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After listening to Mo Fan, Zhang Hou was a little surprised never having to consider these things.

Zhang Hou himself doesn’t really know if what Mo Fan said is right or wrong but subconsciously believe Mo Fan’s decision. Zhang Hou doesn’t know but Mo Fan could be considered a very experienced hunter even among the mages in hunter union, so Mo Fan understand a very important point in the current situation. Although there are strength in numbers, why did hunter union sent more people to go out to hunt magic beasts? Although it appears that having more mages in a squad is safer, the reality is that with more people the more likely that it will attract the attention of hordes of magic beasts and will also made them more likely to become food for stronger magic beasts.

Although the vanguard doesn’t have many people, if they encountered hordes of magic beasts they could easily avoid it, taking different action with more ease whether it’s to escape or to fight, decisions could be made and enforced immediately.

But if it’s a large force… If they never encounter a group of many magic beasts then it’s alright, but once the magic beasts were attracted, the only results will be a bloodbath where their own life is not in control anymore.


The vanguard squad has a total of ten people now, with Xue Mu Sheng being the leader. Through the school gate, the deserted streets looms before them. Some scattered garbage flew around the streets, while some stalls filled with goods on the road are abandoned and the opened shops are empty.


When the red alert was announced most have already either taken refuge within their homes or have made their way to the shelter, the ensuing chaos along the way to the shelter is the main reason that the school has yet to evacuate to the shelter.

However, the majority of the people who didn’t manage to get to the shelter on time and some went to Tian Lan magic high school hoping to join them as they evacuate to the shelter safely, relying on the school’s strength to get through this three kilometers safely.

The vanguard team with walk ahead of the rest from school and Zhang Hou who climbed up the roof of the school could see many people making their way to the school…

“Urgh… I don’t think it will be just our school students making their way to the shelter, there’s going to be more than double the amount of people at the rear… They didn’t dare to walk in small groups to the shelter and now all those few groups of people are constantly attracted to the big number of students evacuating” said Zhang Hou who jumped down.

“Yes, the more people in the group it will scare of small groups of beasts but also make it harder to protect such a big group too” said Xue Mu Sheng.

Although the students at magic high school in particular, the students working to get into magic university would have higher combat power compared to ordinary military. However, the group of students is nowhere near an adult, so just to be able to protect themselves is already quite the feat, protecting others will be too far-fetched a reality.

“There’s nothing we can do, unless we want to completely abandon all of them” said Zhou Min.

“Buckle up, now that there close to 4000 people in the rear, the burden on our shoulders will become heavier”  nodded everyone at that notion.

Zhang Hou and Zhang Ying were two wind element mage responsible for scouting ahead while others closely follow behind them. Thankfully Xue Mu Sheng was a teacher who came over from the military, therefore he had some experience on team formation otherwise they wouldn’t have any idea about how to advance through the 3km stretch.

The ten people traveled fairly fast, going straight through the main street right in front of the school and just directly across a residential building they could see the shelter’s barrier.

The one kilometer long main street has many abandoned vehicles, completely blocking the road, even a bike will find it hard to go through the main street, let alone a school bus.

The traffic on the artery road towards the shelter has been effectively paralyzed, this three kilometer long walk filled with obstacles could be said long and short walk, and the uncertainties along with it would make anyone feel bad.

“There’s a giant-eyed rat next to the newsstand infront of us” said Zhang Yin who ran back with a paled breathless face.

“It’s eating a kid right now” added Zhang Hou.

When they saw it, the kid is already dead but the bloody scene on their eyes filled with with fear and sorrow. Pressing onwards, they bypassed a big intersection using a big bus as a cover, they could see splashes of blood on the newsstand, and something that looked like a ten-year old boy in the pool of blood on the ground.

“Where’s the rat?” frowned Xue Mu Sheng as he searched the surrounding with his eyes but finding nothing, not even a shadow of the rat.

“It was definitely there…”

Gugu GU!!!!!!

Zhang Ying was about to speak before a huge fierce figure sprang behind a volkswagen flashing its two huge front teeth and rushed forward to bite the unaware Zhang Ying.

Puchi~~~~ (yes, the author made puchi the sound of blood spurting)

Zhang Ying is a thin looking girl, but her neck was suddenly bit off by the giant-eyed rat as she died in horror, her blood spraying out wildly, smearing the advertisement on the big bus. This scene appeared just too sudden!

Even Xue Mu Sheng didn’t manage to make any preparation for this and Zhang Ying who was besides him instantly died with her blood spraying on his face as well!

“Hide in the bus, QUICK!” As the sudden situation arises, Mo Fan quickly shouted instruction to the crowd.

Everyone woke up from their shock quickly and stumbled their way towards the bus.

Xue Mu Sheng reacted farily quickly, as he quickly grab Zhang Hou and jumped into the bus as the terrible giant-eyed rat feels even more murderous and bloodthirsty and continued to ram itself onto the bus’ door.

Others were still confused but have already taken refuge in the bus.

Xu Zhao Ting who saw Zhang Yin killed attempted to cast his lightning spell in anger, although Mo Fan also intended to use his magic, but he found the magic dust he sprinkled seems to went to many different directions before he realized something!

“Get to the second level! There’s more than one rat!!” shouted Mo Fan loudly.

Finishing his sentence, Mo Fan grabbed the concentrating on magic spell Zhou Min and pulled her up in a run.

“Monkey, forget about that girl! She’s already dead! Quickly led that giant eyed rat away or we will all die here!” shouted Mo Fan to Zhang Hou as he run up the bus.

Zhang Hou who was still calmly observing the giant-eyed rat’s movement attacking the bus has been readying his wind magic spell, hoping to save Zhang Ying Lu, but he wasn’t sure if a few elementary level magic will be enough to bring down the rat!

Zhang Hou’s eyes were red in anger, in a blink of an eye a female classmate of two years had been killed!

Damn… damn beasts!!!

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