Chapter 157

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Spirit Sacrifice Contract

Translator/Editor: Mr. Voltaire

As the whole castle shook, fragments from the roof fell down, and the gigantic skeleton slowly stood up. Its two eyes light up with the same eerie green glow Ling Chen had seen in other skeletons.

Ling Chen’s eyes opened wide, and he stood fixed on the spot out of shock. He stared at the enormous skeleton… it was around 30 metres tall, like a small mountain, and gave off a frightening pressure.

This gigantic skeleton wasn’t just a decoration… but rather, another boss!!

It turned out that the danger he and Xiao Hui had both sensed did not come from the black clothed girl, but rather from this mega skeleton!! It… was truly the final boss of the Forest of Bones!

Just the exterior appearance of the 30-metre-tall skeleton was enough to scare most players into fainting, let alone fight with it.

It seemed that Xi Ling’s attack from just then had woken it up… However, Xi Ling’s attack had evidently landed on that girl’s body, so why was it the giant skeleton that took damage?

As the giant skeleton stood up, Ling Chen felt a terrifying stare covering him. The stare was filled with hatred and killing intent. The skeleton raised its left arm, and after a flash of light, it was suddenly holding a gigantic black sword… the sword was around 20 metres long, and seemed like it could kill people just from scaring the wits out of them. It also raised its right hand, and the semi-spirit girl gently floated onto its right hand…

“Qi Yue, what is going on?” Ling Chen asked as he gritted his teeth. The aura this gigantic skeleton released was one of complete oppression. It was truly the most fearsome creature in this Forest of Bones. Of course, by now, Ling Chen had guessed that all the bodies in the castle were as a result of this skeleton.


“Spirit Sacrifice Contract.” Qi Yue slowly said these few words.


“Spirit Sacrifice Contract? What’s that?”


“It’s a type of ancient technique that very few beings are able to use. It’s a type of contract that forces another being to protect the user. The user forces the contract onto another living being or undead, and any damage suffered by the user is transferred onto the contracted being! This means, unless you kill the contracted being, the contractor will never die!”


Ling Chen: “!!!!”


Forcing another being to take the damage the user suffers! What a terrifying and forceful contract. Although this was called a ‘contract’, it was the most unfair contract Ling Chen had ever seen. This was because not only did the contracted being become a shield for the contractor, but did not receive any benefits at all.

“Because this is an extremely powerful technique, many people tried to find ways to use it. Of course, if it was used on a very powerful being, such as a Moon God, then one would pretty much never die. However, such a contract would not be so easily used. The ‘Spirit Sacrifice Contract’ only appeared in the Mystic Moon world a few times in the distant past, and then was never heard of again… I never thought that I would see that terrifying contract again here! It’s quite obvious that the semi-spirit girl cast the contract onto this gigantic skeleton, so all of the damage she takes is transferred to the skeleton.”

“The reason why I realised it was the Spirit Sacrifice Contract was because of the way the semi-spirit girl existed,” Qi Yue explained, “The Spirit Sacrifice Contract also has another special function, which is that user can use the contracted being’s life force and spirit to create an illusory body. The illusory body cannot be touched by anyone or anything except for the contracted being. Moreover, this contract can only be used by a person twice in their lifetime. After a contract is set up, neither the contractor nor the contracted being can cancel it. The only way to cancel the contract is for the contracted being to die. However, there’s a side effect if it’s the second time the contract is used.”


Ling Chen: “????”


“After the first contracted being dies, if the user uses the contract on another being for the second time, if that second contracted being dies, the contract will not simply be cancelled. Rather, both the contracted being and the contractor will die together! Thus, in order to kill this semi-spirit girl, you must first kill this gigantic skeleton! There are two possibilities after killing this skeleton: if it was the first time the girl used the Spirit Sacrifice Contract, then her contract with the skeleton will be cancelled. If it was the second time, then as soon as the skeleton dies, the semi-spirit girl will die as well!”

Having lived for thousands of years, Qi Yue knew of many things that had been long forgotten by mankind. No more than perhaps five people in the Forgotten Continent presently knew of the “Spirit Sacrifice Contract”, as it only existed briefly back in ancient times.

The semi-spirit girl floated onto the gigantic skeleton’s right hand, and gently stood on its palm… Indeed, although her body was an illusory body, she could stand in the skeleton’s hand. When Ling Chen had first saw her, she was sitting on the skeleton’s knee.

