Chapter 1

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Dear God, please give me a beautiful woman!

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There is a beautiful girl lying on my bed.

She was just lying there quietly. Her elegant and refined face was flushed red, here eyelashes seemed to be quivering. Her neck was as white as white jade. Underneath her shirt, her twin peaks stood upright and tall.

Looking at her chest that seemed to heave up and down as she breathes, a man would be suffocated by the pressure of trying to suppress his lust. I swallowed my saliva nervously as my glance shifted downwards. She had kicked the quilt apart, exposing a pair of slender, sexy legs under her pink coloured mini-skirt.

Seeing the slender curves on this woman’s body, I could not help gasping. This woman is a natural stunner!

“Please wake up, Miss!”

I gently shook her arm to wake her up, but she did not respond. I sighed, got up and was about to leave. Suddenly she woke up and hugged me around my neck, and she seemed to cry. I could faintly make out her words: “Why did you do this to me …… do this to me …… ?”

She seemed to be feeling grieved by matters of the heart. Her wet tears quickly dripped onto my clothes, but I did not notice this. My attention was focused on the wonderful feeling of her boobs as it rubbed against my chest. Looking down, I could see her cleavage. I felt embarrassed – at this moment, my body seemed to react on its own and I was having a massive erection.

My hands seemed to have a will of its own, as it moved to enveloped her in a hug. The rich fragrance of her scent seemed to drift towards my nose, fascinating my sense of smell. For a moment, I just stood her absorbing the smell of her fragrance and hugged her.

She cried softly, and her shoulders seemed to tremble slightly, but she did not push me away. Instead, she seemed to return my hug. The feeling of her soft breasts on my body could not be described in words.

Hallelujah! My face was full of tears as I silently thanked God for sending me a beauty.

I am a normal man, and like all man, I always prayed that God will send me a beauty. All this while, God never replied to this fantasy of mine. Who knows that God really answers prayers? Today, my chance had finally arrived!

The woman hugging me is the prettiest woman I have ever seen in all 24 years of my life. I have no doubt that God finally had mercy on me, and grant me such a beautiful and rich woman.

But, reality is cruel, and things did not proceed as I would have liked. Just when I was about to take advantage of the situation to kiss her, this girl suddenly forcefully shoved me away, and cried, “I am so hungry….”

For a moment, just a brief moment, I was rendered speechless. Did she cry because she was hungry?

Therefore, I got up with the intent to cook something for her to eat. But I discovered that she had also stood up. Suddenly, she seemed to look at me as if this is the first time that she had seen me, and let loose a horrifying shriek that threaten to blow apart my eardrums.


Before I could say a word, my keyboard that was lying on the floor was taken and smashed against my head. After which, I was forcefully pushed out of the room, and with a “click” the door was locked.

“Yi? This seemed to be my room….”

I stood there like a stunned vegetable for a moment while I collected my wits. Then I knocked on the door, “Hey miss, that’s my room, let me in? Miss, please don’t lock me out of my room!”


But there was no reply, nor was there even any noise from the other side of the door. I ran to the balcony, and stole a glance through the window. She had already snuggled herself on my bed, and the quilt seemed to envelop her. She seemed to be sleeping soundly.

I sat down hard on the floor. “What in the world is going on? Isn’t she the girl that God had sent me?”

As I was sitting there, lost in my thoughts, my glance suddenly seems to be focused on an item in the living room. This girl’s stuff is still in the living room. Creeping close, I saw that one of the items was half a bottle of wine. There was also a big, round item that was placed in a bag, and I have no idea what it was.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I could not resist taking a look. To my astonishment, this round item is actually a game helmet that is often advertised online.


On the helmet, there were two flamboyant characters printed on it: <<Ling Tong >> (Spirit of Grief!)

I was surprised. This is a helmet for the Spirit of Grief game.

About half a year ago, a game created a global media frenzy when it declared the release of a new game. This was because the company that stands at the apex of the gaming industry, Yue-Heng Group, spent 10 years to create this game. The reputation of this company attracted many players. All the players across the world who tried this game described this game as “Irreplaceable”. And the name of this game is called Spirit of Grief.

