Chapter 274

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Demon Queen

Translator: WhinyWhale

Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Okay okay!” Tian Tian did not oppose one bit after hearing Ling Chen’s sudden request and even seemed eager to show Ling Chen and Shui Ruo her profession. She brought out her stats panel and shared it with Ling Chen and Shui Ruo, “Big sister, big brother, see it for yourself, this profession is so fun!”

Both Ling Chen and Shui Ruo looked towards Tian Tian’s bizarre profession that was filled with mystical colours simultaneously.

[Demon Queen]: Player “Tian Tian Tian Tian” exclusive profession, this special profession was awakened through player Tian Tian Tian Tian’s innate potential and was subsequently named by her. It is a powerful Summoner and Support class profession. No previous records regarding this profession was found in China.

[Profession Bonus Stats]: Spirit +20, Luck +20

[Profession Passive Abilities]: 1 Strength = 1 Attack Power, 1 Constitution = 10HP + 1 Defence, 1 Agility = 1 Accuracy + 1 Evasion, 1 Spirit = 20 Magic + 5 Magic Attack Power. With every increase in level, HP +10, MP +20, +5 AP, bonus Spirit +2.

“This special profession was awakened through player Tian Tian Tian Tian’s innate potential…… no previous record regarding this profession was found in China” …… This sentence nearly blinded Ling Chen. In terms of potential, Ling Chen felt that the number of people who could contend with him were very few. Even so, his innate potential did not awaken a hidden profession, yet Tian Tian…… Other than having an extremely big appetite and being extremely playful, she was just a little girl who didn’t have any special traits. Just by relying on her “innate potential”, she obtained a special profession that was far above his strongest professions. Moreover, there were no records of this profession in China……

This defied all logic!

Right now, Ling Chen was extremely sure that the creator behind Mystic Moon was definitely mad!

Additionally, what made Ling Chen astonished was the profession’s bonus stats and passive abilities. In actual fact, in terms of the bonus stats, this profession was not considered a lot as compared to his Ling Tian Battle Soul and Feng Chen Curse Zanni which gave far more stats. However, among the bonus points for the profession bonus, half of it went to Luck…… a surprising total of 20 points!

A normal player would not be able to attain such an amount of Luck in their entire lives!

Even for him, he only had 12 points right now even after equipping his Insignia, bonuses from special missions, and bonuses from Holy Spirit’s Aura.

Furthermore, for the profession’s passive abilities, although the strength value was lower than other professions, but the effect of the Spirit stat was actually more than 2x compared to the other professions: one point of Spirit could have a bonus of a full 20 MP and 5 points of Magic Attack Power. For a normal Mage profession, they would only receive 10 MP and 2 points of Magic Attack Power! At the same time for every increase in level, there would be 2 additional points on the Spirit bonus. So as to speak, with this profession, even if Tian Tian’s Spirit was only half of what a normal Mage profession had, her Magic Attack Power would exceedingly make up for this.

Just the profession description, profession bonus stats and profession passive abilities had already caused Ling Chen to feel secretly astonished. He swallowed a mouth of saliva as he looked towards the profession’s abilities…… With a glance, the profession that had only just awakened was already surprisingly filled with many profession abilities.

[Summon Little White]: Special ability, can’t be levelled up. Summons Little White to concentrate its attack to strike a single target or disperse the attack to strike multiple targets. Little White has very strong attacking power, and is able to blast enemies away. The number of simultaneous summons is equivalent to level/5 (rounding down to the nearest whole number: levels 5-9 can summon 1, levels 10-14 can summon 2, levels 15-19 can summon 3…… level 100 can summon 20…… level 500 can summon 100…… rank 1000…etc…), disappears after one attack. The attack power is directly proportional to the Summoner’s Magic Attack power, the amount of MP consumption is the number of summons x 50, Cooldown time: 10 seconds.

[Summon Little Red]: Special ability, can’t be levelled up. Once Little Red appears after the summon, Little Red will start dancing a beautiful dance, and in the process of dancing, a certain amount of HP will be recovered and all abnormal conditions and debuffs will be eliminated. One Little Red can only focus on one target; once the dance finishes or it gets attacked, it will disappear immediately. The number of simultaneous summons is equivalent to level/5, the strength of recovery is directly proportional to the Summoner’s Magic Attack Power. The amount of MP consumption is the number of summons x 50, Cooldown time: 10 seconds.

[Summon Little Green]: Special ability, can’t be levelled up. Summons Little Green to concentrate its attack to strike a single target or disperse the attack to strike multiple targets. Little Green’s attacking power is comparatively weaker, but it will release a frightening poison fog when it attacks which will cause the target to have a high probability of being poisoned. The number of simultaneous summons is equivalent to level/5, and disappears after one attack. The attack power is directly proportional to the Summoner’s Magic Attack Power, the amount of MP consumption is the number of summons x 50, Cooldown time: 10 seconds.

[Summon Little Blue]: Special ability, can’t be levelled up. Summons Little Blue to run around the Summoner in circles; all the damage inflicted to the Summoner will be transferred Little Blue. The amount of damage that it can withstand is the amount of HP Little Blue has x the number of Little Blue. The number of simultaneous summons is equivalent to level/5, Little Blue’s HP is directly proportional to the Summoner’s Magic Attack Power. The amount of MP consumption is the number of summons x 120, Cooldown time: 30 seconds

[Summon Big White]: Special ability, can’t be levelled up. Summons Big White to appear, and only one can be summoned at a time. Attack power unknown, summoned duration unknown. It is best not to summon unless in dire straits, or else the consequences will be severe. MP Consumption 12,000, only one can be summoned per day.

