Chapter 226

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Taking the Demon Queen Home

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire


Hearing the young girl’s shouting, Ling Chen and Shui Ruo were both speechless. This little girl seemed to be lost in her delusions. Ling Chen continuously tried to find if there were any fragments of the meteor embedded in her head, or if there were any wounds on her head. However, it didn’t seem like she was hurt at all; she was just covered in dirt and dust.

“I don’t believe it I don’t believe it. My magic is so powerful, so how can it suddenly disappear. It must be because I’m too hungry so I can’t use my magic… ah…”

“Turn into a hedgehog!”

“Turn into a little pig!”

“Turn into a cat!”

“Turn into a kangaroo…”

“Turn into… wuu…”

After continuously trying so many times, Ling Chen was still standing there, completely fine. The magicless Demon Queen sat on the ground, crying and wailing in fear and self-pity. Without her magic, how could she conquer the earth… maybe she would even be bullied by the earthlings… without her magic, no one would obey her commands, and no one would give her anything to eat. She would forever be hungry, without anywhere to sleep or shower… every day, she would be by herself, sleeping on the cold and dirty ground… maybe even mummy wouldn’t want her anymore…

The more she thought, the more scared the little girl felt, and the louder she cried. Shui Ruo quickly went to comfort her, “Little sister, don’t cry. Here, have some chocolate.”

The little girl took the chocolate, and put it in her mouth, eating it while crying. In just a while, she finished eating it, and carried on crying. Soon, her entire face was covered with her tears. Shui Ruo didn’t know how to comfort her, and looked to Ling Chen for support. In response, Ling Chen could only shrug his shoulders…

After crying for a long time without being comforted, the little girl stopped crying. She looked up, with a few tears still in her eyes, while wiping snot from her nose, and said in a pitiful little voice, “Can… can I please have another block of chocolate…”
After finding out that she had lost her magic, the Demon Queen was no longer as domineering, instead appealing to Ling Chen and Shui Ruo’s pity.

The little girl currently could not look any more pitiful. Her cheeks were bright red from crying, and her eyes were still teary. She continuously sniffled, as if she had suffered some sort of injustice.

Ling Chen deeply sighed in his heart… even if someone with a stone heart saw this sight, they probably wouldn’t be able to resist hugging her and comforting her.

Ling Shui Ruo was taken down in one hit by this tactic. She quickly took out another block of chocolate, and placed it in the little girl’s hands, “Look, here’s another block of chocolate. Little sister, please don’t cry anymore. Where is your home? Do you want us to take you home?”

The little girl quickly took the block of chocolate, hurriedly taking the wrapping off and stuffing it into her mouth. As she ate, she looked up, and weakly said, “You have to address me as Demon Queen Highness.”

Ruo Ruo shook her head and laughed, “Alright, alright, your Demon Queen Highness, where is your home? Do you want us to take you home?”

“No way, no way!” The little girl furiously shook her head, “It wasn’t easy for me to escape from home, I don’t want to go back… I want to conquer the earth, and then take many earthlings to save my…… before conquering the earth, I don’t want to go back!”

My goodness… Ling Chen knocked on his head, then held Shui Ruo’s hand, “Ruo Ruo, let’s go home now. After a while, there should be many people coming here. If we stay here, then we’ll be questioned for a long time about this meteor.”

After hearing that they were going to leave, the little girl stood up with a “woosh”, and grabbed onto Shui Ruo’s clothes, “N…No, you can’t go! You’re my servants… you can’t just leave me by myself!”

“Little sister, stop playing around and quickly go home.” Ling Chen said as he patted her head.

After being patted on the head by him, the little jumped far away, as if struck by lightning, her expression furious, “Y-y-y-you… you patted my head… mummy said that before I become an adult, I can’t let any man touch me, but you… you… patted my head…. Evil evil evil evil! I… I’m definitely going to punish you…”

“Alright then!” Ling Chen evilly smiled, “Let’s see you try to punish me!”

The little girl furiously stretched out her hand, then started crying again, “You… you’re bullying me! Bullying me… you’re one of those evil… evil humans that mummy told me about… a super evil baddy!!”

