Chapter 177

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Skill Copy Scroll

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Azure Dragon City, within the Mayor’s residence.


“So such a thing actually happened; one of the ten ancient demon beasts was actually hiding in the Moon God Ruins.”


After hearing Ling Chen’s report, the Azure Dragon’s Mayor was incredibly shocked, “Then how did you escape?”

“Escape? That’s completely impossible. Of course I died there and revived in town. After all, we players can revive after we die.” Ling Chen calmly replied as he maintained a perfect poker face. Of course he couldn’t tell the Azure Dragon’s Mayor that the Shura had appeared and saved him. If this was reported to the Moon God Clan, Ling Chen figured that he’d be ‘invited to have a cup of tea’ with the Moon God Clan.

“True, true. It is, after all, one of the ten ancient demon beasts. No wonder no one who had gone before had come back alive. Against the powerful Shadow Demon Beast, the only ones who would be able to come back to report of it would be you players. I must report this to the Emperor, so that he can tell all of the Forgotten Continent’s citizens not to go near.” The Azure Dragon’s Mayor earnestly replied.

“En.” Ling Chen nodded his head, then continued, “Although, Mr Mayor doesn’t have to be too worried. The Shadow Demon Beast should know that we players can revive, and thus the information of it hiding there has already been exposed by me. Therefore, in order to prevent the Moon God Clan from finding it, it has probably left already.”

The Azure Dragon’s Mayor pondered for a while, then slowly nodded his head, “What you said is true. Although, I still need to report this to the Emperor. That’s right, last time when I told the Emperor that you had received the War God’s power he was very pleased. Now that you’ve achieved yet another great feat, he probably has a very good impression of you. In future, when you reach the Forgotten City, perhaps the Emperor will summon you.”

“I would be honoured.” Ling Chen slightly smiled. As the Emperor ruling over all humans in the Forgotten Continent, he was not someone any player could just go meet. He added, “So that’s what I saw in the Moon God Ruins. Also, Mr Mayor, there’s something I want to ask you about.”


“Oh? What is it?”


“Well…” Ling Chen thought about what he was going to ask, then continued, “Mr Mayor, do you know where the Vermillion bird resides?”
“Vermillion bird?” The Azure Dragon’s Mayor stared at him, “Why do you want to find the Vermillion bird?”


“There are some things I want the Vermillion bird to help me with.” Ling Chen said after some thought.


“Ask the Vermillion bird for help?” The Azure Dragon’s Mayor looked at Ling Chen as if he was an idiot, “The Vermillion bird is the Vermillion Bird City’s guardian beast. It only appears in the Forgotten Continent’s East when there are disasters, and never easily appears in front of humans. Come to think of it, the last time the Vermillion bird appeared was at least 1,000 years ago. You want the Vermillion bird to help you? You might as well as ask Buddha.”

To be fair, anyone who Ling Chen asked in the entire Forgotten Continent would have answered him like he was a retard too.

“……Alright then, but all I need is for you to tell me where the Vermillion bird is.” Ling Chen helplessly said.

“No idea.” The Azure Dragon’s Mayor shook his head, “How can normal humans know of where a guardian beast lives? However, if there’s one person who knows where it lives, that would be the Vermillion Bird’s Mayor. Each of the four major city’s Mayor has a way to contact the guardian beast, but can only contact them during disasters. If you really want to find the Vermillion bird, your best bet is to ask the Vermillion Bird’s Mayor. However, even if he knows, he probably won’t tell you.”

Not being able to obtain any useful information from the Azure Dragon’s Mayor was pretty much what Ling Chen had expected. “Got it, thank you Mr Mayor. Goodbye.”


“En, goodbye, goodbye… don’t forget about that 1.4million gold that you owe me!”




As he walked out of the Mayor’s residence, a system announcement sounded in his ears.


“Ding… you have successfully completed the Quest ‘Moon God Ruins’, Fame+300, SP+500, each of the four major stats+3, received one [Skill Copy Scroll].”

Having finished reporting to the Azure Dragon’s Mayor, Ling Chen had completed the Moon God Ruins Quest.

For such an impossible quest, there were quite handsome rewards. Not only was there large amounts of Fame and SP, but also 12 stat points in total. Moreover, there was some sort of special scroll.

Skill Copy Scroll? Ling Chen had never heard of such a name before. Could it be a scroll that allowed one to steal skills from other people?

