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“All students with me, those with wind element to scout ahead!” shouted Xue Mu Sheng hastily.

The students ran into the corridor in haste, where a great crowd of other classes were also trying to get to the square in panic, screaming and crying.

The mass panic along with the scream and cries drowned the teacher’s voice, making the whole situation uncontrollable. Mo Fan who’s still standing in the classroom watched the frightened students feeling a little disappointed and sad.

Like a flock of wild deer, once frightened by wolves it will ran with all its might while other deer seeing the fleeing one follow it in panic… But with just a single wolf, as long as all the deers stood together and bore its antlers on the wolf, even a few more wolves could not be their opponent. This fear is so contagious even in Mo Fan’s original earth, otherwise how could there be so many records of mind boggling human stampede that resulted from mass hysteria. All the students in other classrooms have already fled in panic, in his own class at least half has fled out and all the magic and spells they have learned has already been forgotten!

<Lightning Whip>!!

From the elite classroom, Mo Fan looked to the side to find Xu Zhao Ting who had just released his lightning spell, streaks of lightning and smell of ozone permeating in the air. The arcs of purple lightning in Xu Zhao Ting’s control streaks quickly and whips the magic wolf, despite inaccuracies caused by the distance, many of the lightning streaks still managed to hit the one-eyed magic wolf.

The arcs of lightning courses through its body, every passing moment made the wolf growled in pain, its muscles twitching uncontrollably.

“Hmmph, just a single one-eyed magic wolf could scare them like dogs, bunch of cowards!” said Xu Zhao Ting with glances filled with disdain at those who fled.

“We have so many people… What’s to fear of a few one-eyed magic wolf!?” said Wang Pang who stood out suddenly and soon after, he finished his spell and cast <Earth Wave>.

His fat hands smack the classroom’s floor and instantly the ground started to tremble towards the basketball court, the paralyzed wolf were thrown to a clearing outside the court. Zhou Min who were a little more courageous soon completed her fire spell, a ball of corrosive fire floating on her hand.

Before the one-eyed magic wolf had a chance to climb up and clear its confusion, Zhou Min’s fire had accurately hit the wolf that is now next to the court building! The strength of corrosive fire burned the court to ashes in mere moments, and the one-eyed magic wolf which was hit howled in pain and rolled itself on the ground repeatedly.

Soon other magic spells came from other locations to hit the wolf in pain, from a glance it’s clear that some of those spells are at the level of the practical class teachers, and soon after the one-eyed magic wolf were turned into charred corpse! Watching the wolf killed very quickly, Mo Fan had a little sight of relief… It looks like not everyone in the school are useless cowards!

“You kids come along with me” said Xue Mu Sheng to the few students who stayed in the class calmly.

Xu Zhao Ting, Mu Bai, Zhao Kun San, Zhou Min were some of the few who had experiences and dare to fight magic beasts and now after a year since the field trip, their fear of magic beasts has not been as bad. Those who were called for doesn’t know why they were asked along.

“This kind of thing should be left to the teachers but with the large number of one-eyed magic wolf and our limited strength, we need strength to help out” said Xue Mu Sheng with a serious voice.

“Teacher… stop wasting time! Just say it!” said Wang Pang impatiently.

“We need a vanguard squad… But unfortunately most of the vanguard squad will be made of students. The vanguard squad will go in front of the bulk of people in the rear, leading ahead. Once we passed through, the rest of the near 2000 people in the school will follow along the path we chose. Students like you are among the strongest in the school, some even in no way inferior compared to the teachers, so I hope you will join the vanguard squad and pioneer a path for everyone to get to the shelter” said Xue Mu Sheng.

Hearing those words several students were silent, their minds undecided. Indeed, without much information about the city’s condition, going out on their own as a vanguard squad is very risky to be wiped out.

“You can decide for yourself, I will not force you to join, I can go to other class and look for other students but it will waste more time. The longer we spend in the school the more dangerous it will be… I will lead this vanguard squad, so I need your answer soon!” said teacher Xue Mu Sheng.

“Teacher Xue! I will join ” said Zhou Min without a trace of hesitation, being the first to join this vanguard squad.

“I will join” said Xu Zhao Ting without thinking very much.

Wang Pang who is Xu Zhao Ting’s best friend could only grimaced and joined in after his friend joined. Xue Mu Sheng nodded slightly, with a lightning mage in, the squad strength will increase a level, the squad will be more likely to reach the shelter successfully.

“I’m joining” said Mu Bai as he and his henchman pair chose to join the vanguard, the other boys good earth element magic joined in as well. Zhang Hou’s eyes fell on Mo Fan who appeared to be undecided.

“Boss Fan, are we going with the rear or the vanguard?” asked Zhang Hou.

“We also joined the vanguard” replied Mo Fan.

“Hoho! I never expected my boss being such a righteous man” said Zhang Hou teasing him while grinning.

“It’s more dangerous in the rear” said Mo Fan indifferently.

“Why?” asked Zhang Hou puzzled.

In a group with about 1700 people or more, in force of such large number, even if there’s a large number of magic beasts attack, it appears to be less dangerous since almost all 1700 people are more or less magician.

“You’ve just seen it, just a one-eyed magic wolf has already sent the whole floor into panic… This instinctive fear and weakness will not only spread around, but also infinitely magnify each other… So this large force is quite limited in its combat ability… Without any miracles, as long as a hundred magic beasts rushes into them, they will be annihilated! Moreover this large number of students going together will easily attract magic beasts attacks! It could even attract stronger magic beasts! I don’t want to shepherd this large number of sheeps across the wolves, if I did it I won’t even have control over my own life” whispered Mo Fan in Zhang Hou’s ear.

[Chapter 94] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 96]


    1. 1500 students, but you add in the staff and teachers. but yeah the author went like 1700 definite numbers but before then,he went for words like “close to 2000”

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