The super evil baddy grinned and stretched out his hands, shaking them around as he said, “That’s right! I’m a super super evil baddy. Now that this little Demon Queen has fallen into my hands… hahaha… heheheheh…”

“Waaa!” Seeing Ling Chen act in such a sinister way, the little girl yelled out, and hid behind Shui Ruo like a frightened little rabbit. After losing her magic, the little Demon Queen seemed to have lost all of her dignity as well, being frightened so much by a puny little human.

Shui Ruo giggled, and held the little girl’s hand, “Don’t be afraid, big brother’s just playing around. He’s actually a very good person.”

“He… He’s a baddy!” Perhaps it was because of the aura Shui Ruo gave off, but the little girl did not object at all to her hand being hand by Shui Ruo. She tearfully looked at Shui Ruo saying, “He’s… he’s a bad person, and he doesn’t obey my commands. You’ll definitely obey my commands, right? I… This Demon Queen promises you that once I conquer the earth, I will reward you, and give you lots and lots and lots of yummy things to eat, alright?”

Shui Ruo smiled, and nodded, “Alright.”

Hearing this, the little girl cheered up, “Then… take me home, and give me food, and a place to sleep and wash, alright? This Demon Queen doesn’t have any magic anymore, and is so, so hungry…”

“Rumble…” The little girl’s stomach let out a large rumble, and her cheeks reddened. This Demon Queen’s stomach had let out such a pitiful sound in front of the humans she was supposed to conquer… this was incredibly embarrassing.

“Alright, so tell me, where is your home? Where are your parents?” Shui Ruo gently asked.

“Wuu… Can I not say? Mummy said that these are all secrets, and I can’t tell them to humans, especially not bad ones.” The little girl spoke as she wiped away her tears and sniffled. To her, this beautiful and gentle older sister in front of her was her last hope.

“It’s okay, I’m not a bad person, so you can tell me.” Shui Ruo calmly smiled.

“If I tell you, will you give me lots of yummy things to eat, as well as a place to sleep and take baths?” The little girl anxiously asked, forgetting to call herself ‘This Demon Queen’.

Shui Ruo thought for a while, then nodded, “Mhmm!”

As such, the little girl started to answer their question “I come from a star called the Xiya Star. When our star was attacked, my daddy died and mummy sent me to earth. She told me to conquer earth and to become the overlord of earth. Then, I can bring many earthlings to save Xiya Star.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Shui Ruo: “……”

Ai, this little kid’s imagination is quite extraordinary. Ling Chen was completely speechless.

“Alright, alright, got it.” Shui Ruo was probably feeling the same way as Ling Chen. However, seeing the teary-eyed little girl, Shui Ruo could not help but feel compassionate for her. She was probably confused because of the physical and mental trauma she just went through. In this sort of situation, unless she recovered, it would be impossible to find her family. Sending her off with the police would also cause Shui Ruo to feel worried about her, so she turned to Ling Chen and asked, “Big brother, can we take her home for now? She seems really hungry… and her clothes are completely dirty.”

Ling Chen smiled. This reminded him of that year, when he was ‘found’ by Shui Ruo, and taken home with her. As such, he didn’t have any reason to reject this strange girl, “Alright, let’s take her home for now then. As for finding her parents, leave that to me. I’ll have the information by sunset.”

With the information-gathering skills of his subordinates, it would be incredibly easy to find the parents of a lost child.

Thus, Ling Chen and Shui Ruo took this ‘Demon Queen from a distant star’ back to their home.

“Another bowl!”

“I want more!”

“I still want more!”

I still want some more…”

Ding ding clang clang clang…

Ling Chen and Shui Ruo stared in awe at the little girl who was single-handedly devouring all of the food on the table. The little girl was holding a bowl that was as big as her face in front of her own face, and the chopsticks in her other hand moved at lightning speed. All that could be heard was the sound of the chopsticks ringing out against the bowl, as well as food being rapidly chewed and swallowed. In front of her, there were three big, empty bowls… indeed, they were completely empty- they were cleaned out so thoroughly that it was as if they had been washed. Nothing was left.

Dong! The little girl placed the big bowl on the table. Like all the other bowls, this bowl had been completely picked clean by the little girl. She licked her lips, and yelled out, “Another bowl!”

Clack… the chopsticks in Ling Chen’s hand fell to the table.

