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“Mu Zhuo Yun, the pair of this young generation’s best in Bo city have display an incredible performance. How about letting this end in a draw? Even if you’re the tyrant of the city the young will not look down on you for doing it” spoke principal Zhu.

In fact, every guest present in the arena knows about the purpose is to settle grievances between Mo Fan and Mu Zhuo Yun and if Mo Fan lose, he will have to kowtow and apologize to Mu Zhuo Yun until he’s satisfied. However Mo Fan’s performance so far has really stir people up! Just by the virtue of his cultivation to third level fire element is already worthy of admiration! At the same time, Mu Ning Xue’s gaze also fell on her father’s face, hoping that he will call off this duel.

This duel, if it wasn’t for the amount of magic equipment lavished on Yu Ang, it’s basically impossible for Mo Fan to lose… Mu Ning Xue really thought that even if this duel is won by the Mu Clan there is no glory at all.

“Let this end? How would I let it go!?” retorted Mu Zhuo Yun.

Since this little bastard dare to provoke and curse him infront of many he must bear the consequences! Otherwise how would he uphold his dignity in Bo city afterward!? Winning this thing is a must!

“Mo Xing, did you know that if your son lose he’ll have to kowtow to people” said the old gardener.

“What? Kowtow!?” said Mo Xing bewildered… Mo Xing wouldn’t have thought that his son actually made some great waves in the city.

“Yeah! Didn’t you know that he had a bet with the patriarch to duel Yu Ang and if Yu Ang lost, Mu Zhuo Yun will personally apologize to you about that thing from back then, but if your son lose he will have to kowtow and apologize to Mu Zhuo Yun until he’s satisfied! Even our kids at home know about it, when he call him old bastard infront of everyone at school! But he’s an adult so he can’t do anything but to swallow his anger back then, I feel that he’s not going to let your son off today!” said the old gardener.

Mo Xing have no idea about this bet and is feeling lost and confused! Mo Xing is totally stunned after listening to the brief details!! He clearly know how proud and stubborn his son can be, but how could he let him kowtow infront of his classmates, teachers, neighbors, Mu Ning Xue and even a whole lot of others in the public!?

Once the child hit such a setback and humiliation, even a slap to death is better… if he really went and give this kowtow he will never be able to life his head up forever!

“Patriarch Mu… Patriarch Mu” yelled Mo Xing

“Oh Mo Xing ah?” said Mu Zhuo Yun as he squinted his eyes, recalling the details of this old driver.

“That thing is already many years ago, please do not embarrass a child, there are many people here today, many among them are his classmates, teachers, friends…” pleaded Mo Xing hastily.

“No wa, don’t even start with that thing, I did not provoke him to this duel, even if you didn’t plead for it, looking into your work history I had already give your family enough grace, but this time nothing anyone say will change my mind!” said Mu Zhuo Yun with a firm attitude.

Mo Xing also started panicking, previously he did not know anything about this kowtow and apology thing, but doing it right now at the prime of their life, in the presence of so many people will be a terrible hit to their self-esteem!

“That… I’ll do it on his behalf, let me kowtow and apologize on his behalf until you’re satisfied” said Mo Xing with a look filled with panic and then kneel down in front of so many people, his already wrinkled pair of eyes looking up to Mu Zhuo Yun.

All of sudden, many eyes fell on Mo Xing’s body, he himself feel the tremendous shame kneeling in front of many for a short moment. However, thinking of it… If it was Mo Fan who has been cultivating very hard beyond many of his peers were to do it, this feeling of shame and humiliation will be magnified countless times over!

He has already won the recognition of many major powers in Bo city and even almost defeated the trained children from Mu Clan, he must have train and study very hard for the past years… he’s a very clever boy, he wouldn’t be so reckless to provoke me and make this bet without feeling certain that he actually have a chance at winning this!

In the coming years, he will become even much stronger than his son Yu Ang, become even better mage! But this kowtow today will put a shadow on him for a lifetime! This useless driver kowtowing means nothing if it couldn’t put that stain on Mo Fan’s history in his lifetime!!!

Watching Mu Zhuo Yun in pleading eyes, Mo Xing continued to kowtow hoping that the clan patriarch will relent and bring the issue down in futility. Mo Fan who saw this over from the duel field sudden felt heartache as if it was wrenched. Those bastards high above is always looking down loftily… A humble person should be vilified and degraded because he led a humble life!? Where is there equality in this shitty society?

If the world is equal then why would he and Mu Ning Xue be separated by force?

If the world is equal then how could his house be taken away, his whole family kicked out without shelter from wind and rain while the Mu Clan celebrates it from their estate?

If the world is equal then how is this fucking duel fair in anyway? Who wouldn’t feel that this mountain of magic equipment made out of money feel insurmountable!?

Since the past times, segregation and discrimination has already been clearly marked, whose class and place is in this community… But the most frightening thing is when someone is of the same caliber and ability but is unaware of this divide enters into the society… and then like a lightning bolt hitting you by surprise, it will kick you down where you supposedly belong!

A man kneeling and a man sitting? There’s not much difference from standing… there’s nothing significant between them all!!!

“Dad, you get up” said Mo Fan looking at where Mo Xing and Mu Zhuo Yun is, Mo Xing turned his head around but did not have the courage to get up, hoping too much that Mu Zhuo Yun will not relent and make Mo Fan kowtow instead…

Mu Zhuo Yun remained seated as Mo Fan looked back at his father who tried to make this enormous sacrifice to protect his honor, but it’s rather obvious that his efforts are futile…

“Dad, it’s too early to receive his apologies… The duel is not over yet” said Mo Fan as he looked at Mo Xing, his eyes filled with cold anger!

“Kowtow??” Mo Xing finally understand what his son was trying to say…

Mu Zhuo Yun does not understand what nonsense this little bastard is trying to say… I? Kowtow?? Where have you the strength to make this Mu Zhuo Yun apologize to you!!

[Chapter 81] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 83]


  1. filler chapter. i bet next chapter will be half a move. the fight starts one spell per chapter, the pace is so slow i dont even……

  2. Where have you the strength to make this Mu Zhuo Yun apologize to you!!

    change to

    Where do you have the strength to make this Mu Zhuo Yun apologize to you!!

    it feels weird when i read it…

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