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This isn’t the first time Mo Fan heard of this holy spring, back then a one-eyed magic wolf stole some energy from the holy spring to evolve, so this holy spring must be a very valuable treasured materials that even a magic beast will try to sneak into human territory to steal it!

“We do have some special resource in Bo city that is usually given to students who manage to enter a magic university, but this holy spring is a very very limited resource, so each session we could only allow one person into it, and the chosen is selected not only from mage clans but also other students to compete for it” said principal Zhu.

Deng Kai couldn’t help but smile and said “Principal Zhu, it’s been so many years since we have an outstanding student that isn’t any less than those disciples from the Clan, I feel that we should help him get contracted to one of the mage clans”

“It’s quite logical… The clan’s resources could be concentrated on the talented disciple, adding in the special resource and training that our school is unable to provide, they could probably work something out of this mess too” said Principal Zhu calmly although the whole matter seems to be rather bearish now.

“Mo Fan… You don’t have to consider the outcome of this magic duel seriously, those disciples from mage clans will definitely have advantage over us but as long as you work hard and persevere on your path to magic you will definitely catch up. As for that revenge thing, you don’t have to worry so much, once you get into magic university even their claws can’t reach that far… Even if you end up staying in Bo city, we will still help you on your cultivation” said Deng Kai sincerely.

Mo Fan’s heart was moved listening to the words of the two old educator… It is no wonder that principal Zhu and Deng Kai has such fame. Their sincere and heartfelt efforts to help ordinary magic students and protect them against the pressure of those clans is really rare and valuable for these ordinary magic students.

“Well… the duel is in two days time, just stay positive and bring out your best performance! Although it’s nigh impossible for you to defeat that Yu Ang, but this magic duel is still an opportunity for you to show your capabilities in the view of many people that has gathered for this event”

“Even if you did manage to get into magic university in the end, every mage’s progress requires astronomical amount of resources, if you could get a patron or backer to fancy you and you’re willing to accept the backing, it will be very beneficial for you. After entering the university the competition among mages will become even more intense than now. If you have nothing, it will be too difficult to compete against those students from major clans” said Principal Zhu.

The two educators no longer say any superficial words or lectures on Mo Fan, but try to show him opportunities and risk he may encounter on his path, hoping that he could understand that every mage’s growth is not as simple as cultivating.

Mo Fan thanked them both before returning to his dorm to prepare himself…



Time flies as the Mu Clan’s manor went in flurry of activities as they prepare for the coming magic duel and rite of passage event for the young master. As the last day of school comes, Mo Fan slowly walk himself out of school, unable to help but to reminisce the quickly passing three years! Soon I will walk out of that gate!! Three years ago I walked out of middle school, three years later I’m walking out of this magic high school!

Today, the school gate is packed with many cars, in them parents waiting to pick up their beloved children, bringing them home to let them prepare in the last ten days before the entrance examination.

But for Mo Fan there’s another hurdle to overcome before  that… Naturally he has been waiting a long time for this day!! He will never forget that attitude filled with contempt as Mu He happily kicked them out of the nearby estate, watching his humble father tried his damn best to support both his children.

He will also never forget that condescending lofty attitude as he treated him like a servant, expecting him to become the Mu Clan’s dog… When he kicked the dog out, and then expecting the dog to come back by throwing a bone at it, did he thought of everyone ordinary is doomed to be ruled and dominated by him? Nobody is born a dog, unless he’s willing to drop on four feets and lick its master’s shoes!

Back then, I have no power, no strength, no prestige, nothing but a clown, a mouse skittering around for scraps. But today I’m going to show those bastards in the Mu Clan, that in years of bitter penance and bearing all sorts of pains to build up, those idiots will finally understand why a single spark could lit an entire forest on fire!


“Mo Fan!!!” shouted a familar middle-aged man towards him.

“I heard you’re going to leave on self-study after school, I can to pick you up ah!” smiled Mo Xing exposing his row of perfect white teeth, his face filled with a goofy kind of smile.

Three years ago, when he seems to have returned from the exam appearing to be defeated, and came to the school’s gate waited on by his father Mo Xing, they also boarded this same old pickup truck. The only difference is Mo Xing appearing to become even more skinny and dark, nobody knows how hard he has worked for the past three years for his family, and Mo Fan has turned from nothing into the best mage with lightning and fire in the school! At least what he’s capable of now, is worthy of Mo Xing’s sacrifices!

“Father, you don’t need to work so hard… Didn’t you get the money I sent to you??” asked Mo Fan seeing his tanned father.

“Your money went to my account, but I heard from those mages at the base that there’s this thing called elemental magic tool! and it’s expensive too!! I’ll see if we can save up to get you one! Otherwise how are you going to compete against those students in the city when you go to magic university!?” laughed Mo Xing.

Mo Fan was shocked speechless, not knowing what to say. Although magic has replaced science, Mo Xing remains the same, simple and ordinary, his father has remain very straightforward in his attitude in life.

“It’s alright, the school provided one to me, don’t worry about it! Take the money and get a house to live with Xin Xia, even if we’re not buying at least rent a decent one” said Mo Fan.

This year there has been many incidents in the city and Mo Fan has been getting many commissions from hunting, earning up to about 230,000 dollars.

Although the amount is not enough to buy any magic tools, but this amount can definitely help ease the family’s financial needs. In fact, Mo Fan didn’t know how to tell Mo Xing that those elemental magic tools are incredibly expensive, even if they work for years, it will be quite difficult to buy even one… That thing might have took the family several lifetime’s efforts to get!

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