Chapter 267

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Second Profession: Feng Chen Curse Zanni

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire


Evidently, Xiao Feng Chen was already delirious with joy. Ling Chen nodded, and looked at his new profession.

[Feng Chen Curse Zanni]: A profession given by “Xiao Feng Chen”, originating from the Ancient Evil Sect “Feng Chen Sect”. This profession has no attack power, but its abilities in running away are unparalleled. The core ability “Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses” can stealthily attack the target’s mind without them noticing or being able to defend against it, and is feared by countless people. Even the peerless experts in the Forgotten Continent who usually fear nothing quake when they hear the words “Feng Chen Curses”.”

Profession Bonus Stats: Constitution+20, Agility+50, Spirit+50. Every time you level up, Agility+1 bonus and Spirit+1 bonus.

Profession Skills:

[Feng Chen Technique]: Current level: LV3, Highest level: LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV4: 2,600. A technique unique to the Feng Chen Sect. After cultivating, the user’s body will become incredibly light and nimble, as if they are riding on a gentle breeze. It is said that when cultivated to the peak, the user can use the winds to walk in the sky and even falling from a cliff will not hurt them at all. Effects: Movement Speed+30, Evasion+30%, can decrease falling speed by up to 30% (can be controlled).

[Broken Shadow]: Current level: LV3, Highest level: LV5, SP required to upgrade to LV4: 12,000. One of the Feng Chen Sect’s ultimate escaping techniques. After activating, the user’s body becomes like an illusory shadow, and will be almost impossible to stop or capture. Effects: Movement Speed+900%, Evasion+900%, effects last for 20 seconds. Can be used three times per day.

Ling Chen was already incredibly shocked by the Feng Chen Technique- at LV3, it already increased his Movement Speed by 30. That meant at LV10, it would increase his Movement Speed by 100, which was almost what normal players had as their base Movement Speed! Currently, there were only two professions that had passive skills which could raise one’s Movement Speed: one was the Archer profession’s [Gale Steps], which could add 20 Movement Speed at its maximum level, and the Assassin profession’s [Rapid Shadow Technique], which could increase Movement Speed by 40 at its maximum level. However, this Feng Chen Technique was much, much superior to both of these skills.

As for the [Broken Shadow] skill, Ling Chen’s jaw hit the floor when he saw it, and simply couldn’t look away.

Movement Speed +900%…… Ling Chen looked at the number again and again, and confirmed that what he was seeing was real. That’s right, it was indeed a 900% increase to Movement Speed, which meant that once he activated it, his speed would increase to 10 times his base Movement Speed! With Ling Chen’s base Movement Speed, using this skill would cause his overall Movement Speed to be above 1,000. If he used it while riding on a mount… his Movement Speed would definitely be above 2,000!

That was simply absurd!

No wonder Xiao Feng Chen had boasted that his Feng Chen Sect was unparalleled in running away. Indeed, with this sort of speed, even a god wouldn’t be able to catch up to them. Apart from the Lucky Cat’s ridiculous throwing-money-away escape skill, this was the most powerful escape ability Ling Chen had ever seen. What’s more, this skill belonged to him now. However, because he just received this skill, he could only use it for 20 seconds at a time, and could only use it three times per day. In total, he could only use it for 60 seconds per day. However, he was still satisfied with this.

The other three skills had nothing to do with escaping, but were the Feng Chen Curses that supposedly made peerless experts run away in fear. Ling Chen looked at them eagerly.

[Complete and Utter Belief Curse]: Low Level Feng Chen Curse, can’t be levelled up. Can be used on a target within the user’s line of sight, and once hit, the victim will completely and utterly believe what the user says. The success rate is dependent on the difference in strength between the user and target’s mental energy. The number of seconds the effect last for is equivalent to the user’s Comprehension stat. Costs 10 MP, cooldown time: 100 seconds.

[Lovey Lovey Curse]: Low Level Feng Chen Curse, can’t be levelled up. Can be used on two targets of the same or different gender within the user’s line of sight, and once hit, the victims will be filled with surging desire for each other. The success rate is dependent on the difference in strength between the user and targets’ mental energy. The number of seconds the effect last for is equivalent to the user’s Comprehension stat. Costs 10MP, cooldown time: 100 seconds.

[I’m A Sheep Curse]: Low Level Feng Chen Curse, can’t be levelled up. Can be used on a target within the user’s line of sight, and once hit, the victim will believe that they are a sheep. The success rate is dependent on the difference in strength between the user and target’s mental energy. The number of seconds the effect last for is equivalent to the user’s Comprehension stat. Costs 10 MP, cooldown time: 100 seconds.