As the girl settled onto its palm, the fingertips of the skeleton’s five fingers pressed together, securely protecting the girl in its hand. Its low and hellish voice boomed out, causing tremors in the air,


“Even… if… I… die… I… won’t… let… you… harm… the… person… I… am… protecting…”


“I…will… give… you… an… icy… death… with… the… sword… in… my… hand…”




The skeleton’s enormous body, as well as its fearsome giant sword, and its booming voice released a pressure that was as heavy as a mountain, attacking Ling Chen’s spirit. Ling Chen’s brows were furrowed, his teeth tightly gritted, as sweat dripped off his forehead. The pressure was even more suffocating than when he had fought the LV10 Celestial grade Giant Greedy Toad when he was just LV5.


“Don’t stand there like an idiot, quickly run while it hasn’t attacked yet!!”


With the length of its arm, as well as the length of its sword, who knew what was the attacking range for this colossal skeleton. Unless he had an incredibly high Movement Speed, it would be very difficult to dodge the skeleton’s attack. Moreover, from the oppressive pressure, Ling Chen knew that if he was hit, the damage he would suffer would be enough to kill him tens of times. In this area of about 100 metres across, if the skeleton stood at the centre of the space, it would practically be able to hit him no matter where he ran… so what use was there in him running? Moreover, if he was hit by the semi-spirit girl’s Darkness Lock or Underworld Lock, his Movement Speed would greatly decrease, and he would not be able to use any active skills.

However, hearing Qi Yue’s reminder, he called out the Cloud Stepping Mare, and desperately tried to increase the distance between the giant skeleton and himself, so as to give him enough time to think of a plan of attack.

The only exit was sealed, so his only option was to kill this gigantic skeleton.

“Xi Ling, this time, we’re all depending on you!!” Ling Chen silently thought as he thought back to the damage figure exceeding 90,000. Although the pressure from the skeleton was overwhelming, that did not mean Ling Chen had given up. Since he had no other choices, he would give it his all to destroy this terrifying enemy.

“Xiao Hui, give us the information regarding this gigantic skeleton!”

Although his Movement Speed had been reduced by 30%, with the Cloud Stepping Mare’s speed, the distance between himself and the giant skeleton increased. Xiao Hui turned around, and a grey light flashed in his eyes. The information about the giant skeleton momentarily appeared in Ling Chen’s mind.

[Undying Will- Warring Palace Skeleton]: Type: Undead, Level: LV20, Grade: Heaven’s End, HP: 2,000,000. A gigantic skeleton that resides in the heart of the Forest of Bones, its history is unknown. Although it is a skeleton, but in order to protect its master, it still has a bit of consciousness that has not dissipated yet. The skeleton’s body is also filled with powerful energy.

Passive Abilities: Its body is almost indestructible, and its defence is incredibly high. Its attacking range is extremely large, and has very high attack power. Negates 50% of Darkness Damage, and is immune to all status effects except freeze, burn, and petrification, and is also immune to all stat debuffs.

Attack Skills:

[Earth Splitting Slash]: Uses its sword to slash at the ground, causing the ground to split. Knocks any target within 20 metres flying, and has a 15% chance to induce 3-5 seconds of stun. Usage frequency: High.

[Earth Shaking Stomp]: Uses its feet to stomp on the ground, causing severe tremors. Any targets within 50 metres will be knocked down. The tremors have a 90% chance to add 5 seconds of stun and 20% reduction to Movement Speed. This attack does no damage. Before activating, the user will raise its left or right foot high in the air. Usage frequency: Fairly high.

[Absolute Darkness]: Summons Darkness element to cover the entire area, devouring all light, causing the surrounding area of 100 metres to enter into an “Total Darkness” status. The user is not affected. Usage frequency: Low.

[Baleful Shield]: Creates an invisible shield reflecting 10% of all physical damage. Automatically activates when HP is lower than 50%, and automatically deactivates when HP is greater than 50%.

[Thundering Heavens and Shaking Earth]: The user releases its battle power, and swings in a destructive arc, destroying everything within 80 metres. The attack has a medium destruction effect. When activated, the attack will charge for 8 seconds, and after usage, the user will not be able to move for 15 seconds. The skill has a certain chance to activate when the user’s HP is less than 20%, and can only be used once per day.

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[Chapter 156] [Chapter 158]


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    1. I think Xi Ling’s most powerful attack could deal around 200k damage or something like that. I think it was the gigantic flame attack… If that is true then he just needs to get that skeleton to have around 200k HP (just before hitting that 20% mark to not trigger that 80 meters fuck you attack) and then he would win. But to get there with the loli restraining him and trolling it will be quite hard

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    1. The only explanation I can come up with is that the game company is using some sort of artificial intelligence that creates the legends, stories, creatures, landscapes, items, etc., that even the game creators, themselves, do not even know exist. This is probably to prevent insider-information. Remember that this is a government/world involved game – and the game company is highly trusted. So this Shura’s legend plot was probably one of those A.I. created stories that company doesn’t fully know about. I may be wrong though.

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