Chapter 225

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Call Me Your Demon Queen Highness

Translator: Azarashi-kun
Editor: Mr Voltaire

Could it be that this little girl obtained mental injuries from being hit by the meteor pieces?

Ling Chen tapped his jaws, said co-operatively, “Yes, this is the beautiful Earth here, which planet did you come from, little girl?”

“Pu chi…” Shui Ruo could not hold her chuckles. [TLN: The sound here was supposed to be the small sound of when someone could not hold their laugh, the moment the laugh broke out.]

“Ha!” the little girl who got the answer she wanted immediately became excited. She jumped back a step, proudly place her hands at her hips, looked at the two ‘earthlings’, Ling Chen and Shui Ruo, with her big eyes lit up.

“Oh yay! I finally reached the legendary Earth. Then you must be earthlings? Ha, listen carefully to me, the queen. I, the Demon Queen, am a scary Demon Queen from another planet. I have come to rule over the Earth! All you earthlings must obey me from now onwards, no exceptions, otherwise serious punishment will be given, got that?”

Shui Ruo: “…”

“Big brother…” Ling Shui Ruo turned to Ling Chen quietly for help, this time, she also started to think this little girl must have obtained mental injuries from the meteor.

“It looks like she’s not faking it, this is some serious problem.” Ling Chen was speechless. It was such a tragedy that a girl this cute had been rendered such an idiot by the meteor, such a pity… he hoped it was just temporary.

“Hey you! What are you two mumbling about, didn’t you hear my words!” Seeing that these earthlings did not react at all to her words, let alone cower in fear, the little girl stomped her little foot, dissatisfied.

“Okay,” Ling Chen sighed and twitched his lips, leant forward, said with smile, “So, little girl, how are you going to start ruling the Earth?”

“What little girl!” the little girl was furious with the way he called her, her slim eyebrows even uplifted, “I’m the great Demon Queen, you have to call me Your Demon Queen Highness!! Got it? Your Demon Queen Highness!”

This time, not only Shui Ruo, but Ling Chen was also just a step away from bursting out in laughter.

Becoming the legendary great Demon King, and ruling this world, being respected by all people as the Demon King …ah ah ah, Ling Chen remembered having this dream when he was still little- rather, most kids all had some sort of dream like this. Could it be that a vicious meteor piece knocked the girl’s head into some fantasy world?

“Big brother, we should ask where her house is.” After the laugh that she could not hold in, Shui Ruo started worrying again. She was too kind and could not stand to see people suffer…even if it was a stranger.

Ling Chen nodded, and said friendly, “Then, little girl, you…”

“Call me Your Demon Queen Highness!” the little girl was furious, her small teeth shone, ready to leap onto Ling Chen and bite him.

Ling Chen was defeated, twitched his mouth, and called out with extreme exhaustion, “Then, Your Demon Queen Highness, can you please tell us where your house is located at?”

The little girl who had been called ‘Your Demon Queen Highness was finally satisfied. She blinked with her charming eyes, her mouth lifting upwards, said with pride, “Looks like you are still obedient after all. You are the first people I, the Demon Queen, met after arriving to Earth. I, the Demon Queen, shall reward you to be my servants. You have to obey me, otherwise I, the Demon Queen, will punish you…now, go find me a lot of food for me quickly.”


Right after the little girl finished, her stomach started to groan.

Shui Ruo: …

The little girl immediately blushed and turned as red as an apple. She stomped awkwardly, “I…I, the Demon Queen, haven’t eaten in days! Didn’t you hear that I am hungry! And you’re still here, not looking for food!”

Seeing the condition of the girl, Shui Ruo was even more worried. It was such a pity that a child this cute had gone nuts; her family must be very worried about her. Shui Ruo took out a chocolate from the bag, opened up the wrapper, and held it in front of the little girl, “Little girl…”

“Call me Your Demon Queen Highness!” the little girl said angrily.

Shui Ruo couldn’t help but smile, said softly, “Okay okay, Your Demon Queen Highness, you seem to be hungry, this is for you to eat.”

The little girl’s round eyes stayed on the chocolate in Shui Ruo’s hand, was confused for a long time, murmured, “It looks weird, black, bizarre, not edible-looking…but it smells so nice…”

The little girl took over the chocolate and took a small bite. The sweetness melted and flowed in her mouth, and the little girl’s eyes brightened in no time. She simply couldn’t wait to stuff the rest into her mouth, her cheeks filled as she chewed with greed. She gobbled ravenously, and her saliva ran like a waterfall from the side of her lips, wetting her collar.

Her devouring of the chocolate made Ling Chen and Shui Ruo shudder. Shui Ruo had to say, “Don’t rush when eating, be careful not to choke.”

