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Mo Fan looked at He Yu who is still crying and could do nothing but to sigh.

Although this He Yu had the same element as Xiao Ke on CBH squad and are both second level elementary water mage, this He Yu couldn’t even calm herself and complete her spell in the face of a magic beast, making her no difference to an ordinary human girl… With the size of their squad, even Mo Fan don’t know how many will die on their next encounter with magic beasts…

Although uncertain how many will die as they make their way forward, Mo Fan could only bite the bullet and continue forward!

“Since teacher Xue let me lead the squad, I hope everyone will listen to my instructions well… I will not promise for everyone to safely arrive at the shelter, but I will at least avoid some unnecessary deaths on our way” said Mo Fan to the somewhat distracted vanguard squad.

Although the members of the vanguard squad understand that fighting magic beast aren’t that simple, but most of them have only experienced fighting a dark magic wolf during their field trip that didn’t intend to kill them, but a real magic beasts will use everything in its power to kill them! Even if it knows it will die, it will make every effort to make its last stand and pull its enemy down along with it!

“Most of the magic beasts we will encounter in the city are two, the giant rats and the magic wolves, whereas the giant-eyed rats are rather easy to deal with, the brutal one-eyed magic wolves are more cunning and intelligent than the rats, and in the shitty luck where we run into a three-eyed magic wolf, do not hesitate to scatter and run! If we’re lucky only three will die, if we don’t run all of us will die!” said Mo Fan.

In fact, just two one-eyed magic wolves is strong enough to cause a fatal blow to the vanguard squad and Mo Fan could only hope that the students would understand that the magic beasts is a hundred or thousand times more terrible and stronger than what the teachers in classroom tell them!

Their current situation is no longer a practice, there is no hand holding or safety net! It’s a desperate struggle to live! To win is to live! And the ones to lose will die!

The remaining squad that is still alive carefully looked at Mo Fan, his timely reminded could have helped avoided their first disastrous casualty, barring the girl’s negligience, they were secretly surprised… How is a third year student just like them have so much keener senses than them?

Where Mo Fan continued on his quick lecture where most neglected aspects for newbies could happen, for instance the case of Wang Pang with his extremely stupid action, going near a magic beast which appeared to be so easily killed, but once the enemy came closer it will make its last stand to fight and die with you!

“Monkey, you scout ahead of our path! Be careful!” said Mo Fan.

Zhang Hou nodded heavily, listening to Mo Fan attentively.

“Mu Bai, spread your ice vines around in the beasts’ surrounding, don’t expect to be able to freeze quickly magic beasts” said Mo Fan to Mu Bai.

Mu Bai frowned, and was about to rebuff but finally swallowed what he wanted to say back. As prejudiced as he was on Mo Fan, but when it concerns his own life and everyone else, his own biased views is really insignificant… He merely nodded his head, indicating that he understand what he needed to do.

Mo Fan’s quick judge of the situation at hand and instructions made everyone took a deep breath and sighed with relief. Although Mo Fan himself didn’t know if he could survive this three kilometers death march, he could only pray for a better luck, hoping to not run into too many magic beasts or three-eyed magic wolf.


While the squad continued on its way through the one kilometer long main street, they did not met any magic beasts and from time to time, even saw some people making their evacuation to the shelter from the residential buildings around.

Although their vanguard squad couldn’t give any help or escort those people on their way, Xue Mu Shen could only tell these people to join the large group that is following from the rear. Almost all the roads are blocked, and occasionally some stupid people still obstinately tried to drive their way to the shelter, only to be stuck in the traffic and walk their way in the end.

Seeing those people on the street, Xue Mu Shen could only tell them to hide in a safe place, and join the large group coming in the rear and go together with them.

Quickly moving along the main street, they immediately reached Ming garden park district, the whole district is occupied by faily high class, high-rise buildings with the entire district designed like a small city park with large swath of recreational greenery parks divided into four districts across one km square area.

After this area would be rows of small apartment buildings, though it is unknown how many has yet to evacuate, thinking that such high-rise buildings will be safe…

The outer area of Ming garden park district no longer has its fences, Mo Fan could see some of them crushed, which means that magic beasts must have went through this area and crush everything on their way.

The entrance to one of the residence in the district has a corpse of the security guard floating on the fountain next to the gate, the pool of water in it has turned red.

The heavy rain seems to have become a little lighter, but it could not wash away all the blood from the city, everywhere is splattered and stained with blood and what the vanguard squad can see around them make their hair stand on end.

“Did you hear it? Something is making noises from those buildings there” whispered Zhou Min.

Mo Fan observed the building and notice a few faint shadows that doesn’t look like humans next to the windows.

“Quickly move forward” said Mo Fan while paying attention to those shadows.

Zhou Min nodded, not daring to say anything else.

Just a few steps forward, Zhang Hou who had been scouting ahead quickly rushed back to the group.

“There are more than five giant-eyed rat, we have to go another way” said Zhang Hou.

“Yes, go another way” nodded Mo Fan and patted Zhang Hou’s shoulder, indicating that he was doing well.

Zhang Hou could barely smile, the current disastrous environment couldn’t help but to force himself to mature or become a burden to the squad, although Zhang Hou himself is in panic, but seeing Mo Fan ever so calm, he unconsciously feel a little more brave.

Bypassing the group of five giant-eyed rat stealthily, the group went halfway through the garden park, narrowly avoiding another disaster.

“There’s one rat in the swimming pool”


“Why!? We can definitely kill it and go straight on our way!” said another student in puzzle.

“No point fighting all the magic beasts on our way, right now our magic power reserves is more precious than water in the desert”

Although all nine of them are still safely and stealthily traversing through Ming garden park area, taking into account of the large forces that will follow behind them, Mo Fan have to select some of the more spacious and accessible route, otherwise crowded together without space to fight is a very dangerous encounters!

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