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Golden Slime King

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A moment later, the powerful poison spit instantly killed most of the players in the area. Their defence was really too low. As for me, my 35 defence could barely resist the attack. Each time it hit, it does an incredible “-150” points of damage. I was so scared that I wolfed down the expensive light healing potion that cure 300 points of damage.


The healing potions do not instantly restore all hit points immediately. Instead, each healing potion only restores 150 hit points, and the remaining 150 hit points are restored over time.


Although I was in a precocious situation, I was elated. My heartbeat could not help but quicken and I could hear it beating in rhythmical tune“pa pa pa pa…”. This new boss had spawned near me, and I still have several bottles of healing potions.


I stole a quick look at the characteristic of the boss



【Golden Slime King】(Bronze Level Boss)





Special Attack:Long distance poison spit.


The attack score of this boss is really scary, with a max attack of 150. Just a normal attack would wipe out 150 points of my life. And the health of this boss is a huge question mark, and only God knows how much hit points it has.


The shiny war axe also hit the slime King on its head, and the creature who was as big as a tank seemed to bounce back in pain. From the top of its head, a massive number appear “-135”!


Hehe! Yes! Look likes my attack is still effective against its defence. Luckily I have allocated all my attribute points into strength. After all, the best defence is a good offence. In any role-playing game, the one who kill the other party first always wins.


At the same time, the slime King spat out another glob of poison, and my hit points dropped by a whopping -167! That was half of my hit points!


Again I wolf down a healing potion. I refused to retreat, and my shiny war axe continued to wave its dance of destruction!


After ten mins, the slime king’s health had dropped to about 90%. Looks like the hit points of this creature was not too scary. But my problem is that my potions were disappearing like water. I have very few potions left.


Suddenly, I saw that there was a massive group of players from afar who were rushing towards me and the slime boss. I took a look at them, and my heart turned cold.


Each of the people in this group of players coincidentally has the words “Fated” in their names. It looks like the “Fated” clan had all gathered here, and there were close to 300 of them!


This Fated clan is really a powerful group, to have such a big presence in the beginner’s village!


Seeing the group of men did not come with good intentions, I immediately stop fighting the Golden Slime King and ran away towards the forest.


But at this time, I saw a man who separated from the group of players, and shouted out aloud, “So you cowardly cat had decided to run? Not so easy! Brothers, help me kill him. That is the guy who offended me!”


That man was Fated Madman! Besides him stood Fated Bloodthirsty. I did not see Fated Turbulence anywhere. I had no idea where she had gone to,


Listening to Fated Madman, several men also move towards me. More than half of them were still using the beginner’s stick. I could not help but to laugh out loud. With this equipment, they still want to engage in PK?


But the fact is, there were too many of them. Even an army of ants could bite an elephant to death. I definitely do not have any ability to fight against 300 men.


I tightly held my shiny war axe, and stared at the players. Although I did not say a word, my attitude informed them that I will chop whoever dares to strike first!


Therefore, those who were carrying the beginner’s stick were cowed, and not a single one of them dared to step forwards.


Fated Madman angrily bellowed, “Useless! You all are good for nothings! Attack!!”


At this time, another group of men also arrive. This area is suddenly filled with players. Although it is unknown if the two groups are enemies, it is obvious that the second groups’had every intent to steal kill the slime king. I guess that all the players who were killed about ten minutes ago had respawned in the village, and spread the news of a powerful boss. This action probably resulted in these two dominant groups of players who rushed here with the intent to steal the boss.


And this group of new players were mostly level 8 and up. Their name were also uniform and began with “Sword Fire”.


Sword Fire?


I suddenly recalled that my iron sword was sold to a man named Dragon Soul Sword Fire?


At this time, a man walked in front of the group of new players. It really is Dragon Soul Sword Fire! He laughed as he spoke, “Woah, I was thinking how come it is so crowded here. Never did I expected that Fated clan had already arrived before us!”


At this time, the Dragon Soul Sword Fire had already changed his weapon, and it is now a shiny steel sword. It looks like a steel level equipment, and it should not be inferior to my weapon. I did not expect that he had such a fantastic weapon.


But I should not be surprised. After all, Dragon Soul Sword Flame seemed the head of the Sword Flame clan. It would be strange only if he did not have any superior equipment!


Looking at the Sword Flame Clan that seemed to be filled with hostile intent, the Fated Clan’s men stepped back. Most of the people in the clan were not very high level, and there were very few players who were above level 8. In contrast, the Sword Flame Clan men seemed to be much stronger, but were outnumbered. There were only about 100 players from the Sword Flame Clan.


Fated Madman stepped out, “I did not expect that Dragon Soul also started out in this newbie village. This is really a case of ‘enemies are fated to meet one another’ [1] !”