The chocolate did not last very long. The little girl swallowed all in just a few bites, and savoured the sweetness in her mouth with her eyes half closed. When she opened her glimmering eyes, there seemed to be stars twinkling in them, “So…this is the food on Earth? It’s too delicious, too, too delicious! Oh my god…it is truly really delicious! Even more delicious then what mummy said!”

A river of saliva leaked out from her mouth when she talked, and she did her best to keep it all in her mouth. However, this was simply impossible- no matter how hard she tried, the saliva wouldn’t stop flowing.

Had she never eaten before in her whole life? This Demon Queen’s saliva was even more terrifying than a flood.

“I still wanna have I still wanna have I still wanna have still wanna have still wanna have wanna have…” the little girl called out impatiently. Ling Chen trembled with fear looking at the speed of her saliva flowing. Shui Ruo quickly got out another bigger piece of chocolate, but it was snatched by the little girl out of her hands before she even had the chance to open the wrapper. The girl did not unwrap the wrapper and popped the entire chocolate into her mouth.

“Ah? Little girl…”

The wrapper was torn apart by the girl’s teeth immediately. The little girl did not care about that wrapper that got into her way, but looked at Ling Chen and Shui Ruo alertly at the same time, scared her food would be taken away by them.

“What do we do, big brother?” Shui Ruo asked warily, the little girl’s mental injury was apparently quite severe.

Shui Ruo definitely would not abandon this little girl because of her personality. Ling Chen thought for a while, then gave in, “We can only ask her where she lives now…if she’s going insist on she’s from another planet, then we can only bring her to the police, and let the police help her way home then.”

“Mmm.” Shui Ruo thought for a while, and agreed it was the only thing they could do.

The second piece was finished quickly, and the little girl spat out the bits of the wrapper bit by bit, spraying saliva all over Ling Chen. Her gaze fell onto the shopping bag Ling Chen held in his hands. She licked her lips with her little pink tongue, her saliva dripping as she pointed to the bag, “Wanna have wanna have…hand over all the food in that bag.”

“Eating too much chocolate isn’t good for your teeth.” Ling Chen said smilingly as he hid the bag behind him.

Seeing that the earthling did not obey her commands, and didn’t give her the delicious food, the ‘great Demon Queen’ was furious. She clawed at him, as if she wanted to rip him apart, “How could you disobey me! Hand over the yummy food quickly, otherwise I, the Demon Queen, will punish you!”

Ling Chen grinned, not changing his smile, said with patience, “Little girl, it’s okay if you want to eat chocolate, but you have to answer a few questions first…now, tell me first, where do you live?”

“What little girl! Call me Your Demon Queen Highness!!” the little girl’s cheeks welled with anger, and she stomped her little foot hard, “You are my, the Demon Queen’s servant, you have no right to question your queen! Hand over the yummy food quickly, otherwise, otherwise…I, the Demon Queen, will be angry!”

“I’m not giving you any if you don’t answer my question- not even if you get angry.” Ling Chen raised the bag over his head. This way, even if the little girl really jumped on him, she wouldn’t be able to reach it.

Shui Ruo covered her mouth with one hand and couldn’t hold in her giggles anymore.

“Ah ah ah ah ah! I, the Demon Queen, am really angry!” the little girl was so angry that she waved her hands around, and widened her eyes, “Mummy was right, the earthlings will obey only if the most scary punishment is given…hmm, I didn’t want to punish you before because I, the Demon Queen, am very kind, but now you’ve made me angry…”

The little girl straightened herself, lifted her right hand so that her palm faced Ling Chen, then said with anger, “This is the punishment for not obeying me, the Demon Queen…watch how mighty I am, transform into a little gray bunny!”

Shui Ruo: “…”

One second…two seconds…three seconds…

A gush of wind swept past, then…nothing happened.

“Eeeeeeeeeeee??” the little girl’s mouth was wide open, astonished, she stared at Ling Chen, who did not turn into a bunny.

“You-you-you-you why didn’t you turn into a little gray bunny?”

Ling Chen felt that he was going to have a breakdown. Was the little girl’s brain injured when she was hit by the meteor pieces? Or was she already crazy with some sort of disease before then?

“No, no, I must have made a mistake with my magic. That’s why.” The little girl comforted herself, then took a small step back, lifted her arm again, palm towards Ling Chen, “Watch how mighty I am…transform into a little gray bunny!!”

Another gust of wind blew past, but still, nothing happened…it would be strange if something really happened.

The little girl completely froze, and panicked, not knowing what to do, “Why did this happen…ahahahah, why did my magic disappear? Disappeared, disappeared…it really disappeared…what do I do what do I do, how can I rule Earth without magic? I can’t, and maybe…maybe I’ll have to be bullied by the earthlings, wuuu.. what do I do what do I do…”

As she mumbled, her eyes became misty, as if tears would burst out at any second.


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[Chapter 224]|[Chapter 226]


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