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“Hey, this kid is going without anything!? Are you really sure this kid could win against the disciple from Mu Clan? Did you lend Mo Fan some magic equipments for this?” asked Deng Kai almost leaping from his seat.

Principal Zhu shook his head at this question…

The reason mages that graduate from school loses to those from the clan is not solely on cultivation progress but also the amount of magic tools they have access to. Just for this duel, nobody knows how many magic tools and equipment is being lavished on Yu Ang.

Mo Fan?

Aside of that bone shield he gets from the field trip, it doesn’t look like he has anything else! How the heck is he going to duel on even odds! Thinking about this even principal Zhu and many others who bet on Mo Fan had a fright.

“Deng Kai, since you’re witnessing this… might as well be a referee to this duel?” said Mu Zhuo Yun with a happy smile, looking forward to a show of cat abusing a little mouse.

Deng Kai has nothing he could say but to silently pray for Mo Fan.

“The two of you are at the forefront of mages of your generation! I only hope that this duel will serve to motivate you to cultivate diligently! Long story short, reach beyond what’s now!” said Deng Kai with a sonorous voice. (If this is a comedy novel, i’d put to infinity and beyond lololol)

He stepped back from the two youngsters but did not leave the dueling field so that at this range, he could immediately do something if the worst happen.

“You may shake hands now, I will start the duel when you’re both ready”

Mo Fan and Yu Ang looked at each other, before getting closer to shake hands…

Yu Ang’s hands were condensed in ice and at the moment when their hands came in contact, Mo Fan could feel a blast of cold air invading his body through his hand. Mo Fan reacted quickly and coated his hand and arm with flames, protecting his muscles, blood vessels and bones from damage while nonchalantly giving Yu Ang the middle finger with his left hand.

“You really do not understand the kind of rat you are… but no matter, maybe if I freeze your brain, you might be cured of your stupidity” said Yu Ang with a sneer as he return back to his position.

“Two moves” replied Mo Fan.

Mo Fan unconsciously close his eyes on the way back, before opening his eyes again as he set himself up on his position. From the moment he went into this Mu clan’s Manor he could remember many pairs of eyes who looked at him with ridicule and laugh, and many of those who spoke of his courage while raising disdainful smile as if saying “overconfident fool”.

In this world, there are always some who want to appear smart and look at everything you did as if it’s outrageous with a gloating smile, while they themselves are just another mediocre person trapped in his own cage, happily living in their own little well, believing that if even they couldn’t jumped out it’s futile for others to even try! Therefore they found others in the city who thought and feel the same as them and in their short-sightedness and self-righteousness to laugh and ridicule those who tried to leap out of the well!

These kind of mediocre people who likes to gloat at others, there’s no point going down to their level… The only way is to give them a kick in the face, showing how small-minded they are and how much more superior you are to them! So today… I will make them all shut their trap!

“Begin!” announced Deng Kai.

The next second, Mo Fan’s pupil were shining with a fiery red hue, and from within the fiery atmosphere the seven fire elemental stars could be seen to quickly converge onto the magic runes and quickly activating itself for spellcast! (Yes, I used to call them pathways before my friend reminded me that there are something similar to it and sound less mouthful like RUNE, so future translations will all turn into runes, I will go back to fix all the pathways to runes)

A ball of flames rose on Mo Fan’s hand, it’s hot fiery flames pulsing with heat as if it couldn’t wait to burn everything around it!


Mo Fan’s spellcast is incredibly fast that it surprised many including Deng Kai who could feel the heat on the field. Such skillful and natural spellcast surprised many who are watching the duel.

“Well… there’s still the second move but this first spell isn’t very useful ah!”

“This is strange, hasn’t this guy mastered <Corrosive Flames> already? Why is he using elementary spell <Flames> instead? Corrosive Flames is also stronger! If he had the opportunity to use a stronger spell, why not use it and go all out!?” said instructor Luo Yun Bo in doubt. (Yes, I’m also making revisions to the spells… burning bones sounds stupid lOl and fire wave is one word too many for a basic fire spell so flames… yeah!!)

Many now know that when he first went to the field trip, he already mastered corrosive flames, now that he’s in such an important duel why is he doing such strange move? What is he trying to do?

The other side however, appear to be rather relaxed as if waiting for Mo Fan to complete his spell as if saying: like your magic can do anything at all?

<Frost Wave> casted Yu Ang who no longer waited and skillfully cast his spell, shrouding himself with a cold white atmosphere.

Completing his spell, the whole duel field’s temperature dropped from one of hot summer into a cold winter, along with flakes of ice freely flying around in the air. The cold frost made its move towards Mo Fan in torrents of frozen vines, as long as Mo Fan stand in the encirclement for more than three seconds, his legs will be frozen into popsicles!

Frost Wave is a very appropriate spell to use in this duel, since at the elementary level none other than wind and earth elements have movement type spells.

Although Frost Wave’s area of attack is quite limited to the area of scattered frost on the ground, the target must quickly move out of the area within three seconds or be frozen, though it sounds easy on theory, not many could be quick enough to get themselves out of the frozen area.

Yu Ang’s <Frost Wave> covers quite a large area surrounding Mo Fan, even if Mo Fan could run at full speed, it’s still not possible for him to get out of it and in three seconds Mo Fan is going to be frozen into a living target practice!

Seeing that Yu Ang’s <Frost Wave> is about to turn Mo Fan into a popsicle in three seconds, the audience burst into laughter! Although Frost Wave isn’t very fast but dealing with magicians and beast using it is quite straightforward! They just need to spread the frost and cover as much grounds as possible!

“Damn it, is this kid brain damaged? Why is he still standing there!?!?”

“This duel is going to end the moment his legs got frozen…”

Mo Fan did not make a run for it although it’s common sense to move out of the frost wave area when fighting against ice mages.

“Want to turn me into a human popsicle?” muttered Mo Fan with a smile, still not sending over that little ball of flames on his hand, of course he himself understand that this ball of flame isn’t likely knock Yu Ang off the duel, but this little elementary fire has other wonderful features!

[Chapter 77] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 79]


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