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Within the shelter area, Magic Association and Hunter Union are jointly set up to secure the area, with mages guarding the perimeter and a big barrier protecting the area. From the back of the mountain where Mo Fan currently is, there’s about three kilometers distance but Mo Fan doesn’t believe that he can safely go through the city filled with magic beasts on his own.

“Although they’re just student mages, even with their lack of experience they are still mages and better armed to blaze a trail through this beast infested city… My best chance is to evacuate along with them!”

If he encounter any magic beasts, even with his lightning and fire magic, he wouldn’t be able to quickly kill them… Looking at the situation from up there, it’s very clear that these one-eyed magic wolf doesn’t fight alone, and if even two one-eyed magic wolf jumped on him, he wouldn’t be able to fight them!

It doesn’t matter! I should join up with the students at school first! One person’s strength is just too weak to do anything about this situation now unless it’s someone at the level of Zhan Kong!


Mo Fan rushed to the school quickly, passing through the small alley to the back gate of Tian Lan magic high school. Thankfully, there weren’t any many magic beasts along the deserted alley ways since the residents around it has either took refuge in their basement or escaped to the shelter… The disaster just came too sudden and for many it’s as if they had just woke up from a dream and a very terrible reality immediately fell on their eyes.

For the students at school, they doing their final, last spurt preparation for the entrance exam, putting all their blood and a sweat for the toughest competition in their life. Yet… such bloody disaster was ushered in, many students who are seeing magic beasts for the first time are so scared, they wet their pants let alone seeing beasts all over the city is too difficult to imagine for them.


“We need to evacuate to the shelter quickly! It’s very unsafe here!!!” said Xue Mu Sheng as he smack on the table in the Dean’s office.

While the principal and other executive of the school are not here, the decision making fall onto Chen Wei Liang, however he had insisted on having the students staying within the school and form a line of defense to resist the invading magic beasts.

Xue Mu She disagree, with the number of students and teachers, logically the number of body count is certainly enough but once the demons appear these immature students will simply break, destroying any form of resistance. Tian Lan magic high school’s strong mages are all spread out around the city, so these students and teachers could only rely on themselves!

“Head teacher! A large group of magic wolves are coming from the mountain! Teacher Lan… were dismembered into pieces!” said teacher Zhou with a paled face.

The expression of all the teachers in the office has suddenly changed. Even these adult mages has never experienced such disaster in their life, seeing these magic beasts wantonly killing and causing bloodbath in the city, eating and tearing humans apart… Making these teachers without strong magic to even go weak in their legs and tremble in fear.

“The school has no protections, no barrier! Nothing but mere walls! If many beasts rushes in we will lose many! This is a red alert level! The only hope to live through this is to get to the shelter!” growled Xue Mu Sheng hysterically.

Although the teachers have taught magic lessons and history for a long time, from the past records of any red level alert, they wouldn’t even dare to contend with the invading magic beasts with their meager strength! Even if they engage the beasts from within the shelter, their survival chance is less than 30%!

Most of the students in high school are having holidays but since the third year senior students needed to prepare for their university entrance exam, most of them have returned to school early to finalize their preparations. Fortunately these third year senior students have more or less experiences seeing magic beasts, these group of students are those with the most solid foundation in the school, so if all 1500 students and teachers march their way, it’s not impossible to arrive at the shelter! The shelter itself is only 3 kilometers away from the school!!!

“We will evacuate! Get all the class’ teachers to lead their students and attach other teachers equally to each class! We will make sure to reach this shelter safely!” said Chen Wei Lian who finally made the decision.

Although the school have about 1700 people, if a red level alert survival rate is only 30% or less… Doesn’t it mean that if they continue to stay within the school at least a thousand people will die?

The teachers carried out the instructions very quickly, making their way to their own classes and gathered all the students at the square to get ready to evacuate the school. Five minutes has yet to pass since they made the decision to evacuate before a wind element teacher ran in and told Chen Wei Liang “There’s 40 one-eyed magic wolf coming from the mountain!!!”

“Evacuate! Quickly evacuate!! Find the practical class teachers to resist those beasts! Do not let it into the school!” roared Chen Wei Liang.

The wind element teacher had a bitter face…

There’s close to 50 magic wolves rushing in! How could only the practical class teachers resist and delay those magic beasts! How could this be possibly done!!



Xue Mu Sheng hurriedly made his way to his elite class, although the students in the elite classes are the strongest in their school, if compared to other class’ students where there are even those who couldn’t even completely and properly cast their spells… Even if we are to consider the whole 1500 students, those who could actually fight magic beasts numbered only a few hundreds, even if those who couldn’t cast their face in the view of a magic beasts is counted in!

On the way to the class, Xue Mu Sheng met a fairly familiar student which made him overjoyed “Mo Fan!! How are you here!?”

“I escaped from the holy spring’s chamber, and came out near the school… Teacher Xue, we have to quickly evacuate to the shelter or more people will die! The deputy chief guard told me on our way out that this is yet the peak of the invasion!” said Mo Fan breathlessly.

“Yes, I agree… we’re now organizing an evacuation!” said Xue Mu Sheng seriously.

“That will be best, do not waste more time to leave here! I’ve just came down from the mountain at the back of the school! There are many one-eyed magic wolves coming out of nowhere!”

“Really!? We must quickly go now!!!” said Xue Mu Sheng after shortly stunned.

In Mo Fan’s view… The present situation isn’t just a mere one thousand magic beasts that managed to invade into the city, but from where he was… He could see many magic beasts coming out of nowhere inexplicably! Not only are there magic wolves, there are even giant-eyed rat!

Even hiding in the basement is no longer safe! In the eye of those rats, the basement is akin to their own backyard! Those rats could easily dig in and eat those who hid in the basement!!!

“Boss Fan! You’re back!! It’s great to see you!!!” said Zhang Hou who just seen his best friend, got excited although his eyes are a little red.

The first time when the students met magic beasts, many have fainted in fear… Today, hundreds of magic beasts had invaded into the city, bathing in human blood, leaving corpses and pools of blood, not many could keep their calm, and many girls are already crying in their fear.

For these students, all of these came too sudden, too terrible… Even they do not know what happened to their own family! Seeing the entire class mired in fear and despair, Mo Fan thought of the natural disasters in his original world like earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons and in the face of invading magic beasts… The group of humans seems very small, inconsequential and equally helpless in the face of these disasters.


When he heard a howl coming from the basketball court, all the students who sat near the window looked at it in panic, only to discover a one-eyed magic wolf jumping onto the court from the hillside. The previously fine court tiles were broken to pieces as it lands, before it slowly raise its head and with very greedy eyes looked at the delicious students in the classroom!

From its eyes, one could only see greed and hunger… The girls who saw it suddenly scream in fear!!

“Magic… magic beasts!!” said a normally silent boy by the window with a pale expression… Compared to the magic wolves the students had experienced, this one-eyed magic wolf seems even more hostile and savage, a sight of it is enough to make your hair stand on end!

[Chapter 93] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 95]


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