Little White…… Little Red…… Little Green…… Little Blue…… Big White……

Ling Chen’s forehead was filled with sweat as he saw the names of the few abilities. Moreover, the effectiveness of the abilities had caused his heart to be unable to not feel appalled. Judging from the abilities, this was no doubt a Summoner profession. With Tian Tian’s current level, this profession did not seem to be that strong because out of all of the Summoning abilities that Tian Tian had currently, she could only at most summon two simultaneously…… But the most shocking thing was that the number of summons was directly related to Tian Tian’s level, and that an additional one more could be summoned every 5 levels. It did not seem that impressive currently, but once she reached a higher level she could summon a large group all at once. When she reached level 100, a single ability could even have 20 summons at once…… Furthermore, it was obvious that the summoning abilities did not clash with each other, enabling them to be utilised simultaneously. Therefore when Tian Tian’s level became higher and she used all her summoning abilities together, then that scene…..

In addition, the cooldown time for her summoning abilities were ridiculously short – just a short duration of 10 seconds for most of them. Her summons also covered a variety of functions: attack, healing, support and control, which made even Ling Chen feel ashamed.

The last two abilities made him even more surprised.

[Elegy of the Gods]: Special ability, can’t be levelled up. When you die, you can choose one target from your surroundings to be in an invincible state where no damage could be inflicted onto them for 60 seconds. Additionally, Physical Attack Power, Magic Attack Power, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Hit, Critical Hit Rate and Pierce Hit Rate will all be raised by 100%.

[Fury of the Gods]: Special ability, can’t be levelled up. The target that kills you will have their level forcefully lowered by three levels and current HP and MP will be reduced by 50%.

These two…… just what abilities are these?

“Haha, how is it, my profession is very fun right? Those summoning abilities are really, extremely fun, next time when we are in the wilderness I will summon Little White, Little Red, Little Green and Little Blue for both of you to see, it’s really very fun.” Tian Tian raised her nose and proudly exclaimed as she saw Ling Chen and Shui Ruo’s shocked expressions. Moreover, she had no idea at all that the profession that she had and the abilities of the profession were extremely astonishing.

“Big brother, Tian Tian’s profession is so powerful. Oh god, it’s really too powerful.” Shui Ruo exclaimed in admiration. Let alone Shui Ruo, even Ling Chen was deeply shocked.

Ling Chen nodded his head while he was still in a state of shock. He now truly understood why this profession was placed above his two professions in the Hidden Profession Ranking. Even though the abilities that this profession had were obtained in its initial stages, yet there were already seven abilities which did not need to be levelled up. The most shocking part was the last two abilities…… Summoner-type professions had the weakest health points among all the other professions and thus would naturally have life-saving abilities such as blink or substitution. He initially thought that Tian Tian’s life-saving ability was the summoning of “Little Blue”, but only when he read till the end did he realise that Tian Tian’s strongest life-saving ability was actually [Fury of the Gods]. Killing her would cause the other party to drop three levels and lose 50% of their current HP and MP; if people knew about the existence of this ability, who would still dare to kill Tian Tian?

Furthermore, Elegy of the Gods and Fury of the Gods…… The names of these two abilities were just too…… too excessive. All the summoning abilities had rather dull names, but the names of the last two abilities had the word “god” in them, which didn’t make sense. Abilities with this kind of name should only appear on the descendent of a god’s race

No matter from what perspective one looked at it, there was nothing about this profession that was normal.

“En, it’s a very powerful profession. Tian Tian, remember to display your abilities for us to see later. For now, let’s bring you over to meet a few beautiful big sisters.” Ling Chen did not enquire further and brought Tian Tian to continue walking ahead even though he was still filled with doubts. There was only one explanation that he could think of no matter how long he thought about it…… The creator of Mystic Moon was definitely mad!

Ling Chen decided to stop thinking about this and judging from Shui Ruo’s expression, she would definitely get Tian Tian to join Heart’s Dream. Having an oddball who unfathomably had the most powerful profession in China, adding to the fact that such an adorable little girl would be joining, the girls in Heart’s Dream would definitely welcome her with open arms. He just hoped that Tian Tian would not be too playful and mischievous when the time came. As Ling Chen was contemplating in his mind, Qi Yue’s voice sounded out abruptly, “Young master, the little girl that you are pulling along is…?”

Qi Yue’s tone seemed to be quite cautious and suspicious.

“She is another family member of mine, her name is Tian Tian.” Ling Chen answered casually.

“Oh? Your family member…… then I must be thinking too much. I thought that you picked up another impressive little girl from god knows where again. In that case I shall continue with my sleep and not interrupt young master from being intimate with all his close female friends, keke……”

Ling Chen: “……”

In the Lunar Scourge, Qi Yue closed her eyes as she muttered softly to herself, “The humans that came from Earth are the most ordinary kind of life forms; it is not possible for them to possess ‘Godhood’. Ever since the battle of the gods and demons in ancient times, only the Moon God race and Night Demon race possess the bloodline of gods. The ones who possess Godhood had already ceased to exist since a long time ago, I must have sensed wrongly.”

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Adfly: [Chapter 273]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 275]

[Chapter 273]|[Chapter 275]


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