Chapter 184

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 Gold Chain

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The people looked dazed, their disbelief clear on their faces when the Loulan Queen raised the price of the cursed earring to $5 million.

In China’s Heaven Rankings, there were only two people who were Elementalists. One was Cang Yan and the other one was Flowing Clouds and Flying Snow. Flowing Clouds and Flying Snow was the only Elementalist that could be compared to Cang Yan, and at this very moment, both of them were involved in the bidding of the cursed earring.

“I give up.” After hearing the Loulan Queen, Flowing Clouds and Flying Snow’s bid, Xiao Qiu Feng also decided to drop out of the bid. This left the two famously powerful Elementalists, Cang Yan and Flowing Clouds and Flying Snow, as the final bidders.

Actually, before the bidding had begun, what worried Cang Yan the most was Miss Li making an appearance. Not only was she an Elementalist and would therefore want the cursed earrings, but she was also very well known for her wealth. The Li family was so rich that they wouldn’t blink if they had to burn money for the winter to keep warm. Despite this, Cang Yuan didn’t want to give up, so he gritted his teeth and called out a higher price, “5.5 million!”




8 million. The only person in China who would easily bid at this price was Miss Li. Her calm demeanor contrasted against the audience’s hearts, which were beating faster by the second.

Despite being the Flame Emperor, Miss Li’s bid managed to give him enough of a shock that he choked and started to break out in sweat. He didn’t want to miss out on the cursed earrings, but as the proud and arrogant emperor he was, he definitely didn’t want to lose to a woman even more, let alone in front of everyone. Just as he was about to bid a higher price, Long Tian Yun gazed coldly at him.

“You can’t win against her,” Long Tian Yun said in a low voice, “Save your money and your energy. Our aim is the Guild Creation Token. Everything else is not important.” His face held no expression.

He loathed to let it go, but inside Cang Yan’s heart, he knew that comparing his money with Miss Li would be truly shameful. As Long Tian Yun had spoken, he could do nothing but glance at Li Xiao Xue before he sat down and didn’t say another word.

Cang Yan was defeated and so the cursed earrings undoubtedly went into Li Xiao Xue’s hands. In China the only female who would challenge the Flame Emperor would probably only be Miss Li.

“8 million once!”

“8 million twice!”

“8 million three times!”

“Congratulations to you, beautiful lady. The cursed earrings is now all yours.”

As during the auction of the previous seven items, Miss Li remained silent. She had amazed the world with her brilliant feat and at this moment, she was the focus of everyone in the room.

“Wow, so awesome! No less than what I expected from the only female that I admire other than big sister Meng Xin. It would be great if she could join our Heart’s Dream but, hehe, that’s impossible.” Xiao Qi had clasped her hands to her chest, her face full of admiration.

“Li Xiao Xue….” Ling Chen remembered her name inside his heart. Spending 8 million to buy LV15 Gold grade earrings, she must quite literally be a superwoman, or at least a very big cash cow to use money so casually, he thought. Hm, if there’s any chance to become friends with her… or if not, then I’ll need to create chances to become friends with her.

The auction of the cursed earrings caused the action hall to become very unsettled, leading Ling Chen to understand what Gold equipment meant to players at this present stage. Because of this, many players were now looking forward to see the next two auction items.

“Now, the next is the 9th item, and is also the second last item that we, the Azure Dragon City Auction House, are auctioning.” The cursed earrings had sold at 8 million, which way surpassed Lord Fortune’s expectations. He was now so excited that his cheeks appeared red as apples. “After seeing so many treasures in my life, I can definitely say that this next piece of equipment is priceless. I believe that everyone is excited now, so please, open your eyes and look at the big screen behind me.”

A chain strung by golden beads appeared on the screen. From its shape, it looked to be a bracelet. There were a total of 8 golden beads, four of which had small sockets.

Golden Chain:

Type: Lunar Chain, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: None. High level lunar chain made out of golden beads, can equip any level of energy crystals, but cannot equip energy orbs. Maximum number of crystals that can be socketed: 4.




When the players saw the properties of this chain, they became so thrilled that the auction hall erupted in an excited clamour. The bosses of big corporations that had come just for the Guild Creation Token were shocked, their eyes as big as moons. Even Long Tian Yun immediately shot up from his seat.


“A lunar chain….. A Gold grade Lunar Chain!!”