According to rumors, “Spirit of Grief” was created by using a new “human brainwave bridging” technology. This allows players to have a wide variety of sensory stimulation, and achieve close to 100% game realism! Moreover, the “Spirit of Grief” was reputed to have a superb storyline. It was also reputed to have epic equipment for players. Finally, the NPC girls in the game were ultra-realistic and super pretty. It was rumoured that it is possible to have harems full of these beautiful NPCs.

Therefore, after the last virtual reality game gradually lost its popularity, gamers across the globe all set their sights on the “Spirit of Grief”. Many gamers had sold all their gaming equipment for their last game to raise funds to purchase this new game. They were preparing to show off their skills in this new game, and hopefully create a legend!

And today, is the day that the game “Spirt of Grief” is officially launched. To all the gamers in the world who were eagerly anticipating this game, it is a super important event.

But, who is the girl in my room? Does this mean that she is not the woman that God had destined for me?

Oops, I forgot to tell you how this beauty ended up in my room. That only happened a few minutes ago.

I don’t know when did a new white BMW stop at the ground floor of my building.

I also did not pay it much attention. Not long after, I heard the sound of sinister laughter from the men below. I put my head out of the window to take a look, and saw several thugs there surrounding the BMW. They were smiling sinisterly, and I could hear them say “This is a woman. Let’s drive the car away and take the woman home. Hehehehe, she is really a beauty……”

At that time, I was shocked. Wasn’t this group of thugs arrested by the police? How did they had returned back here so fast?

If the person inside the car is a girl, won’t something bad happen to her? But if I go out now, perhaps I can save her?

Therefore, I immediately rushed down the stairs, and walked towards the BMW.

The thugs saw me, and immediately shouted a challenge: “Hey you kid!! What the f**k do you think you are trying to do?”

A feeling of disgust rises in my gut. I stepped away from the crowd of men and put my hand on the car’s door. With a “chuck” sound, the lock suddenly opened!

From the car, there was a strong smell of beer. But mixed in the smell is the lovely aroma of a beautiful girl!

I looked down and was stunned by the scene before me. The driver was an unrivalled beauty. She was lying on the driver seat, and her snow-white but visibly tired face looked so beautiful and breath-taking. Below her proud slender neck is two perky twin peaks. This bombshell could make men take deep breaths in wonder and astonishment at her beauty, creating a suffocating atmosphere!

This girl looks about twenty. In one of her hands, she is holding the bottle of wine. The kind of expensive wine that I saw in the supermarket, but are not willing to buy. In her right hand, she is clutching a bag. The insides of this bag contain something that looked round like a watermelon.

At this time, the thugs also saw the female driver, and they sucked in a sharp breath as they gasped at her beauty. One of the thugs shouted aggressively, “Hey Kid! What do you think you are doing! We saw this woman first!”

I turned back, and coldly retorted: “Make way, she is my girlfriend!”

The thug immediately roared: “Bullshit! If you have a girlfriend who can afford a BMW, would you still be living in this slum? You better let her go, or we will call the police!”

I grinned: “Call the police? That’s great! You better quickly call the police. If you don’t call for the police, I will!”

Saying this, I immediately took a pink coloured handphone from the driver’s seat. This handphone should belong to the woman.

At this time, a few of the thugs looked a bit scared. One of them said: “Ok! You f**ker said that she is your girlfriend. Then we want to see you bring her to your house!”

I was surprised at this. Shit, now I am trapped. I could only either continue to bluff my way out or I will be beaten to death by these thugs.

Seeing that these thugs were not going to let us go that easily, I gritted my teeth. With my hands on her hip and shoulders, I carried her out of the vehicle. She was stone drunk, and did not make any fuss as she leaned on my shoulders. I put her down gently on the stairs to my home.

Then I took out the key from the Ignition Key Hole, closed the door, and locked the car with the key. After that, I support the girl up the stairs to my home and locked and barricade the door.

I could feel the jaws of the thugs opening wide as they stared at me. “This beauty could not really be the girlfriend of that kid right?”


After reaching home, I place the girl on my bed, and let her sleep it out.

In this way, my bed suddenly had an amazing beauty on it.

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