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“Tea… Teacher… Tang Yue? You did not give Mo Fan any special treatment right?? How could Mo Fan reach this level!?” asked Xu Zhao Ting helplessly.

This time, even the lighting element mage Xu Zhao Ting had his pride completely destroyed. Six months ago, thinking that since he has already mastered the second level elementary lightning spell, he’s definitely closer to Mo Fan’s level, but who knows that Mo Fan’s cultivation is literally like a rocket ride. How the hell did he reach third level on his own, even Xu Zhao Ting wouldn’t believe it is possible unless he gets special help from teacher Tang Yue.

“I didn’t do anything, he did it all on his own” as Tang Yue shook her head.

Tang Yue is the only person that knows Mo Fan did have an elemental magic tool of his own, so she did guess that Mo Fan’s cultivation will be quite high level but she never thought that he actually mastered third level fire spell already!!!

His self proclaimed rival Mu Bai’s face turned from blue to black, he did not realize when but the moment Mo Fan casted Fiery Explosion, it was akin to kicking him in the face, laughing at every minute of his effort as if it’s pathetic!

“Boss… Boss Zhuo Yun…” stuttered Mu He with a stiff expression.

Mu Zhuo Yun’s chest heaved up and down dramatically, although his face is filled with anger, he was even more amazed!

“I really underestimated him!!!” as Mu Zhuo Yun finally spit out his frustation and couldn’t help but to look at the sitting Mo Xing. This old stupid driver’s son actually sent his to a magic high school and he turned out to be a genius!?? A third level fire element spell! Look at how much resources I used on Yu Ang and he only reached third level ice magic!!


Most guest could only stare at this amazing sight, their face totally amazed. On the duel field, the crazy raining snow has finally faded away and the guests could finally see the proudly standing Mo Fan.

His opponent who have been blasted over to a corner, had his ice shield slowly fade away but Yu Ang who originally stood behind the shield had been blasted over few hundred meters away from the explosion! His princely appearance like his new shiny white clothes has been stained beyond recognition! Having been embarrassed and thrown off the ground, how could he have the mind to continue acting like a protagonist! The snow finally stopped, the ground warm again and Mo Fan on a leisurely pace started walking towards Yu Ang.

Damn this, who in the world would have thought that he mastered a third level fire spell! Whatever… now that you’ve had your fun, I will kill you!!!

“Interesting ahaha this is really interesting!” suddenly an extremely awkward slightly charred Yu Ang stood up surprising Mo Fan who had questions whether this freak still has his sanity.

Although he had ice shield to resist most of the heat from Fiery Explosion, the shockwaves aftermath couldn’t be blocked and it should be more than enough to send this idiot into coma…

“What!? Even Fiery Explosion couldn’t put this kid down!?”

“Is is made of iron!?”

Mu Zhuo Yun laughed with relieft while cursing in his heart… Luckily he prepared some magic armor for Yu Ang, this little bastard really hid his powers very well.

While Mo Fan almost won the duel, nobody would have thought this old fox would be so crafty and careful! At this stage Fiery Explosion is literally unstoppable!!

“Oh, even after a magic shield, you even geared him up with magic armor? Such extravagance!” said the old man from Zhou clan.

Principal Zhu and Deng Kai was also stunned speechless. Although magic shield and magic armor are both magic equipment, the value of magic armor far surpass shields where a magic shield could only protect its user in a limited fashion, and some spells couldn’t be warded off using magic shield, magic armor could resist almost all offensive magic including mental attacks! Wearing it on one’s body will even protect the wearer’s body all around!!

“I forgot to tell you, on his 18th birthday I deliberately gift him this icy silkworm armor to prepare him for this duel” said Mu Zhuo Yun slowly and loud enough for all guests to hear.

“What the fucking hell, what kind of magic duel is this? This stupid over gearing for a magic duel is too outrageous!” said the old man from Zhou clan impatiently as Xu Zhao Ting, Wang Pang and others from school listened indignantly. Without any magic tools on him, this Yu Ang would have been toss all over like a ragdoll from Fiery Explosion!

“Heritage is also a part of strength” said Mu Zhuo Yun indifferently.

Although Mu Zhuo Yun wouldn’t bother with such nonsense, this is the results of Mu Clan’s resources! How is this poor little student deluding himself by trying to fight against the Mu Clan!?

“Unfortunately …. ah… this Mo Fan student is really brilliant, but in the end he still lost to the wealth of magic tools…” sighed Yang Zhuo He.

Many of the guests also pity Mo Fan… While what he showed today is more than enough to tower over all his peers, even shaming the children and disciples of clans, but a duel is a duel, the loser still lose and as Mu Zhuo Yun said, the person’s background and heritage is still part of one’s strength, therefore many of those present also understand.

“You have quite the good father” said Mo Fan as he looked at the icy silkworm armor underneath the pieces of torn expensive clothes, his heart kindled in anger. He’s using magic boots and magic shield, even wearing a magic armor… that old fox is really covering all his bases!

Yu Ang continued laughing coupled with an extremely disgusting smile…

“You are really great… I thought you’re just another clown on a comedy show! You actually deliberately hid your real skill to use this opportunity to become an overnight success! Unfortunately for you… you almost did it ahahahaa” laughed Yu Ang not even caring if Mo Fan made another Fiery Explosion.

Standing on the side, Deng Kai lamented in sadness helplessly and he finally couldn’t help but to speak out his mind to Mo Fan ” Mo Fan… give it up, this icy silkworm armor is designed to restrain fire element spells… even your Fiery Explosion wouldn’t be able to hurt Yu Ang”

“Deng Kai is right, the next freezing field will turn you into a frozen popsicle… It’s quite troublesome to thaw people out of it.. How about you come over and kowtow to the patriarch, I suppose I can be lenient to you for being such an interesting opponent” said Yu Ang full of disdain as he stood overlooking Mo Fan.

Yu Ang’s gaze is filled with arrogance and ridicule isn’t it?

That Mu Zhuo Yun’s crafty smile is extremely infuriating isn’t it?

Heritage is also strength?

Mo Fan wanted to laugh at this but he didn’t…

The thoughts of the guests around the field also followed and acquiesced to Mu Zhuo Yun’s words, looking at him with a little sympathy.

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      1. I agree, especially when they go to the effort of saying his armor is specially made to counter fire spells. That seriously demands he uses his Lightning spells, hopefully level 3 as well.

        Only other acceptable outcome is he uses a level 4 fire spell, and it exceeds the armors limits.

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