Ling Chen took the scroll out of his bag and looked at its attributes:


[Skill Copy Scroll]: A mysterious scroll that allows the user to copy a target’s skills. When used, the user can choose one skill to copy from the target. The target must be within the user’s field of vision. Cannot copy limited use skills, passive skills or evolved skills. The copied skill will start from LV1. Disappears after use. [TLN: an evolved skill is a skill that has reached a certain level and has been significantly upgraded/evolved].


So there really was this sort of godly scroll- it was just like what its name suggested.

Ling Chen’s mind reeled. He doubted that he would ever be able to find such a scroll, so he would have to put this one to good use by copying a powerful skill. To date, the most powerful skills he had seen were obviously the [Shura’s Death Domain] and [Shura’s Descent], but he already had these two skills, and they were both limited use skills. Thus, apart from those two skills, the strongest skill he had seen was…

After thinking for a while, Ling Chen put the scroll away. He looked at the time; it was already past 10pm.

After entering the Moon God Ruins, encountering the Shadow Demon Beast and the Shura, as well as taking the Shura’s bones back to his hometown, it had become quite late. He was glad that he had prepared dinner for Shui Ruo in advance.

After logging out, Ling Chen left the Mystic Moon world. He opened his eyes, and found that the room was in total darkness. He subconsciously stretched out his hand to the side, but could not find Shui Ruo’s body.


“Ruo Ruo.”


Ling Chen sat up, and softly called out for her, but did not get a reply. He saw that the light in the living room was still on. He hurriedly jumped down from the bed, and walked into the living room.

Ling Shui Ruo sat against the sofa, her eyes closed, while breathing gently. Her jet black hair cascaded down her shoulders, and shone under the light in the living room.

Although her sleeping position didn’t look too natural, it still made Ling Chen stand and appreciate how beautiful she was. In front of her, on the table, were many plates of delicious looking food- but not the ones that Ling Chen had prepared. From how the plates of dishes were placed, as well as the aesthetic way the dishes looked, it was obvious how lovingly and carefully the one who cooked the dishes had been.

However, all of this looked untouched. There was only one explanation…

The corners of his eyes became slightly moist, and Ling Chen almost wanted to slap himself a few times… Ling Chen’s cooking was superb, and in the past Shui Ruo had learnt from him, earnestly saying that she wanted to cook for him for the rest of his life. However, after she had been diagnosed with the Isrock Disease, she had not been able to cook a single meal for him. Shui Ruo, who had finally recovered from the Isrock Disease, had secretly decided to cook for him today. She had waited for him to come out of the game so that they could eat together. And so she waited, and waited, and waited… until she had finally fallen asleep.

“This goddamn Quest!!” Ling Chen cursed in his mind. He quietly walked over, and silently gazed at Shui Ruo, his heart filled with warmth and love. He reached out, and put his arm around her.




Shui Ruo slowly woke up. She opened her diamond-like eyes, and started to smile, “Big brother! You’ve finally come out! You must be hungry, right? Today, I made dinner for you too!”

“En!” Ling Chen nodded his head as he looked lovingly at her.

“It’s just that…. I haven’t cooked in a long, long time, so I don’t know how it’ll taste. Big brother… have a taste.” Ling Shui Ruo looked at Ling Chen nervously and expectantly, as well as joyously that she had finally cooked for him.

Ling Chen smiled, “As long as it’s made by Ruo Ruo, it’ll definitely be the most delicious food made in the world.”

Ling Chen picked up a bowl of congee that was, surprisingly, still warm. While waiting for Ling Chen, Shui Ruo must have had to reheat the food many times. Ling Chen scooped a spoonful into his mouth.

“Is it nice?” Shui Ruo looked at Ling Chen in anticipation.

Ling Chen vigorously nodded his head, then brought another spoonful of congee to her lips, “How can congee made by Ruo Ruo not be delicious? Here, I’m sure you’re hungry too.”

“Feed me, big brother.” Shui Ruo batted her eyelashes at him, and gave a mischievous smile. She slightly closed her eyes.

Seeing this beautiful girl in front of him, Ling Chen gently smiled. Over the years, he had often wondered why he had been so unlucky in this life, yet so lucky at the same time… to be able to meet Shui Ruo and be by her side was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He put down the bowl of congee and lifted his hands, gently holding her face in his hands. He slightly leaned forward, and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

Shui Ruo’s lips were soft and moist. Being suddenly kissed by Ling Chen, she did not move back, but instead eagerly wrapped her arms around him. She moved her head forwards, and tightly pressed her lips against his.


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[Chapter 176]|[Chapter 178]


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