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The ball of flames on his hand slowly and gently fall down to the ground, the instant it reaches the ground, the flames turned Mo Fan’s immediate surrounding into red fiery carpet. As the fire continue to rage in heat around him, the flame does nothing to Mo Fan at all, but his legs that was previously covered in frost has started thawing!

Yu Ang looked at Mo Fan who smiled at him provocatively, as the flames turn all the nearby frost into vapor, erasing all his worries of being frozen into ice.

“Using flames and spreading it around himself to remove frost wave and thaw his frozen legs at the same time, very smart move” said teacher Tang Yue with a smile.

Although the many of the students learn to use magic spells like flames and its applications in various situations, at the time when they completed their spells they would subconsciously throw that fiery ball of flames on their opponents.

However burning effects of flames has many other wonderful uses for example, sustaining a constant release of flames spell over an area will cause the area around to spontaneously combust allowing the caster to form barriers or walls of flame and just like how Mo Fan set aflame his immediate surrounding, coupled with his own resistance to his own fire it’s equivalent to having a layer of flames as protection, even if he couldn’t remove frost wave from around, he could at least prevent himself from being frozen on the ground.

“Using a level 1 spell to ruin a level 2 spell, quite efficient” commented principal Zhu. Although their skills are still lacking, to be able to use their spells flexibly requires more than just theoretical knowledge. This first round of duel, it’s very obvious that Mo Fan have the advantage.

“My turn!” Mo Fan stand within the protection of his flames on the ground while starting to form another runes to cast another spell.

The runes formed promptly, and another ball of scarlet flame appear on his hand and with it comes an obvious change in temperature around it, everyone could see this ball of flame even hotter!

<Corrosive Flames>!

A ball of flame with an even higher temperature, the bright scarlet ball made a trail of red tail as it accurately made its way towards Yu Ang.

“That’s a second level fire spell, if it hits Yu Ang even a little he’s going to be turned to ashes!”

For the few who have an idea of what’s going among the guests, they were still slightly surprised when they saw Mo Fan using a second level fire spell so easily.

“Yu Ang’s frost wave was destroyed, he won’t be able to fight back if this continues” said Cai Tang with concern.

“Do not worry” disagree Mu Zhuo Yun with his usual smile, as if everything is within his hands.

The corrosive flames is closing in on Yu Ang, but in that instant Yu Ang moved even faster than the flames and moved 4-5 meters away… The whole move is so quick and dazzling, before anyone have any reaction, Yu Ang have suddenly move to another position without anyone realizing it!

Mo Fan frowned as he saw his corrosive flames hit over the ground instead but he had clearly see Yu Ang’s boots shining with a dark yellow light and then his stature disappear blurring out into thin air moving to a parallel direction 4-5 meters away.

Bloody hell, he’s loaded in magic equipment! Magic boots, imbued with earth-based magic <Ground Wave>! This advantage of using movement based spells without any requirement makes Mo Fan feel a little uncomfortable…

Fortunately, this magic equipment still requires recharging its magic power to use continuously otherwise, even he will run out of magic power before even getting a hit in!

“If you think your little useless fire can do anything, you’re too naive! This farce that’s been going on for two years will end… I will spare your life, so that you can kowtow and apologize to the patriarch!!” said Yu Ang with a smile.

Yu Ang raised his hand, and almost instantly as if a storm swept away everything in the field, snow started raining heavily, and everything else on the field started getting frozen into ice! As the snow falls heavily, the temperature plunged rapidly even that field of flames couldn’t sustain itself as the torrents of cold air seems to freeze everything!

“<Freezing Field>!”

Yu Ang looked like an ice demon, his face cold and arrogant amidst the heavy snow. The entire duel field was covered in merciless snow as if a winter disaster strike, giving no quarters to anything that is in its range.

For some people watching on the side of the field also felt the sudden drop in the temperature and unconsciously started shivering and chattering their teeth.

“Holy smokes! The last time I saw him, he’s has barely started on <Frost Wave> but unexpectedly he’s already on the third level elemental spell now! This freezing field just kill off those flames! This Mo Fan has nowhere to run, he’ll just have to accept his fate of turning into popsicle in a few seconds!” said Fei Shi.

Fei Shi clearly remember the time when they had to deal with that deviant one-eyed magic wolf, and Yu Ang’s cultivation is more or less about the same level as Cai Tang, but now even before Cai Tang hit the third level, this kid is already surpassing her! What kind of cultivation speed is this freak on!!!

“It’s over, game is going to end, that flames was already snuffed out yeah? Once the snow settle down we’ll see a block of human shaped ice” exclaimed Li Wen Jie.

Principal Zhu, Deng Kai and others from school was also on the edge of their seats previously, before giving a sight at this sight.

18 years old! This Yu Ang is just having his rites of passage! Even many other older mages would only get up to second level elementary spells, but this 18 year old has already went over the level many ice mages wouldn’t be able to achieve in their lifetime! This fact leaves many speechless!!!

“This thing is over…”

“Mo Fan still have his defensive magic tool to use yet?” retorted Luo Yun Bo.

Zhan Kong shook his head and said “That thing wouldn’t help at all at this situation…”

While bone shield is a very good defensive magic tool, this Freezing Field attacks indiscriminately from all direction, even if one have an omni directional defense, everything will still be frozen over! Mo Fan’s tools have no role at all in this duel!

[Chapter 78] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 80]


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