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Without anytime to lose, Mo Fan’s precious youth is solely dedicated to cultivating and hunting magical beasts within the city, never feeling tired of it. In a flash, the number of hunts he have participated in DH squad is more than 15, which is also considered part of experienced veterans within the Hunter’s Union.

In the school, the grand moment of entrance exam is slowly approaching.


“Your comfortable days are coming to an end Mo Fan” gloated Zhao Kun San to Mo fan.

Graduating from magic high school also means that Mo Fan will be doing this magic duel in the view of many of the city’s leaders. That said, Mu Zhuo Yun is quite the crafty old fox, scheduling the magic duel before the entrance examination. Any surprises or setbacks in this magic duel will detrimentally affect his performance in the entrance examination to magic university!

“Boss Fan, I heard the neighbors saying this Mu Zhuo Yun is preparing for the little clan lord’s 18th yeard old rite of passage, the most important thing for those Clan kids is their rites of passage…Big clans like this Mu Clan will surely want to set up a grand event for their kid.” said Zhang Hou.

“I know that he’s describing them as dinner guests, but even the four giants in Bo city and many other prominent people have been invited to this ‘dinner’ with a duel for a show” said Mo Fan.

“But this isn’t very good for you!? This old bastard is obviously using you as a stepping stone for that Yu Ang. Your status now is the valedictorian of Tian Lan magic high school. If you lose this magic duel in the view of so many people, not only will it give their family so much prestige and honor, even that will mean that our Tian Lan magic high school and their 1500 students is no match for little clan lord! Even Principal Zhu won’t be able to lift his head out of this!”

The school’s principal and Mu Zhuo Yun has always been regarded as rivals to each other in Bo city. The Principal’s prestige is higher because his goal has always been the ordinary people, therefore many young, without background magicians have succeeded with the principal’s support. Not only that but the principal has also found and supported many talent without any outstanding magic background.

On the other hand, Mu Zhuo Yun is a typical clan, where its interest is always in the family, children getting specialized training at home, with his ancient and deep rooted aristocracy background has also cemented his position in the city.

This time, the children of an ancient clan and an unknown mage will be having a magic duel. Mu Zhuo Yun believes that this will be very fun to watch as his son defeat and humiliate this rootless student of principal Zhu Xiao He to claim his superiority over him but also to give him a slap in the face of those in the education committee saying ‘your teaching methods still needs some improvement ah!’

Deng Kai and principal Zhu is obviously siding with the students, therefore even when Mo Fan cursed Mu Zhuo Yun in the whole public, even if it doesn’t lead to him duelling Yu Ang, they will also help Mo Fan put this matter aside. A first year student who manage to get 3 S assessments is simply their school’s treasure! How can they let this stupid tyrant suppress his talent?

After knowing about Mo Fan’s experience and conduct in the field trip where he killed an out of control summon, they treasured him even more! Mo Fan probably didn’t know that these two people have been keeping an eye on him seriously, tracking his progress in detail… Their mission in life has always been to cultivate outstanding grassroot mage! Unfortunately, the school is a public establishment, therefore they can’t show too much favoritism otherwise they would probably put all the elemental magic tool usage time onto Mo Fan!


Just like this Yu Ang’s rite of passage is turned into some sort of grand festival for everyone to get together, Principal Zhu and Deng Kai finally couldn’t resist but to call him in to the principal’s office. Mo Fan have seen Deng Kai came to his help back then, despite his status being an elder of the Hunter’s Union, and his strength is probably even higher than that of the mid-grade water mage Yang Zhuo He! However it’s his first time meeting the elusive principal Zhu, although he’s quite the famous hermit, he still made time for this coming event.

“Mo Fan we have some things to tell you” spoke Deng Kai to start the discussion.

Mo Fan stood there attentively, ready to listen to them.

“Actually from time to time, students from our magic high school and disciples from great clans will go on a duel… From all the students in the school, we will select the most outstanding, strongest student to go on a duel against the disciples from those clans… Initially we expected Xu Zhao Ting to be this person, after all he’s a rare and strong lightning mage. Logically he will have higher chances in winning this magic duel, but in the annual assessment you came out wiping the floor with your scores, even directly and daringly provoke the Mu clan, especially making trouble with that Mu Zhuo Yun, you even deliberately made things go to this direction didn’t you?” asked Deng Kai seriously.

“I know… I mean, I thank the two principals for your help” said Mo Fan.

“Honestly, we have helped you delay this thing for two years, and this year we have also considered how far you have progress in your cultivation… just this recklessness might have cost you dearly!!!” as Deng Kai shook his head helplessly.

Deng Kai has found some news about Yu Ang’s cultivation suddenly surging in two years time, adding in the family’s resources and cultivation methods, as brilliant as Mo Fan is as a student, he may not be his opponent… To be able to win against Yu Ang might need some miracle work…

“Student Mo Fan, we all know that heaven is sometimes unfair… some are born privileged while others are born with nothing, but this doesn’t mean you should shot yourself in the foot in anger, even if you’re dissatisfied with the situation against those privileged people. But you’re not the only person trying to rise against this tide, but that also means that you’re pushing yourself onto the edge of the abyss… when your strength is far less than those big clans, to provoke and fight them isn’t a very good thing to do” said principal Zhu earnestly.

Having been a principal for many years, he had seen many students brimming with arrogance and pride, some really manage to achieve brilliantly… while others disappeared without any news. Talent is important, effort is also important, but even more important is understanding the situation, instead of doing meaningless things that might have terrible repercussions afterwards… The schools may only offer protection for few measly years, but once they are thrust into the jaws of society… nobody could do anything about it.

“Thank you for your advise sir… I was really too reckless” nodded Mo Fan.

“We didn’t call you today to lecture you about it… but we really want you to win this magic duel, because the winner of this duel will get the only chance to cultivate in the magic spring!” exclaimed principal Zhu.

“Holy spring!!!”

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