If it had just been a Gold grade equipment, the reactions of the players wouldn’t have differed much from when they first saw the cursed earrings. However, this was a Gold grade lunar chain, which was vastly different from the other types of Gold equipment. The Lunar Chain was much more valuable, and due to the lack of level requirement for said chain, it was all the more precious. Lunar Chains were used to socket energy crystals or energy orbs in order to add bonus stats. The significance of increasing the number of sockets grew as the game progressed to the later stages and at that time, if a player didn’t have sufficient bonus stats from Lunar Chain, they would surely fall completely behind everyone else.

The Golden Chain was a Gold grade equipment, and could socket four different energy crystals. In comparison, all the players felt that their ordinary lunar chains were like trash. The difference between a Lunar Chain that could socket two energy crystals and a Lunar Chain that could socket four Lunar Crystals was like having two less or two more pieces of equipment, respectively. The  Golden Chain and cursed earring were both Gold grade equipment, but not even a hundred cursed earrings could compare to the Golden Chain’s value. And this was no exaggeration.

One cursed earring had caused such uproar previously, but the uproar that this Lunar Chain now provoked far exceeded Lord Fortune’s dreams. So naturally, he cleared his throat and added fuel to the fire, “Everyone, please calm down. You can rest assured that this is not a dream. Indeed, this is a Gold grade lunar chain. Lunar Chains are the most sacred types of equipment in Mystic Moon, and being a high level Lunar Chain, it is then, of course, one of the rarest pieces of equipment in all of Mystic Moon. This gold grade Lunar Chain is priceless not just in the world of you players, but even in the whole Mystic Moon world. I have seen numerous sorts of Gold grade equipment, but a Gold grade Lunar Chain is probably worth more than 10 of those. It is very different to the usual equipment, and once you’ve obtained this high level lunar chain, you won’t ever have any reason to let it go. Believe me, even after you have reached LV100, it would still remain a priceless item. You will be the envy of many people just by having it in the Mystic Moon world.”

“This Lunar Chain has a total of 4 sockets, which can socket any level of energy crystal. Yes, ANY level. Throughout the history of the Mystic Moon world, the best lunar chain that has ever appeared has only 7 sockets. Even I, Lord Fortune cannot underestimate its true value. If I weren’t conducting the auction for you players, I would really spend all my money to buy it.”

In the VIP Box, Ling Cheng was leisurely sipping his tea. This Lord Fortune was such a great auctioneer, his ability to manipulate people was outstanding.

The players hadn’t settled down while Lord Fortune was speaking and after what he said, the atmosphere was more out of control than before. Even without his words, they all knew the value of this Gold grade lunar chain. They didn’t know when the next time to see such a lunar chain would be if they were to miss out this one.

“A gold grade Lunar Chain that has an extra two sockets. Whoever has it would then have two more additional properties than other players and the distance between the players would be significant. Exactly which mysterious guy would not use it himself but instead take it out to be auctioned?” Yun Feng spoke to himself in a low voice, his astonishment obvious in the way he looked at the Golden Chain.

“Are you going to fight for this lunar chain?” asked Xiao Qiu Feng, glancing at him.

Yun Feng shrugged a shoulder and looked at where Li Xiao Xue’s sat. Helplessly, he said “Nah, that Li woman would want this lunar chain as well. Even if I have the will to get it, I won’t be able to win against her.”

Xiao Qiu Feng couldn’t deny this fact.

“Young Master, are we going to buy it?” Cang Yan moved his body closer to whisper to Long Tian Yun.

Long Tian Yun stayed silent for a while before slowly putting out three fingers, “Within thirty million.” he decided.

Cang Yan was speechless. He knew that Long Tian  un would do anything to get that lunar chain if Li Xiao Xue wasn’t here. But sadly, she was. It was widely known that the most powerful person in the Li family financial group was Li Yun Ze who had lost his wife at a young age. Because of this, he favoured his only daughter so much that even if she were to lose all the Li family’s property, he wouldn’t blame her. Li Xiao Xue was lucky to have a father such as him. Long Tian Yun wouldn’t be able to do much in a duel of money against her.

This was why he gave Cang Yan the limit of thirty million in that he would give up if the bids surpassed thirty million. He needed to retain enough money to get the Guild Creation Token. When competing for the Guild Creation Token, he wouldn’t need to worry so much about Li Xiao Xue, purely because Li Xiao Xue wouldn’t have any interest with the first Guild Creation Token.  She was a smart person and understood the response she would receive from the Yan Huang Alliance if she took the Guild Creation Token. While it could be said that the Li family and Yan Huang Alliance were partners, they were definitely not a family.



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