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The moonlit night creates a charming gentle calming atmosphere around the southern side of Bo city, where the river flows through the hill to outside the city. To each their own, tomorrow is a very important day for many. Children from the poor families doesn’t have this customary rites of passage, but was apparently used as a supporting role for many of the rich kid’s rites of passage.

In others eyes, this kid must undoubtedly be the poor kid used to as Yu Ang’s stepping stone, making look even more standing among his peers. But is is the truth?

Lifting a glass of cold beer, Mo Fan casually poured the ice cold beer down his throat. The banquet being held in the city hall, built several hundred meters in front of the trade center, it stood proudly on its own like a solitary two-edged sword, lighting up the city center.

Mo Fan felt the wind blowing as he sat on the terrace, liking this scenery of the whole Bo City he could see from above, the trade center, that Mu Clan’s estate, he could even see the river snaking round the city and even Tian Lan magic high school on the mountain.

As he enjoy the view in melancholic mood, a steady gentle footsteps came along from the corridor behind. A breath of cold air came from behind him and without looking back, he already know who that was.

“I asked Xin Xia on your whereabouts, she said you’re here” came a nice and clear girl’s voice, if only it didn’t sound so cold and rigid it would definitely sound as wonderful as back then.

“Why are you looking for me this late at night? I don’t think I can manage to lift you and runaway this time” said Mo Fan as he casually took the piece of paper used to wrap the peanuts and wipe the chair before motioning her to sit on the seat in front of him.

Mu Ning Xue stood at the side reminiscing while watching this familiar thing he had always done before, before turning to look at him. When they were still young, he would take her to some strange places to play, while he sat on the floor or the ground all over the place, although she wasn’t afraid of dirtying her clothes, somehow someway he will find some sort of way to clean the seat, including using his jacket… although his jacket is sometimes dirty.

“Do not go to the duel tomorrow… This Yu Ang will be very ruthless, he has already accepted my father’s instructions… My father will crush anything going against him or any resistance to his wishes at all… He is very vindictive” said Mu Ning Xue standing there instead of doing over to the seat.

“Your father adopted a really good dog, just tell him who to bite and it will go over to bite in this Bo city eh?” said Mo Fan sarcastically without an ounce of goodwill towards Yu Ang.

“He’s very strange… I do not like him” said Mu Ning Xue.

“That’s alright… I will help you teach him a lesson tomorrow” laughed Mo Fan.

“Why are you doing this? I’m hope you’re not going to this duel tomorrow” said Mu Ning Xue with a frown.

“Young lady, are you a middle-grade mage yet?”

“Do not go to this duel tomorrow, get out of this mess and go into a magic university right away, while you’re in the university for four years I will slowly control the clan… by the time you come back to Bo city nobody will dare do anything to you!”

“Are you going to keep me as a gigolo!? But I still want to go…” said Mo Fan pretending to be surprised.

“You…..” Mu Ning Xue had her chest heaving in anger hearing this… I’ve been very tactfully trying to help him, but he still dare to joke around!? He himself know that by offending his father, this Bo city is simply no longer a place for him to live! Mu Ning Xue finds herself unable to get her wishes across and turned to leave.


“Boss Fan, I heard the little princess went to find you!” asked Zhang Hou over a text.


“How’s it?”

“Looks like she still cares about me, and I also understand a little more about that little violent tyrant Yu Ang”

“Speak human language please”

“Well… she told me to run or I will die hahahaha”

“Boss Fan, I recommend that you run too! That Yu Ang is a freak, he’s really odd”


The day for the duel has finally come, early in the morning Mo Fan’s sister who lived at aunt’s place could already hear sounds of celebration in the Mu Clan’s manor not far away. A limousine then went along the curvy mountain road into the Mu Clan’s estate, if even Yu Ang’s opponent couldn’t match the glory of the Mu Clan, this whole duel would be a disgrace. Just as he entered the gates, Mo Fan saw a few familiar figures.

“Li Wen Jie, Fei Shi! You two are finally here…Come in, today our best chefs are making the food inside, they are sure to suit your taste!” said Cai Tang as she stood in the doorway greeting her squad mates.

“hahahaha, Bless you! We finally have a chance to enjoy what those wealthy families have to offer” said Fei Shi as he patted his growling stomach.

“Oh dear, unfortunately Fan Mo couldn’t come… otherwise if he know of your luxurious life, he will definitely turn around and chase you instead! fufufu” laughed Li Wen Jie.

Cai Tang stared fiercely at him, while feeling a little disappointed that Fan Mo couldn’t come… Eh!? Is that Fan Mo!? Cai Tang’s eyes turned to see a familiar figure, but looking closely, she could only feel disgust and rage. How is that Fan Mo… that’s obviously that little bastard Mo Fan!!! I don’t really know what this bastard ate to be this audacious, even daring to duel Yu Ang… Is he looking forward to be a cripple!??

“Hmmph, you’re here early?” said Cai Tang with a fierce expression, looking at him sauntering in proudly.

“Yeah, where’s breakfast?” said Mo Fan like a ruffian.

Cai Tang felt her anger exploding, did this little shit think the Mu Clan’s manor is a free buffet!?

“You will now apologize to me, I will let Yu Ang deal with you leniently” harrumphed Cai Tang coldly.

” I will keep that matter about the pants in my hearts, as for the thing you did to me, you have to take responsibility yeah? but it’s not a big deal ok?” replied Mo Fan.

“Go to hell!!” Mo Fan ended up harassing Cai Tang sexually before walking to the manor with a laugh. Anyhow, he’s one of the important figure in today’s even, there should be a place for him… Since there are many delicious thing, why should he pass on it?

“Who’s this arrogant kid?”

“Which clan’s disciple is he? How dare he took his liberties with sister Cai Tang?”

“What clan ah! That’s the former driver’s son, he even dare to publicly criticize the patriarch, Yu Ang’s magic duel opponent today is him” said Cai Tang filled with contempt.

“Young kids could be this arrogant nowadays!?”

“Not all, look at Fan Mo in our team, a lightning mage, very powerful but not the least arrogant or rash… Cai Tong ah, I really beg you to win over Fan Mo okay… lest another woman stole him away….” reminded Fei Shi.

“Shut up! I invited him over for this, but he isn’t coming.. who cares what he does!” argued Cai Tang with a red cheek.

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  1. I find it incredible that they spent 3 years together and didnt notice Fan Mo is Mo Fan…..(Even the name is the same! Damn! XD ) I wonder if such a thing would be possible in real life XD
    Thanks for the translation!

      1. While the names sound the same in English they both have different meanings in Chinese. And you can see she did recognize him. Just his other identity isn’t great enough for her to put 2 and 2. He won’t be revealed in this fight to have lightning magic since the other kid is 2 weak for double elements. Maybe a monster will attack seeing how his teammates are here. And one wild already got to the spring before.

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