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On his way to the Mu Clan manor, Mo Fan couldn’t help but heard what Fei Shi and Lu Wen Jie told Cai Tong, and secretly wondered what kind of expression will be on her face when she knew that Fan Mo and Mo Fan is the same person.

Meh, forget about it… Might as well focus on today’s magic duel. The banquet hall sure is filled with many delicious droll inducing food rousing Mo Fan’s appetite even if he’s not that hungry, and found a man surrounded by several young woman.

“Atta boy, you really dare to come to this duel!” said the stubble faced man to Mo Fan.

“Drillmaster, you’re here to stuff yourself ah?” replied Mo Fan, not expecting the drillmaster Zhan Kong to be here.

“Hey Hey, what are you talking about?” said Zhan Kong as he went out of the crowd of young woman over to Mo Fan’s side and raised an eyebrow at Mo Fan before asking “How are you here? I thought I told you to come to me after you graduate, with military support you should be able to get into a good magic university, you know those even universities students need plenty of money for mage training, You troublemaker needs the government to protect you while you go… otherwise kids like you is sure to step on some second-generation rich kid’s toe!”

This wasn’t the first time Zhan Kong tried to solicit him into his unit, he has been making every possible effort to not let that bone shield he gave to Mo Fan ran away that easily.

“Oh, guarding the borders all day long is pretty boring, I think I still prefer going around big cities” refused Mo Fan flatly.

“What good are cities, filled with reinforced concrete, the smogs of cars, the stench of corruptions.. How can it compare with our beautiful border, dotted with flowers, if you’re hungry you could also go out and hunt a few magic beast to cook, isn’t that more comfortable?” smiled Zhan Kong.

“I do not want to join the army” replied Mo Fan sternly.

“Alright alright, you sure have some guts in you… After this event thing, I’ll definitely help pick up pieces of you. Since you’re so damn stubborn go get beaten by that Yu Ang for all I care…”

Since Zhan Kong couldn’t solicit him even now, offering him protection, Zhan Kong felt that Mo Fan practically destroying himself! Mo Fan was about to leave before he went on and press him on the shoulder firmly.

“Drillmaster, What are you trying to do? I will not join your unit so you want to take me in pieces now!?” asked Mo Fan with a puzzled face.

At this moment, that casual wretched and handsome uncle countenance went away, showing a serious face and with a low voice said “That doesn’t matter, just keep this in mind”

“What are you doing?” asked Mo Fan a little puzzled.

“Watch out during your duel with Yu Ang”

“Watch out for what?”

“Just watch out”

“I don’t understand?” Mo Fan was about to asked more about it before a group of middle-aged men and women of considerable status came over. Apparently some of them are Zhan Kong’s old acquaintances, looking at both of them with smiles. Mo Fan felt rather odd after that short conversation, not understanding what this Zhan Kong is trying to tell him.


Before long the other important figures like Principal Zhu, Deng Kai, Yang Zhuo He entered the banquet hall, several of which even Mu Zhuo Yun personally went over to welcome.

Principal Zhu represents Bo city’s magic high school.

Deng Kai is representing the Hunter’s Union.

While Yang Zhuo He is representing the Magic Association, his status is nearly equal with the previous two.

Zhan Kong would be representing the military faction, his strength being the strongest of the military units, he’s this city’s guardian god of war!

Mu Zhuo Yun is needless to say, representing the Clans.

Mo Fan feels rather unexpected at this whole event, having all these big shots coming to witness this duel to settle personal grudges. However, Mo Fan already know from the two old educators about the repercussions that this duel represents, counting in his status as the valedictorian of Tian Lan magic high school, it will easily attract the attention of these major forces but once drowned in the tides of society, perhaps these people will soon forget him.

The other instructors from the training camp is also present, according to the gossips Mo Fan get from his father while chatting with those veterans at the base, the three instructors Luo Yun Bo, Pan Li Jun, Bai Yang have become very strong, and is very close to become a middle-grade mage. Reaching middle-grade mage in Bo city is already quite the remarkable achievement, anyone will be a target of these major powers to attract over! Plainly said, if Mo Fan middle-grade mage, even this Mu Zhuo Yun won’t have the guts to trouble him, lest the whole city drown him in their spit.


“This Mu Zhuo Yun is really generous ah! Inviting so many people over, I think most of the famous and influential in this Bo city is here giving face to this old Zhuo Yun” whispered someone.

“That can’t be it? This Mu Ning Xue from this clan is definitely not staying in this small place, This Mu Zhuo Yun is showing off their might ah! Who doesn’t know what this old fox will do if you don’t show up today! He’s going to put you in his blacklist and suppress you ah!” said another person with a lowered voice.

“How could it be so exaggerated!?” said another person.

“How can it not be!? You look at that Mu Ning Xue, look at how you she is and the level she is now, nobody will know the amount of power that this Mu clan will have in the future in this city!”

“Ah… Other than our boss Zhan Kong who else have the real power to rival this clan ah? Whoever’s going against this Mu Zhuo Yun is walking to his own death! I seriously don’t know what that little fool called Mo Fan is thinking, is his brain damaged? We don’t have the kind of power to ruffle his feathers and escape unharmed in this city!!!”

“That said, I heard this Mu Ning Xue and Mu Zhuo Yun’s relationship isn’t that good, even she advised against suppressing this kid, this Mu Zhuo Yun probably won’t go too far?”

“Maybe… I heard this Mo Fan guy is a valedictorian of Tian Lan magic high school, even boss Zhan Kong trained him a little, the principal Zhu and Deng Kai will definitely keep this student safe, even if he did offend this Mu Zhuo Yun and the two did nothing, Zhan Kong boss will probably not be afraid to get Mo Fan under his wing! There isn’t anyone boss Zhan Kong is afraid of! Who would touch his soldiers, he will immediately fight that Clan!”

The group of people and Fei Shi was busy discussing about this magic duel and the politics surrounding it and not long after that Xiao ke couldn’t help but puzzled and asked Fei Shi “Fei Shi, why is everyone talking about this Mo Fan and Yu Ang things ah?”

“Oh, I think it’s because this Mo Fan is to a certain extent representing the magic school faction, while he and the clan’s disciple duel, the winner will get a very valuable opportunity to cultivate in the holy spring!” explained Fei Shi.

“Ooooh that’s why? I heard it’s been many years since any magic high school students manage to get into holy spring”

“That’s pretty normal… Occasionally, there will be one or two odd strong mage coming out of magic high school, but clan disciples are mostly elites, even this number of elites isn’t more than the number of high school elite students… That Mo Fan kid will probably turned into someone else’s stepping stone today”

“Eh? This is kind of disappointing… Even out of 1500 students, the best and most outstanding student is still not as  good as a disciple from a big Clan” sighed Xiao ke.

“Ai… One can’t choose a life he was born into”

[Chapter 75] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 77]


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