Dragon Soul Sword Flame laughed out loud, “Did not expect that you guys also abandoned <<Moon Monochrome>> game and all of you joined the <<Spirit of Grief>>. We are also old pals. In the game <<Moon Monochrome>> after Swords and Rose and the Unhappy Garden big guilds were disbanded, our group fought against each other for control of the West side. I did not expect that in this game, things also remained the same!”


Fated Madman also smiled sinisterly, “Hehe! Brother Dragon Soul, today, I have a personal grudge against this kid. If Brother Dragon is willing to give face, please bring your men and leave. I will just kill this player and settle my grudge.”


Dragon Soul Sword Flame looked at me, and seemed to recognise me. It is hard not to do so, since my shiny war axe seemed to be unique and very eye catching!


Dragon Soul Sword Flame laughed out loud, “Of course I will give you face, and let you settle your grudges. But you must let us have the Golden Slime King. I could not let my men ran here in vain, isn’t that right?”


Fated Madman immediately turned cold, “You son of a bitch better stop talking bullshit! Nobody will let you have the boss!”


At this time, a player wielding a massive axe walked out from among the crowd. This is the man who had changed his profession to Berserker class. His name is Sword Flame Punisher. He laughed out loud, “Fated Clan wishes to swallow this Golden Slime King? Do you have the ability? Hahahaha, don’t you sons of bitches continue to kneel here, and let us laugh at you!”


Sword Flame Punisher’s words made Fated Madman lost a lot of face, and he immediately bellowed, “Damn it! You Sword Flame dogs were trying to rob us!”


Dragon Soul Sword Flame immediately replied, “Stop the trash talk! When have you ever not taken advantage of the situation to rob others? You had killed so many individual players by PK. We will have to settle this debt sooner or later.”


“You know best what type of men your Fated Clan members are. You like to cheat new players or threaten the weak, and betray your allies. Tell me, which one of these dirty deeds have you not done before? I  even heard that you had arranged some women to engage in prostitution in this game? I spit! You are shameless to participate in this sort of things!”


The words touched Fated Madman on a sore spot, and his face turns green with rage and shame. He angrily shouted, “Damn it! Brothers, today the Sword Flame Clan refused to give way. Let these idiots know our might!”


This time, the throng of Fated Clan players brandished their wooden staff and broken swords as they rushed to meet their enemy!


Dragon Soul Sword Flame sneered, “Let them attack!”


After the first round of hits had been calculated, the players from the Sword Flame Clan who were standing in front were PKed. But all of the players from the Fated Clan had turned into grey colour indicating that they were player killers.


Sword Flame Punisher laughed and stepped forward with his axe held high. As his axe descended, a red colour flash of Dou Qi emerged, and a few Fated Clan players were instantly killed.


Fated Madman began to bark out orders: “Team 1, stop the shit heads from Sword Flame Clan, Team 2 and Team 3, try to kill the Golden Slime King at the earliest possible time!”


For a short period, the Sword Flame Clan’s players were blocked and could not get to the Golden Slime King. As for the Fated Clan, they divided their players into two teams. One of the teams of players were assigned to attack the Sword Flame Clan, while the other group of players were assigned to slay the Golden Slime King.


I quietly entered the forest, and could not help being unwilling to leave. The boss that I had found and engaged was stolen by these two groups of fuckers. A single player is really at a significant disadvantage!


I was not willing to give up, and therefore, I did not leave. I just hide in the forest and watch the battle unfold.


Although the level of the Fated Clan’s men were average, there were also a few that were outstanding. One or two of them had already changed classes, and are mages. They launched fireball and boulders at the Golden Slime King. This becomes their primary source of damage output. As expected, the beginner’s wooden staff could not even scratch the defence of the Golden Slime King.


Time slowly passed by. The Golden Slime King’s health dropped to less than 50%. But it also instantly killed over 100 players. Only the mage standing at a far distance away continued to launch fireballs at it. The rest of the low levelled players were nothing more than cannon fodder.


On the other side, the Sword Flame men also noticed the situation, and they renewed their valour and attacked the Fated Clan members who were blocking their path, sending them back to respawn in the beginner village.


Sparkles of white light continuously emerged from the battlefield, and in an instant, there were less than 50 Fated Clan members left.


Seeing that they had lost control of the situation, Fated Madman had no choice but to concede grudgingly. He roared out the order to retreat.


The Fated Clan’s players want to scatter and flee but the Sword Flame group of players had no intention of letting them go! Many of them were slain, and even Fated Madman was sent back to the beginner’s village by a swing of Sword Flame Punisher’s axe.


After a few minutes, there are no more Fate Clan members, and the entire battleground was claimed by the Sword Flame group of players.


After killing the players, Sword Flame Clan had about 60 men left, but half of these men had their name turned red from PK. If these men die, they will lose levels.


But with the massive Golden Slime King boss in front of them, none of them give a damn, and immediately surrounded and attack it.


I still did not leave, and patiently waited.

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