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“Mo Fan, you’re too stupid to save your life, now that your father is begging for you, you should just kneel down to me… I think this is much better than you kowtowing to my father’s satisfaction later on!” said Yu Ang without the slightest sympathy as he laugh.

“Well… I should collect interest for now but my dad is a simple and honest man, so I feel that we’ll be able to collect more than just interest later” said Mo Fan staring at the laughing Yu Ang.

“Still not repenting even after having one foot in the coffin… I’ll first put you in a coffin of ice and then I’ll let you enjoy a life in this Bo city grovelling on the ground!” said Yu Ang filled with disdain. Quickly creating his ice runes, Yu Ang didn’t even worry about being interrupted by Mo Fan while wearing this icy silkworm armor, even if he manage to could possible do it, the premise is still if Mo Fan could cast even faster than him!

On the other side, Mo Fan’s eyes were extremely cold and sinister… If this father and son pair came in fair and square, he would just end this duel in a draw… but this pair of bastards filled with hot air has thoroughly angered Mo Fan!! Although he didn’t really care to win this stupid duel, but seeing his father bleeding from his forehead from kowtowing so hard has rouse his ire!

How could this Mo Fan be such a foolish boy!? I will let all present today know what it means for a single spark to start a forest fire!!!

“Heritage is also strength?” said Mo Fan unable to help himself with wanton smile and laughter. The next second his laughter stop to a screeching halt, replaced by incredible arrogance!

“Then my gifts from heaven is also part of my strength!” Did you people think that I would come to lose? Now taste the power of my lightning magic!! His black eyes as dark as the vast universe suddenly shined impressively with brilliant purple hue!

Lightning Element!

It represents rage, might and destruction! This ridiculous discrimination and system in the way will all be destroyed!! Each person’s elemental stars will have a certain connection to its user’s mind, having been stimulated by Mo Fan’s rage the elemental star has gushed out in all its glory and strength even without much control from Mo Fan!!

This factor isn’t influence by humility nor is it by danger! Although different lightning element has always requires different control method depending on the mage, Mo Fan’s impatient mood has thoroughly matched it today! The streaks of purple elemental stars appear to have ignited by the anger in his heart in this moment, eager to offer all their strength!

As the runes filled with weaved from the mysterious force between heaven and earth formed naturally streaks of purple materialize…


Arcs of overbearing purple lightning appear around Mo Fan, streaking around manically without harming Mo Fan, waiting for Mo Fan’s order… Mo Fan looked up as if his eyes are shooting lightning and then cast a lightning spell!

<Lightning Wrath>!

Mo Fan gripped his hand fiercely, as the lighting forming on his palm started to twist crazily before bombarding Yu Ang’s immediate position haphazardly! As multiple lightning strikes around Yu Ang, Mo Fan quickly combined them with each other before fiercely striking the unsuspecting Yu Ang.

Yu Ang who was still concentrating on casting another Freezing Field was wrapped in the dazzling lightning the next second, the shock to his mind is more than words can describe!

Lightning Wrath’s every hit will cause the body some sharp pain but even more terrible is those lightning will enter and course into the body, causing great shocking effect even if there’s icy-silkworm armor, it could not completely resist this pervasive penetrating lightning attack!

Yu Ang’s body is as if uncontrollable, twitching violently as he stood there, his previously arrogant and indifferent demeanor could only be replaced with a puzzled and shocked countenance!!


How could this happen???

Lightning!?… That is lightning spell, but how could a mere fire mage cast a lightning spell?? The icy silkworm armor is useless before the might of <Lightning Wrath> and finally Yu Ang uttered a miserable sound, before sluggishly fell down to the ground!

This time, it is no longer possible for Yu Ang to get back up… This third level lightning spell is even more tyrannical compared to third level fire spell! Even if icy silkworm armor could resist fire element spells but it’s definitely impossible for it to defend against the terrible penetrating attack of lightning element magic!!

The after effects of lightning spell is still making Mo Fan felt his ringing ears, but it doesn’t matter for the entirety of the guests have fell into silence right at this moment!! Everyone saw Mo Fan casting a lightning spell in that short moment but in an instant that spell has already been released to strike and defeat Yu Ang!!!

But what they saw baffled them even more!

Lightning magic?? How is he using lightning magic?!? An elementary fire mage could actually cast lightning magic!?!?

Along with the thunderous explosion, Yu Ang has already been lying on the ground and even now many people hasn’t care the least if that guy is dead or alive, but is crazily focused on the miracle, can’t be explained with common sense and knowledge!

How can one not be crazy!? Any mage could only have one element at elementary level, and it’s only possible to get a second element after being promoted to intermediate grade mage! How is a recently graduated high school mage already mastered two elements!?

Fire & Lightning element!!!

“He…. How could he be an intermediate mage!? This is impossible! Absolutely impossible!! Even the world’s fastest cultivator lavished with all the resources could not reach intermediate grade in three years!!” yelled Mu Zhuo Yun as he jumped out of his chair, unable to believe what his eyes are seeing.

Similarly principal Zhu, Deng Kai, Yang Zhuo He, Zhan Kong and other intermediate mages could not believe the scene they are seeing…

Third level lightning spell! That spell is clearly <Lightning Wrath>!!!

But how could a fire element student use lightning spell!! Is there a special equipment used to cast it??

No… that gorgeous purple particles and runes is proof enough that the elements come from Mo Fan, it is absolutely impossible for him to cast it with the aid of equipment!

The guests’ only lightning mage Xu Zhao Ting felt even more stupefied… What the hell? He has always been eager to catch up and reach his realm… For all this three years why hasn’t Mo Fan show this!? What are you… a fire mage? lightning mage?

Xu Zhao Ting felt his pride collapsed… even he only having a single lightning element couldn’t reach the level of fire element that Mo Fan already has… add in lighting element!?!? I… I have totally lost!!!

[Chapter 82] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 84]


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