Seeing the three Feng Chen Curses in front of him, Ling Chen’s expression became extremely comical. The three Feng Chen Curses he had so far were only Low Level Feng Chen Curses, but they were enough to cause Ling Chen to become speechless, and he felt his whole body sweating as his heart rate sped up… now, he finally understood why Qi Yue said that countless experts were terrified of the Feng Chen Curses-  he had never seen such sinister, cruel and brutal skills before!

Seeing Ling Chen’s expression, Xiao Feng Chen began to roar out in laughter, “Well? So amazed that you can’t speak right? Hahahaha, now you know that joining the Feng Chen Sect was the right decision, eh? Heheh, you’ve only just become my successor, so you only have one of the weakest skills. However, even though it’s one of the weakest skills, it’ll still help you completely dominate everyone. As for running away, I’m sure I don’t need to say anything about those skills. Come, come, come, let me see which Curse you have. You should have been able to receive a Curse from the power I gave you.”

Ling Chen sheepishly showed him the three Curses he had received.

“W-what?! Three?!! Holy frick!” Xiao Feng Chen was extremely shocked to see this, “As expected of the little monster who was able to counter by Deity Curse- you actually received three Curses from the beginning! Back then, it took me three years to unlock three curses! Not bad, not bad! With these three Curses, as well as your absurd mental energy, you’re going to be unstoppable.”

Xiao Feng Chen’s mood was terrific. Standing in front of Ling Chen, he began to enthusiastically explain, “The three Curses you’ve received are actually all very powerful Curses! For the [Complete and Utter Belief Curse], your victim will believe every single word you say- even if you tell an old man that you’re his father, he’ll completely and utterly believe you! Of course, you could also tell them that their wife has been violated by some other person, or his son has fallen into a pile of crap, or even that he’s a woman… anyways, no matter what you tell him, he’ll completely believe you. Anyone who dares to tell him otherwise, he’ll be completely furious at them!”

“As for the [Lovey Lovey Curse]… heheh…” Xiao Feng Chen gave a lecherous laugh, “This Curse is simultaneously used on two people. It doesn’t matter if they’re different genders or the same gender. They’ll completely fall in love immediately, and will be filled with indescribable ‘passion’ for each other. Once they’re affected by the Curse, nothing will be able to stop them as they display their overflowing passion and desire for each other… even if the sky falls down, they won’t stop. Ah~~~” Xiao Feng Chen rambled with a lascivious look on his face, “Back then, I used this Lovey Lovey Curse on two of those Moon Goddesses… I’ll never forget that scene of them desperately rubbing their breasts, asses and thighs together… those movements, those sounds… hahahahaha…”

Ling Chen: “⊙﹏⊙b”

To cause the renowned and revered Moon Goddesses to do such a thing… this guy was incredibly audacious! No wonder they threw him in this damn place. Come to think of it, if even these Low Level Feng Chen Curses could affect even the three Moon Goddesses, then what would the truly ‘powerful’ Feng Chen Curses be like?!

“Last but not least, the [I’m A Sheep Curse], also called the ‘Sheep Sheep Curse’. If you’re not happy with someone, you can use this Curse on him, and he’ll believe that he’s a sheep. What would he do? Act like a sheep of course- crawl around on his arms and legs and bleat like a sheep, as well as eat some grass. Think about it, if some expert offended you, and you used this on him, then he won’t be able to go out in public every again, heheh. To be able to ruin an expert so easily, and to turn his entire life upside-down with just a single skill- apart from my Feng Chen Sect, who’s able to do such a thing? Say, my Feng Chen Sect… no, our Feng Chen Sect is super strong right? Right?”

“Strong, super strong!” Ling Chen nodded… indeed, this Feng Chen Sect’s power was terrifyingly strong.

“Being strong is a must. Now, boy, if you can make it out of here, all you’ll have to do is tell everyone that you’re from the Feng Chen Sect for every expert to treat you with absolute respect.” Xiao Feng Chen gleefully said, “However, even though your mental energy is ridiculously powerful, you’ve only just gained this power, so you need to wait a whole 100 seconds before you can use a Curse again. After 100 or so years of training, you’ll be able to use them as frequently as you want, and you’ll have more powerful Curses at your disposal as well.

“You need to be careful though, because the Curses aren’t guaranteed to be effective against your target- if their mental energy is stronger than yours, then your Curse will likely fail, unless they’re not mentally prepared. If their mental energy is especially strong, and they’re prepared as well, your Curse could even be countered back to you… ahaha, just like how my ‘Deity Curse’ was countered back at me by you. Also, the Feng Chen Curses can fail or be detected not only if your target’s mental energy is too strong, but also if their overall power is too strong as well. For example, even though you have incredibly strong mental energy, but if you tried to use the Feng Chen Curses on those three bitches, it definitely would have no effect.”

Ling Chen nodded, and committed these things to memory.


Adfly: [Chapter 266]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 268]

[Chapter 266]|[Chapter 268]


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