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The huge creature laying on top of the city’s highest building could be seen anywhere from the city! The entire city could see this fierce magic beast on top of the silver trade building!

Looking at this scene, even Mo Fan gasped in shock and took a while to recover!

Too shocking! This is too terrifyingly shocking!

Dark magic wolf, one-eyed magic wolf or even the blood-marked giant eyed rat is insignificant in the presence of this terrifying creature! All previous notions and impressions of fierce magic beast in Mo Fan’s mind paled in comparison to the current reality!

It saunters into human cities like it’s in its own territory… and the humans in the city are but its food! The humans are but flocks of delicious sheep in its eyes, and the city the breeding pen!

The magic beasts were not expelled or banished by humans into the wilderness, those records in textbooks were mere self-deception for the master of this world are not humans but these savage bloodthirsty magic beasts!

Realizing this nightmarish hell made Mo Fan tremble in fear!

“What is that?” asked Mo Fan after spending some time to collect himself.

Just not long ago, the giant rat broke to the underground compound… If he did not go along and escape through the secret passage wouldn’t he have lost his life!?

“Ash winged wolf, a commander level magic beast… It could even command over hundred thousands of magic beast with a single roar…. The only person who can probably fight it is probably only the army mage Zhan Kong” said Lin Yu Xin stiffly.

“Commander… level magic beast!?” said Mo Fan in disbelief.

While in CBH squad Mo Fan learned more about magic beasts that isn’t in the school’s textbooks and within the same type of demons, they are categorized into several levels based on its evolution!

The beasts Mo Fan has previously seen such as dark magic wolf, one-eyed magic wolf and giant-eyed rat are all magic beast of the lowest level, the servant class of its species!

“The blood marked giant eyed rat you see in the hallway is a soldier class beast! It’s one of the cause for this red level alert! Not only that, but right outside the defensive perimeter hundreds of soldier class three eyed magic wolf are fighting with the army! However our limited defenses could only hold them back! There are probably more than a thousand magic beasts slipping into the city right now, Deng Kai is probably leading the mages from Hunter Union to hunt those beasts and blockade the city from more beasts slipping in!” said Lin Yu Xin coldly.

“Why are so many magic beasts attacking the city!?” asked Mo Fan still feeling it difficult to digest the situation.

“It’s the damn devil cult’s doing” said Lin Yu Xin with anger.

The devil cult???

This isn’t the first time Mo Fan heard of this organization.

“The devil cult probably refined something out of an artificial holy spring… It’s incredibly similar to a real holy spring but its effects is very different to our holy spring! The water from the false spring is a fatal temptation for the magical beasts, and the beasts that happen to imbibe it will turn it mad, making it irrational… Even the wolves probably don’t know that they were attracted to the city by those devil cults, but lure by the tempting sprinkles of this false spring through the rainfalls, it turns into a the most terrible catalyst to attack Bo city in frenzy!” said Lin Yu Xin.

In her view, this is a deliberate destruction… using a borrowed knife to cause a bloodbath through the whole of Bo city! Now that she realized it, the existence of this terrible false spring, compared to when she had just found some evidence of it, the disaster that is currently striking sent her to a rude awakening, dripping in cold sweat.

The only group of mad men that will do this kind of thing is only the devil cults!

“What do we do now?” said Mo Fan calmly.

“The damn cult is aiming to destroy the city, bringing a living hell onto the city… The ash winged wolf is certainly very strong… but not strong enough to kill everyone in a day or two, but if a few more of similar level magic beast joined it, when the reinforcement is here… we will either be killed or injured” said Lin Yu Xin with cold eyes.

Mo Fan went completely silent… Faced with this disaster out of nowhere, he felt as if he had been swept along with the tides, unable to do anything.

“Mo Fan… You have two very important mission… You must keep the holy spring safe, never let it fall to anyone’s hands! I have a hunch, the devil cult is likely very eager to get it” said Lin Yu Xin with a serious look at Mo Fan.

“The second mission?”

“Survive through this disaster… The enemies must have some information on my identity, they will assume that I am carrying the holy spring with me… so I will deliberately attract their attention, you will take the holy spring and hide yourself, give your all to survive… Remember! Never let those devil cultist get it!” said Lin Yu Xin.

At that moment, Mo Fan had millions of complaints in his heart…

Why did you put this hot potato in my hands!!

Lin Yu Xin could see and feel the hesitation in Mo Fan’s heart, traces of bitterness floating on his face but keeping his silence all the same.


Lin Yu Xin’s milky white uniform has turned red with all the blood splashed on her from all the relentless decapitation she rained on all the beasts they encountered along the way. Wearing a hat, Lin Yu Xin and Mo Fan made their way towards the city side by side before finally saying “I will try to attract their attention… As long as you don’t do silly stuffs and get to the shelter safely, you will be fine”

Shortly after, Lin Yu Xin accelerate and disappear into the rain without even looking back. She understand that not everyone has a righteous heart, but she believes that everyone will eventually be willing to use their life to protect something. Her only living family, her sister has become a victim to this conspiracy leading to this disaster… Now all she has is her responsibility to protect this holy spring!


Mo Fan stood there stunned, watching the figure of Lin Yu Xin moving away not knowing what to say. Unfortunately there isn’t any time for him to think anymore because he could see from back of the mountain, groups of beasts rushing towards Tian Lan magic high school!

Their body strong and robust, easily clearing out trees in their way like a pack of wolves jumping into a flock of sheep without fences stopping their way in, the wolves are filled with greed, rushing in as fast at they could.

Holy Shit! The magic beasts are attacking the school in great numbers!!

[Chapter 92] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 94]


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