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“Have Yu Ang stop this, if Mo Fan got his face frozen and stop breathing, it might be life threatening…” said principal Zhu expecting this outcome to Deng Kai.

“Don’t worry, a fire element mage will not die so easily in mere snow” said Mu Zhuo Yun feeling pleased looking around the guests filled with stunned look. Hahaha none of you would have thought that Yu Ang who just turned 18 years old recently would already reach the third level!

Generally, if a student from Tian Lan magic high school could already reach second level elementary spell, they would already be considered an elite student, if that student also scored well on his practical assessment, it is possible for them to get admitted into a good university!

However the third level spell is a different thing altogether! Nobody knows how many years it will take for that person to be able to reach it! A son like his, mastering a third level elementary spell at 18 years old is already beyond the disciples and children from other clans in the city, let alone mere 1500 magic high school students. This Mo Fan is really overconfident, not that he delivered himself into his hands, how could this Mu Zhuo Yun easily let him off? I let you curse me in public, but now you can’t even lift your head could you? Ha Ha Ha I might as well teach this little bastard another lesson!!

“Oh, the Mu Clan’s talent is admirable!”

“Boss Zhuo Yun, your son is indeed surprising! An 18 year old using a Freezing Field, you’ve hid him well enough from the general public ah! Fortunately I didn’t let my clan’s children duel against your so… otherwise they’ll all ended up like that poor student” said an old woman with a smile.

“Well… with his third level elementary ice spell he is definitely the best of the current young generation in Bo city” Watching this Freezing Field indeed is a strong shock to, as they judge that there’s no possibility for the poor student to do anything, several guests has begin to congratulate Mu Zhuo Yun, flattering him.

Mu Zhuo Yun obviously is enjoying all this, engaging in such a high-profile rites of passage event, who doesn’t want to let others look at the younger generations’ glory and greatness that comes out of the Mu Clan?

“Deng Kai, it’s almost over” said principal Zhu filled with concerns for Mo Fan.

“Deng Kai, why haven’t you stop!? He doesn’t have magic tool to resist this? If his blood also freeze over it will be too dangerous!!!”

At the duelling field, Deng kai actually wanted to stop the duel and announce the winner since this is so one-sided but among the heavy torrent of snow, there’s actually flickers of hot flame shining from within the freezing field so he gave up the idea.

“Old Zhu, Mo Fan is probably more than we thought he is” said Deng Kai firmly watching where Mo Fan is. Principal Zhu feel doubtful and was about to speak before vibrant streaks of flames amidst the torrents of heavy snow attracted his attention. Even right now he could sustain that fire!? But even <Corrosive Flames> will lose much of its power in this freezing field, but even if it doesn’t lose its power significantly principal Zhu doesn’t believe that Yu Ang doesn’t have any defense equipment to deal with it! Even if Mo Fan did use Corrosive Flames, Yu Ang’s defensive equipment will easily resist it anyway… This futile struggle…

Wait… Something’s not right! This ball of flaes…

Principal Zhu’s eyes suddenly widened up, as he concentrate and use his powerful spiritual sense to look into the torrents of magic rampaging in the field, he could sense an extremely violent breath of fire amidst the vast freezing field!!

That is not corrosive flames at all!! This tiny looking ball of flames has unmatched heat and penetrating power, streaking across the cold icy field with arrogance! Soon this little ball of fire reaches Yu Ang’s immediate surrounding and with a disdainful smile, Yu Ang initiated his defensive magic equipment from within his spiritual world.

“Ice Shield!”

In an instant, a large curved ice shield emerge before him from particles of fine ice, sufficiently protecting him in its entirety. The majority of the guests watched this with ridicule while some sigh, wondering why the Mu Clan did such a tasteless duel, having such a dirt poor duel opponent for this rite of passage.

“<Fiery Explosion>!!”

From within the cold, vast and relentless freezing field, Mo Fan’s high pitched voice suddenly spread throughout the dueling field. From the vast expanse of white ground a sudden spark of crimson suddenly materialize, and a second afterwards the small looking crimson candle then burst out in a loud roar of flames.


There weren’t any signs before a burst of flames suddenly materialize as torrents of flame waves emerge from the center of the explosion, violently setting the surrounding in hot dancing flames. The dazzling and hot scarlet flames brought a loud blast of air as it exploded, passing through all the guests who were seated on the side. Everyone stare, their eyes fell onto the center of the explosion…

Oh My God! How the hell is this Corrosive Flames!? This is a freaking Fiery Explosion! It’s a bloody third level fire spell!! Although they have yet to recover from the shock of watching Yu Ang with his ice spell, the following shock that comes when Mo Fan created that explosion had made their hearts unable to calm down!!

The CBH captain Xu Da Huang had his eyes almost popping out! This Fiery Explosion spell could be considered as his trump card move, and by the virtue of this third level spell he could be considered outstanding even among his other hunter peers. The questing is that he spent nearly three decades to make this breakthrough painstakingly, and yet this young recently graduated high school mage actually mastered the spell! This is too abominable, too difficult to accept a fact!

Although principal Zhu and Deng Kai were the first to notice this third level spell even until now they still couldn’t calm down from the excitement! For so many years there haven’t been any student who could use third level elementary fire spell… They couldn’t even remember how many years has it been since such event!!

Previously they had lamented that there weren’t any high school students that could compete against these wealthy Clan’s children and disciples but Mo Fan surely give them a big surprise now!!!

This guy is also another freak right? With such limited resource from school, how is it possible for him to cultivate to such realm!! Even the mage from Magic Association Yang Zhuo He was stupefied, glancing around the still stunned crown, he quickly announced “We will look after this kid!”

While the mage from Zhou clan looked unhappy and said “You have no resources that could cultivate fire element mage! He’ll be better in our clan!”

“Shut up! This kid is part of our military unit, stop trying to solicit him!” said Luo Yun Bo quickly.

Yu Ang is a children of the tyrant that is Mu clan, therefore he naturally will get the best resource of the Bo City, therefore it’s not very strange to actually see him reaching his current level, but a high school student reaching the equivalent level will shock everyone in the city!

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