Quanzhi Fashi Ch41

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Ten days later…..

Through the lush forests and winding mountain path, a team of twenty people wearing Tian Lan magic school uniform is standing before a cliff overlooking a river.

Regardless of their complains and dissatisfaction they still went on with this training.

In a flash, it’s been ten days… The past ten days has been a miserable backbreaking trek through the mountaineous terrain and jungle.

“That damn drillmaster, heaven smite him!!! He banished us into this hell!” Said Wang Pang panting on the ground, fanning himself furiously with his hat.

“Yeah! Damn bloody drillmaster… What bullshit about short 30 km, it’s already our tenth day right?”

“30 km distance in a straight line, but along the way we have to climb up and down the valley, go around the mountain peak, the total distance is bloody far more than 30km ah!” Said Zhang Hou.

Mo Fan’s team of 20 students were only given a map and sent on their way. There are no teachers leading or instructors guiding them, they are alone to complete this bounty task for the practical training. The students now look rather like beggars, with all the dusty sweaty look.

“After this valley, it shouldn’t be far from that Bai Cao (hundred herbs) valley the drillmaster told us” said the team leader Zhou Min as she took out the map to check.

“Oh my fat! How are we getting past this valley! You think I can fly over!? There’s a 10 meter gap” exclaimed Wang Pang instantly (t/n: haha flying fatass)

Rapid surging river can be seen and heard crashing on the cliff’s side below but the cliff is just on the other side!!

“What do we do? We can’t give up halfway!”

“Urgh… We can go home? There are other groups anyway, maybe they will complete it…”

“You spineless coward! How can you expect others to do what you don’t dare to do!” scolded Zhou Min.

“Then what do you want us to do? None of us can go across this damn cliff”

“You, Zhang Ying Lu, you’re wind element right? Can you try to jump over it?” asked Xu Zhao Ting looking at the girl with the ponytail hair.

This Zhang Ying Lu turned pale blue(t/n Chinese thing, pale till green instead of blue) at this suggestion and shyly said “Erm… no… I don’t want to jump… What if I fall down?”

“We’ll use a rope, there are trees on the cliff side, we just need someone to jump over and tie the rope on those trees and we can climb the rope to the other side” said Zhou Min.

“Zhang Ying Lu, don’t you want an A grade result? You just have to tie yourself before jumping over, even if you fall down we will just pull you up, it’s just like bungee jumping!” continued Xu Zhao Ting.

“No, I don’t wana” replied the timid girl.

“What the hell, you stupid wind magician, what kind of rubbish magician are you… so useless when we actually need you!” complained a water element girl.

While everyone was bickering, not knowing what to do, Mo Fan looked at Zhang Hou instead.

Zhang Hou’s performance in the elite class isn’t very outstanding compared to Zhang Ying Lu, so everyone put all their hopes on her, but such timid girl didn’t dare to do such risky thing after all.

“Monkey! Dare?” asked Mo Fan.

“What don’t I dare?” as Zhang Hou patted his chest.


Zhang Hou went to the group of bickering people and said “Tie the rope to me, I’m going to jump over”

Xu Zhao Ting had an expression filled with doubt as Zhang Hou volunteered for this, this Zhang Hou’s performance in the elite class really isn’t anything special too. However some people like Zhang Hou could actually become better in such stressful environment. Zhou Min deftly tie the long rope on Zhang Hou’s waist, checking for any mishaps.

“Get out of the way, out of the way! Give Zhang Hou some space to run!”

Many others immediately give Zhang Hou thumbs up while clinging to the side of the cliff, strong wind buffeting them precariously from the edge of the cliff… How could anyone have the courage to actually jump over!!

“Monkey, don’t worry… If you can’t jump over I’ll definitely pull you up!” said Mo Fan as he tied the rope to the tree securely and firmly grip the ropes with both hands.

Zhang Hou gave him a gratified smile, took a deep breath and slowly close his eyes. Suddenly he opened his eyes, his pair of eyes glowing in green!

An inexplicable gust of wind swirl around Zhang Hou, bring the wind element under his control, a path of wind appear halfway across the cliff track to the edge of the cliff. Though this wind path is not visible to naked eyes, everyone can see some sort of special path because of the dust rising around it!

Wind Path! Haste!

Zhang Hou casted his spell, and his whole body shines with light! The gust of wind howling through the cliff.


Zhang Hou turned into a vague figure as he rapidly travel through the path using haste on top of the wind path, Zhang Hou move faster and faster!!

The ascending steps makes no hindrance to Zhang Hou as he bolted to the edge of the cliff like a Moses splitting the sea. (t/n: it’s supposed to be a Chinese idiom here but I don’t know this grass splitting a wave LoL)

“JUMP!!! Quickly JUMP!!”

Everyone had their eyes on Zhang Hou, even the timid girl who didn’t dare to jump…

Zhang Hou reached the edge of the cliff and kicked his right leg violently on the cliff, cracking the ground as he jumped up.


Zhang Hou flew in the air towards the other side of the cliff, the wind buffeting his face into something funny. Jumping across in an arc, Zhang Hou is getting closer and closer to the cliff on the other side, while Mo Fan stand ready to clenched the rope in case Zhang Hou couldn’t reach it and pull him away from the cliff!

The remaining 19 watch in suspense and beating heart as Zhang Hou landed on the other side… and slipped!

With a messed up landing, Zhang Hou rolled over instead and crashed at the Cliffside next to the tree while the others watched in daze.

With cross-eyed and dazed expression, he looked back to the other 19 and smiled,looking rather funny. Even though he looked silly, the image of Zhang Hou has become a little better!

Out of twenty people, the other four wind magician dare not jump over… Only Zhang Hou dared to do it!

“Monkey!! Well done!” shouted Mo Fan.

The others cheered and gave Zhang Hou more thumbs up!

“Let’s cross this place!”

Getting the remaining 19 people to cross over to this Bai Cao valley could be considered as progressing one step further, because they’ve finally arrive at the bounty task area!

[Chapter 40 Adfly]|[Chapter 40]|[Table of Contents]|


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