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Mo Fan walked around the hall, checking out the other guests in the party and find many affluent people. Although it is not necessary to make this into a big thing for a personal duel, this thing have turned into a political dispute in the city! This duel isn’t so bad to make a name for himself!

“Zhou Min, Zhang Hou, He Yu, Zhang Ying, Xu Zhao Ting, Wang Pang… how are you guys here!?” asked Mo Fan when he suddenly found a group of youngsters.

“The school invited some of us, Mu Bai came over and picked us up afterwards. It’s the biggest duel between the school and the clan disciple! How can we miss this!” said Xu Zhao Ting with a sour mood. Xu Zhao Ting is a lightning mage and this duel was originally slated for him, but halfway through Mo Fan took over this instead.

However that past experience during the field trip is that show how much stronger Mo Fan is compared to him, despite his grievances about this, Mo Fan did save his life and he also hoped that Mo Fan could bring his most outstanding performance in this duel to uphold the honor of the students from magic high school.

“Boss Fan, I just uncle Mo Xing in the invite list, this should be that Mu He’s doings” said Zhang Hou.

“This is a good thing hahahaha”

“Mo Fan you can do it!” said Zhou Min with a smile.

Mo Fan nodded and couldn’t help but to think that this whole duel will be blown out of proportion like today. But this is great, even he’ll only get to experience this much attention in his lifetime this is also a novel experience for him!


“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming and we are pleased to have you over to celebrate my son’s rite of passage. Time always flies very fast, certainly for some of us there are many things that we have yet to achieve even with the help of magic, but who is to say that those younger than us, more outstanding than when we’re younger. Perhaps some of you think that this is rite of passage is merely an excuse to settle some small grievances. But I have always believe that rivalry will serve to excel progress. This Mu Zhuo Yun can only do this, hoping that we can make even more excellent elite mages and in their hands in the future, may Bo city becomes more prosperous… For this cause, don’t you think I should not hold a grand banquet for us to witness this together?” sai d Mu Zhuo Yun holding up his glass of red wine to gesture for a toast.

“For great future of Bo city, a toast!” said Yang Zhuo He as he become the first to do it.

“Those of us are definitely qualified to talk about the future of our city, but for the patriarch to have such an ideal for our future prosperity! I will toast this glass for you!” Most of the guests stood up, offering this toast to the host’s speech. Mo Fan however, found that teacher Tang Yue was watching this speech with a cold response, rolling her eyes as she drink and wonders if she had a different stance to this speech.

After the grand speech, the banquet hall is filled with an air of excitement, after the grand feast comes today’s main event! The magic duel!! Many people did not come to listen to this Mu Zhuo Yun’s long winded speeches but to know who will get to go into the holy spring. Although there are many mages in Bo city at the peak of elementary stage, there were only few ways for one to be able to advance into greater stage in the city. The requirements to advance vary from one to another, but as mysterious as the elemental stars itself, this coveted holy spring will bring any mages in the peak of elementary stage infinitely closer to the next!

Unfortunately, this coveted treasure was decided to be used for the younger generation mage and it could only sustain one person! Therefore every year a duel of the utmost competitiveness will be held to decide who will get to enter the holy spring. Mo Fan did not know that there is such treasure in the city, otherwise he wouldn’t recklessly insult this old fox, drawing the attention of all the city’s affluent and their children to himself, filled with desire to get this opportunity to cultivate in the holy spring!

Although this magic duel turned into something more, how will Mo Fan obediently obey the old fox’s arrangement and let him reap the benefits!? This duel, if he didn’t give his all, he wouldn’t know how much potential and regrets he will have!

Ushering in the guests into the dueling grounds, the oval shaped duel field is even larger than the school’s training grounds, approaching the size of a football stadium. The seats on the side of the field is more than enough to accommodate all the guests today. Mo Fan stood in the middle of the duel field alone as he await Yu Ang, which the old fox is sure to make him do a grand entrance.

This whole setup doesn’t feel good, the field feels as if he’s been thrust into a bull ring, where the bull is first put into the middle of the crowd so that everyone can see the bull’s weight, shape, size, its strong body and sharp horns before the protagonist, the handsome matador make a grand entrance into the ring, exciting the audience.


“Look that’s my son, right right right that’s my son!” said Mo Xing being an absolute optimist, feeling pleased with his son.

“Yeah, old Mo you’ve hit the jackpot ah!” said an old gardener staff.

“Well, hopefully nothing serious happened, I heard this odd Yu Ang were especially ruthless since he was young” said another estate staff.

“Ah the youngsters are merely having a competition, how can they be ruthless to each other?” said Mo Xing.

In Mo Xing’s mind this seems to only be an ordinary duel, he also felt that people as wealthy as Mu Zhuo Yun probably have no such grievances against a child anyway, but everyone else knows that this Mu Zhuo Yun really hates Mo Fan!

“Bet! let’s bet! I bet this Mo Fan won’t last a second!”

“I bet against you! No matter how he is, he’s a valedictorian of Tian Lan magic highschool! How could he lose in a second!”

“Whatever, I’ll bet on Yu Ang! I heard alot about his strength!”

As the crowd continued their discussions, Yu Ang appeared, dressed in a special set of clothing that looks like leather and high-grade silk that shines brightly as the light turned on, adding in the ornaments he wore on his body, making him looks like a prince. In comparison Mo Fan who wore casual clothes and sandals brought out a great contrast between them.

Yu Ang with his high-grade clothes made his whole atmosphere seem to improve several times over, combining it with his tall figure and somewhat feminine face, it captured the hearts of some girls in the crowd. The symbol of the Mu Clan embroidered on his clothes, with shining appearance, that confident smile of his wanted to show everyone that he’s the protagonist today!

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