Mr Voltaire: Hey everyone, please bear with us through this ‘little Demon Queen’ arc. It’ll get better in a few chapters, I promise! I’ve read the whole novel, and I can guarantee that this is the lowest point in the entire novel. It’s completely uphill from here 🙂

Also, with regards to the aliens and supernatural stuff: please don’t think of Shura’s Wrath as sort of novel that’s completely based on reality- I would say it’s loosely based on reality, but is in actuality much more fantasy. If you keep that in mind when reading, the plot becomes very interesting later on 🙂

Adfly: [Chapter 225]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 227]

[Chapter 225]|[Chapter 227]


  1. Thanks for translation 🙂

    But can someone wake me up from my nightmare? I just want to be told that this is a Aprils fools joke.

    1. I understand how you feel, but like Nox said, this has always been the plot. It’s best not to view this novel as a ‘reality novel’, but rather a ‘fantasy novel’ 🙂

      1. I think everybody already understood that it’s not a novel in the real world with just a VR game with all the plot that the author has given …the girl in the lunar braclet has a smile when is said that was a video game …. at the beginning the 2 people arguing about the girl kidnap and the other man force to work for them …. the lunar scourge that emitted a light when he return to “reality” for the first time …. I think that if we are not half dumb and had read already a lot of VR novel when the MC get stuck in the game or discover that the game is just an other world … is quit easy to find that something is fishy here ^^
        really hope the little queen arc will finish quick, i really hate those kind of character that are overly arrogant and with no power expect for daddy and mommy but nobody don’t do shit to them because …. plot armor

        1. I think it’s less some intergalactic expansion and more that this random little kid comes from a flipping meteor and proclaimed herself the “Demon Queen” is so left field that it grinds the entire idea of alternate worlds/universe’s to a screaming halt.


  2. I’m fine with the current arc, when they were speaking of esper (like flame emperor) i stopping thinking of this novel like one based on reality. That and the fact there is hint there and there than the “virtual world” they are going may not be a virtual world is making me think of it even more of it like a fantasy novel.

    There is people unhappy than it start going towards intergallactic bullshit but if really Moon something isn’t a virtual worlds but a real one then we are already in intergallactic bullshit and what is more people are liking it.

    1. again, many people also missing the very very obvious que much earlier on where i’m absolutely certain at some point it said he had the Lunar Scourge in reality for a short period of time while he was in the game.

        1. Sigh, that’s the problem about the internet- a lot of the time you can never tell. Just wanted to make it super clear, just in case 🙂

  3. anyways its chill, honestly i’m not new to this type of stuff because i read a similar in nature novel on Royal Road a while back where there were many fantasy world that were real, in that novel you had to find a key ingame to transfer your character from world to world, visiting any world you’ve previous been summoned to(yes you can also get the typical summon hero bullshit) ect ect ect. BUT! this novel seems to be doing it alot better than that, just wondering how people going to cross worlds later on and ect if that happens with their characters.

  4. well, if you think about the fact that he is some superhuman, it’s maybe why the little girl’s power didn’t worked on him.
    Anyway, hope it don’t go down the road of alien invasion, or some kind of “independance day” like plot.

    1. I’ve dropped a reply to another comment detailing some of the things to look forward to 🙂 Have a read!

    1. Ok so some minor spoilers (that won’t affect your reading):
      1. Something very interesting happens in Chapter 233
      2. Ling Chen discovers a race in Chapter 244
      3. Plot starts to become super awesome around Chapter 256
      4. There are even more epic battles in later chapters
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      1. I almost died of laughter with the troll situations later in the story.. ling Chen should get the reward for Nr. 1 troll in chinese novels. No seriously xD

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  7. thank god this is the lowest point, I was about to stop reading this, I mean seriously. It’s a xianxia so you expect them to have the oh so powerful plot armor, but when people literally fall from the heavens into your lap…I mean seriously the author is trying to do to much to soon.We have parallel world (hypothesis) with the game, aliens, the only thing missing is a time travel arc, and it’s officially a sci-fi story disguised as xianxia.

  8. thanks for the chapter!

    I’m actually ok with the aliens arc and for sometime now I already have some ideia about the novel universe… however to me the lowest point this novel got was the mc’s thoughtless acts in the “game” world…

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