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“No need to do so, when you go to university, who’s going to live in the house ah! Xin Xia is living well with your aunt! Adult men like me doesn’t really need much, besides I gave some money every month to your aunt to help take care of Xin Xia too. That said… the cash card you gave me have too much money in it!! There’s like 100,000 dollars in there! Even my yearly wage is only 80,000 dollars, if we add in everything, we’re quite close to 200,000 dollars. We must surely be able to buy a magic tool! I’m sure this is very important for mage like you!” continued Mo Xing

“I already have a magic tool!”

“Oh right, I forgot. You get some from school, haha you really did stumped me… I heard those hunters in the base saying how important magic tools is so many times!”

“I’m going to have a magic duel with a disciple from the Mu Clan” said Mo Fan seriously.

“I know… I know, I asked some of the old boys in the Mu Clan about it over some drinks and they said you’re going to help on the clan’s rite of passage or sumthin… and you’re going to demonstrate your strength in front of many leaders in this Bo city, they kept saying that this is a good and rare opportunity for you.. But stop offending the clan leader yeah? Although there’s that unfortunate thing with the young lady back then, I don’t really care about it… you smelly kid, so young and you already want to get elope already!?” said Mo Xing.

Mo Xing really didn’t blame Mo Fan for what happened in that incident. As young as Mo Fan was back then, doing stupid things is pretty normal… there wasn’t really any problem with it, the only problem is that the child of that clan is just way too prominent.

If Mu Ning Xue is just an ordinary nice girl it will be quite alright, another daughter isn’t really a problem.. Aiyo this kid has no other skills but really good at seducing little girls huh!?

This magic duel seems to be something kind of big thing in the city…


Just like how other more privileged children will also be anxious for this solemn rite of passage, even if it’s extravagant and expensive it must still reflect the supreme glory of the clan… Mo Xing belives that this event is definitely a rare good opportunity for Mo Fan… As long as he didn’t get too depressed over this fiasco, whether Mo Fan win or lose as long as he can persevere through this, his opportunities in this Bo city will be bountiful! Whoever participated in this grand event will still go famous as the pair of genius of the magic duel!

“Father, I can win” said Mo Fan sincerely.

“Don’t expect too much, don’t fret over it too much, no matter what results you get I will be proud of it” said Mo Xing patting Mo Fan’s shoulder.

Seeing Mo Xing’s attitude his heart wonders if his father really thought that he was going to let those bastards have their way!?


The Mu Clan sent out this invitations many days before, casting the Mu Clan estate into a flurry of preparations that there are no workers in the estate that isn’t busy, even if an extra leaf of grass must be pruned at the flower garden.

Mu Zhuo Yun put in alot of effort and resources in this rite of passage event and has made it known to the masses in Bo city. This old fox really has made plenty of preparation for this coming event, even planning a grand banquet in the guise to celebrate his son’s victory in advance.

Just to enjoy the dinner, have some drink… appearing uninterested to watch this duel of young mages, thinking that he will be able to humiliate this little garbage mouse eh? But Mo Fan really didn’t believe that this old bastard will actually escalate this thing to be so high-profile. I’m afraid this is as what the principal and Deng Kai said about this thing turning into some political moves making it a duel between the children of the Clans against ordinary commoners.

After all, Mo Fan is also quite famous and worthy of the name genius now, as the valedictorian  of Tian Lan magic high school, even if he did not make a scene out of it, there’s also a great possibility that this magic duel against a different clan’s disciple will happen instead. Oh well… Might as well settle this old scores!!

“Hahaha you old bastard, since he’s offering his face to get slapped in public again… why not let me rip your face off in public again eh?” muttered MO Fan as he look at the decorated Mu Clan’s estate with his head held high, sneering.


On the manor, Mu Zhuo Yun somehow sneezed hard… Sitting in the tea room, he looked at Mu Ning Xue who had return for the summer vacation.

“This rite of passage was initially prepared for you ah Ning Xue… but this father didn’t think that you would actually gain something better that we have imagined, this little Bo city is too small of a stage for you, and this Yu Ang… I will personally make him into your right hand man when you struggle against those other children from the major clans!”

However this brilliant daughter of his is also troublesome at the same time!

“Why do you have to pull him into this? Even if you need justifications to get Yu Ang into the holy spring, you could also get a different person for this” said Mu Ning Xue unable to resist not questioning his decision.

The him Mu Ning Xue means of course refers to Mo Fan.

“That little bastard humiliated me in the face of so many people, How could I forgive him !? Wasn’t he very arrogant? Didn’t he believe that he’s very smart? I’m giving him a great opportunity, what’s wrong with it? I’ve arranged everything, you will observe on the side” Mu Zhuo Yun’s countenance change when it suddenly touch this matter.

Still trying to protect that runt!? Mu Zhuo Yun couldn’t understand why of all the oustanding children in the clan, she did not bother to say anything to them or about them, why did she has to care about this piss poor boy!?

“You will tell Yu Ang to do things in moderation” reminded Mu Ning Xue to his father since he will not compromise on this, but let him know her bottom line instead.

“Rest assured, I have a sense of restrain, I just want to teach this uppity kid a lesson that stepping on my dignity is hardly worth anything to him, but tomorrow he will understand how it feels to be defeated mercilessly like a lost dog in the full view of many influential people!” said Mu Zhuo Yun gleefully.

You little shit trying to fuck around with this Mu Zhuo Yun in the Bo city!? You’re still way to young… I will make it so you can’t even lift your heads in this Bo city!!!

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  1. Rest assured, I have a sense of restrain, after Yu Ang kill him, I ordered Yu Ang to not bully the corpse….too much.


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  3. I expect that the mid-level water mage will be there and recognize him either way. His abilities are too high profile for him to keep it on the down-low for much longer.

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