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Shura’s WrathFAQs!

Q: Where did Ling Chen find the Guild Creation Token from? 

A: Short answer: Chapter 36

  • Remember that Guild Creation Tokens can only be dropped from “Lord Bosses that [are] higher than LV10” (Chapter 117)
  • The Greedy Giant Toad (first appeared in Chapter 25) was a LV10 Celestial Boss

Extract from Chapter 36:

  • Right when his head was practically sticking to the ground, he finally saw a black object about the size of his palm. Most of the object was outside but there was still a small section of it stuck under the toad’s body. This item didn’t have any radiance, its colour was very similar to the ground’s, adding that the light in here was extremely dim, if it wasn’t for Ling Chen particularly keen eyesight, he pretty much wouldn’t have found it.
    This is…
    Extending his arm and grabbing one of its ends, it didn’t feel cold at all, clearly not made from metal. From the feeling, it actually felt like a kind of hard wood.
    His hand grabbing the edge, after trying a couple times, he finally bit his teeth and used all of his strength to pull it out. His body nearly falling to the ground from the backward force.
    This is a square, black plate, nothing out of the ordinary. The front of it is flat and smooth, on the other side, he discovered a big, faintly imprinted word… Order.


  • The Chinese word for ‘Order’ is “令”, and the Guild Creation Token is “建帮令牌”. Hope that explains the burning question of where Ling Chen found the Guild Creation Token!


  1. Now, I remember. I ctrl+f’ed “guild” and didn’t find it so I thought he still doesn’t have one. Or at least, he didn’t get one from that boss.

    It would be nice if someone could set up something like a wiki for this novel. Especially since the translation has only gone for 140+ chapters. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do it myself. At the very least, I could help update some pages once the templates are up.

          1. if i remember right (one or two days ago but has memory problems) the 2nd tablet he got from the bird didn’t say order but something simular but diffrent. (justice, break, something like that)

      1. he already put it into auction. just waiting for money exchange to open and he will get all that money selling gold.

        this is purely deduction of mine i don’t read raw or anything.

    1. I remembered nothing at all. I can’t even remember his equipment (apart from the 2 swords)…I’ll have to reread this series again, but at only 140+ chapters, I don’t see a need yet

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