered mid-grade thunder and fire spells, what is there to fear of this Mu clan anymore? I must cultivate harder, improve even faster!! My awesome life is just beginning!!!



The winter winds in the northern areas has always been terrible, wherever it cold winds blows it scatters the the red leaves off the trees. Whereas in the southern areas, there are no winter wind, regardless of how cold it gets there, the trees are evergreen all year round.

In this particularly common city of Bo, this change in weather marks the time when typhoon happens. As this typhoon weather looms on the inhabitants of this city, Mo Fan and his friends are stuck in the dorm, although the dorm is damp and cold, the place is looming in silence, most students studying and cultivating hard in their last sprint for the coming college entrance examination.

Everyone knows that even after they graduate as a elementary mage from high school, they will still need to work hard, to seek better opportunities, to cultivate and master even more difficult higher level magic spells. Therefore in order to truly succeed as a respectable mage, they needed the be admitted into university or college, where their chances of becoming an even greater mage is higher!

When a mage reaches middle-grade, his life will change for the better and all the students are aspiring in this direction in their frantic efforts!

“Mo Fan gege, I awakened to healing magic, if Mo Fan gege is injured, I can use my magic to heal you” floated a text message, followed by a cute smiley face.

Mo Fan was slightly surprised at this sudden message… What the hell just happened!?

“Healing!? Why? How!? How did you awaken healing ah? We usually awaken to basic element, why would you awakened to elementary white magic?” asked Mo Fan as he hurriedly send the message.

“The vast majority of mages will awaken to the first elements, but there will always be some exceptions, I heard that some who are guided through a special awakening have a certain possibility of awakening to a particular magic elements” replied Ye Xin Xia.

“Special awakening?? So if I reach mid-grade mage for a second awakening, I can also get this special thingy to awaken to dark magic!??” thought Mo Fan happily.

“Yes, the requirements being that you can collect the material to do so”

“Xin Xia, I love you best! You just helped me solve a big problem” replied Mo Fan in good mood.

Having thought that this second awakening will be random, unable to determine what one will get, he hasn’t thought that there’s actually a way to actually guide that awakening process, that said when the opportunity comes, he will definitely try his best to get that dark magic awakening!!

As his opportunities and choices expand, Mo Fan yearns even more to see the scene when he finally reach that goal, making him practice with even more motivation and enthusiasm! His lightning and fire element progressing smoothly, at a speed even faster than he imagined, especially after many battles in the DH squad, this speed has thrown aside any of his classmates! But he can’t really show this off yet, just wait until the moment for that entrance exam, he’s going to wipe the floor!

[Chapter 70] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 72]


  1. I feel like a speed or defence attributed element like wind or water would be more complimentary to his current abilities. He has enough ways to merely kill.

    1. Same here, I put it through google and seems it was his wheelchair bound sister, well I knew gege meant brother just with asian style it doesn’t have to be a blood relation, so had to search to confirm.

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