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“Alright, we’re on the last one kilometer of our journey! We will be safe soon!” said Xue Mu Shen with a relieved sigh.

Mo Fan who led the squad was more wise and vigilant than the supposedly experienced teacher, using magic powder to find the location of those magic beasts and then used diversions to instantly kill the beasts, making their way through without casualties in this Ming garden park district, although they encountered more magic beasts here than in the main street, they won their battles swift and unharmed.

“The perimeter around the shelter areas will have more and stronger magic beasts, we must maintain vigilance!” reminded Mo Fan.

The last one kilometer is a mix of business and residential neighborhood, although there are no obvious artery road, there are many intricate alleys and smaller roads, making this place very suitable to escape and lose their trails off magic beasts but also easier to get ambushed.

On the way, they saw a group of 9 people navigating their way through the neighborhood expertly, unlike larger groups where turning a corner is a big ordeal.

“They don’t look like simple mages, why don’t we join them?” asked Zhang Hou.

“They have no time to babysit us, we will press on” said Mo Fan.

Zhang Hou was about to jump down from the roof, and suddenly saw a huge and fierce looking wolf’s head poking out from a flat’s door and slowly stretch its mouth, its serrated fangs striking fear into his heart!

Zhang Hou widened his eyes, feeling as if his heart almost stopped at that moment!Oh my god, whatever that thing is, it’s bigger than the three-story flat!

What kind of creature is this!? This doesn’t seem to be ordinary magic beast!?

“Zhang Hou! What are you doing? Quickly come down!”

Zhang Hou’s whole body was taut to the limit, as he slowly moved the corner of his frightened eyes to look at the group behind him making a “hush” gesture.

Wang Pang was about to speak before Mo Fan quickly covered his dead fat mouth and Xue Mu Shen who seems to have realize the hurried gesture to quickly hide made their way silently to hide in the corner in suffocating atmosphere, their faces filled with surprise and fear.


Just a breath away from them, a sudden burst of howl even made the cluttered things on the ground to tremble.



Heavy footsteps shook the ground on its every step, even several buildings around it shake as Zhang Hou who hid in the corner of an apartment’s corridor froze in fear like a wooden stick. Unfortunately, where he was hiding is on the height at the same level of the wolf’s head, and he could even feel the three-eyed monster moving in his direction while sniffing its surrounding!

Holy cow! If that bloody wolf decided to nip at the building, it could even swallow a whole room with people down easily!

Fortunately, the smell of garbage that spilled off the can helped cover up the smell of the squad, otherwise just the size of this monster’s paw would easily kill one or two people!




The shocking footsteps slowly moved away, as one of the people in the vanguard squad with a stiff face slowly loosen up but their racing hearts couldn’t as easily slow down. Nobody knows how far the wolf had went away, but the lingering fear kept the little vanguard squad in their place, not daring to move for half a minute.

“Someone… tell me what in the blazing hell… What that monster is!” asked Wang Pang in a shaky voice as Zhang Hou was almost limped as he lay on the ground, his knees shaking.

Horrible monsters! It’s unknown how these terrible creatures came about but seeing these magic beasts in their eyes and now a magic beast three story flat’s size so near, if it was humans without any magic, they wouldn’t even be able to harm its fur let alone kill it!

“It’s a warrior class magic beast, three-eyed magic wolf also known as hideous spined wolf. Its three eyes gave it close to 270 degrees of view angle, body as strong as steel, and its hideously grown spines and protrusions with sharp edges and corners made it some sort of a beast of nightmare” said Xue Mu Shen with a deep voice.

“It is not something we have the power to deal with” said Xu Zhao Ting with a tinge of despair.

“If nobody see it coming, even a mage will die meeting it, we have to leave some sort of message to tell the rear group that there’s a higher level magic beast in the area or many will die from this!” said Xue Mu Shen.

Everyone nodded and agree, and Mo Fan couldn’t help but to look past the heavy rain at the silver colored trade building that is obscured by the fog… If just warrior class beast is this terrible, then what about that commander level ash winged magic wolf lying on top of that building?

How much stronger a mage needed to be to be able to fight it?

In the face of such terribly high class magic beasts, everyone could be easily slaughtered as their food! (Alright, I will start using the terms “level” for the mages, and  “class” for the magic beasts)



The rain stopped for a while, clouding the entire city in mist.

One kilometer south of the shelter, one female mage in bloodstained white uniform continued running as she sweat heavily as two black grotesque figure chased after ferociously, eager to rip the shapely young woman to shreds.

<Tornado Wind Blades>

The air pressure suddenly dropped before the debris around the spell’s area inexplicably started to move and rotate! The rotation quickly become faster and more intense and soon a huge coil of air started to form as if it’s a coiling dragon made of wind!

With a car slowly dragged along with the tornado, the dim and blinking streetlight pole was also ripped along, as two ugly monkey faced grotesque was thrown in the air ruthlessly as the violent tornado ripped them in shreds as they roared in pain…


The heavy car broke apart as it fell down to the ground, its parts flying everywhere as the two monsters dropped to the ground in bloody pieces, splattering the ground in a slurry of red, miserably dead.

Lin Yu Xin watched this scene while hiding with a haggard smile, her eyes filled with a little appreciation at the mage approaching her.

“Yang Zhuo He! Thanks!” said Lin Yu Xin excitedly.

“If I’m not wrong, this is the devil cult’s favorite dark aberration” said Yang Zhuo He looking dignified.

“This man-made disaster must be their work!” said Lin Yu Xin convincingly.

“We thought of it, but didn’t make enough preparations to protect the city…” said Yang Zhuo He sadly, this red level alert really came unexpectedly, even he don’t know how many have been killed because of this disaster.

“I was on my shift at the holy spring when they were attacked, their goal is definitely the holy spring”

“We already know that, and the association send me over to regroup with you and protect the holy spring, you did not allow it to fall to their hands right?” said Yang Zhuo He.

She shook her head and said “They thought I carried it with me, but when they found that I did not carry it with me they wanted to kill me in anger, but I escaped using the stampeding one-eyed magic wolves”

“Very smart and the holy spring?” asked Yang Zhuo He.

“I gave it to the student that went to the holy spring to cultivate, I figured that it’ll be more secure putting it in his hands than on mine” said Lin Yu Xin.

“You mean that dual-element student Mo Fan?” said Yang Zhuo He in surprise.

[Chapter 98] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 100]


  1. For some reason I suspect Yang Zhuo He is part of the devil cult, and things are about to get troublesome.

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