Chapter 11

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Purple Rhyme

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Fireball spells were cast and hit the Golden Slime King, and the Boss health dropped significantly. The Sword Flame group is an experienced and well-coordinated group. Immediately after the mages cast their spells, several berserkers wearing heavy armour rushed forwards to take the return strike of the Golden Slime King. Those that were hit immediately drank a healing potion.


Many of the players did not have proper equipment. Many of them have just a pair of white colour shoes or some leggings, and the number of men with more than 20 defence is rare. Therefore, Flame Sword Clan requested for co-ordination. They would take turns to tank the Golden Slime King. When the first group of tanks were injured, they will retreat and the second group of tanks will take over.


But even then, the Golden Slime King is indeed a terrifying boss. It managed to kill many tanks. What is worse is that the Golden Slime King had a very formidable range attack. Many players did not even have the chance to close in before they were instant-killed.


However, the co-ordinated attacks were taking their toll on the boss, and its health continued to drop.


Looking at the Boss’s health that was rapidly diminishing, I was feeling conflicted at heart. Should I rush out to steal kill, or just remain here and watch them kill the boss that I engaged first?


Frankly, the Sword Flame group of men does not look as despicable as the Fated Clan. I can feel their group member’s friendliness and willingness to co-operate with each other. Therefore, my impression of them is quite good.


But even if my impression of them is not bad, they try to steal my boss…..


Just when I was hesitating, a sudden change occurs.


“Roar! Roar!!”


A terrible loud cry rang out as the Golden Slime King shouted in anger. Before the Golden Slime King collapsed, it suddenly seemed to glow with a golden ray of light, and then its body become even bigger!


At this time, Dragon Soul Sword Flame shouted, “Be careful, this boss had mutated!”


Sword Flame Punisher quipped in, “What rotten luck! The first boss we fought immediately mutated!”


The Golden Slime King let loose another angry roar, and suddenly a wave of golden light spread out in a large circumference around its body. With a “Hu” sound, it heralds the next wave of attacks!


“Cha cha cha cha….”


A series of sounds rang out, and this unexpected attack hit almost all the Sword Flame players! Many of the players displayed a staggering “-200” damage above their heads. Those who have less than 200 hit points were immediately slain, and a flash of white light sent back to the beginner village to respawn. Even the heavily armour tanks lost one-third of their hit points in one attack!


What is worse is that the attack did not end yet. The Golden Slime King continued to roar loudly, and the second wave of golden light again erupted and attacked all players within the massive area of effect!


Dragon Soul Sword Flame was shocked, “Damn it! This time we were unlucky!”


Sword Flame Punisher shrugged as he replied, “We should not have become so greedy. I already told you earlier that kill steal is wrong……”


“Fuck… off”


With the last two words, both Sword Flame Punisher and Dragon Soul Sword Flame were instantly killed.


After that, it became a one-sided massacre. All the Sword Flame men were sent back to the beginner’s village by the fourth wave of golden light. The Golden Slime King seemed to be on drugs and reached a high, as it continued to launched 5th wave, 6th wave ….. until I lost count.


But, I am very patient. I just waited for my chance. I was hiding behind a tree, and the tree help to block all the damage from the golden rays of light. Therefore, although I am very close to the Golden Slime King, I am very safe.


From afar, many players watched this super boss as it show off its might. But not a single one of them dares to go up. Even the large group of Sword Flame clan players were annihilated to the last men, how could individual players fight against it?


After about ten mins, the boss finally calmed down. The golden aura also dimmed!


I guess I was very close to the boss, and thus I received a piece of critical news!


“Ding ~!”




Combat notice: The Golden Slime King had ended its rampage and is now weaken. Its defence has dropped by 50%


I was elated! My patience had paid off, and my chance had come at last. The weakness of this boss is the best moment to kill it.


Therefore, I immediately emerged from my hiding place, and my shiny war axe chopped towards its head.




Wow! A 300 points damage is really cool. The weaken Golden Slime King is now nothing but a piece of experience and loot. Although its poison spit is still powerful, I still have some healing potions. Therefore, I attack it with all my might.


The players saw my actions from afar, and many of them rushed forwards, and shouted, “Where did this kid come from? Quick, attack! If not, we will be too late!”


I did not care about these players and focused on killing the boss. With another mighty cleave, I spilt a hole in its head. Then the boss huge body toppled down as it collapsed!


“Ding ~!”


System notice: Congratulations! You killed the boss Golden Slime King. You receive 50,000 experience and +300 reputation.




I skipped a level and levelled up to level 12. Also I noticed that the Golden Slime King dropped two items!


I immediately kept the two items in my backpack before any of the men arrive, and searched the corpse. There is nothing else, but there are some gold coins.


Wooahhh… there are several gold coins!


Gold coins! This boss drop gold coins!


I counted them and discovered 12 gold coins. In addition, there are a lot of silver coins.


Many silver coins were scattered on the grass, and it took me some time to find them all. If not for the fact that they were dispersed in the same area, I would not want these silver coins.


As I picked up the 84th silver coins, the players who were eyeing the boss finally reach me. Many of them tried to observe me. After all, it is said that each boss had a guarantee item drop the first time it was killed. The second time, the chance of dropping an item drop by half. The third time, the chance of dropping an item also drop by another half, and so on.


I looked at them, the highest level player among them was level 8. They were still equipped with the iron sword. I was not afraid of them!


Therefore, I waved my axe in a threatening matter as I barked out, “What? You want a piece of me?”


Listening to my words, some of the player hesitated. A few of them shook their heads and left.


But at this moment, suddenly another group of men arrive. These are all members of the Sword Flame!


This time, there were only 4 of them. Two of the players include Dragon Soul Sword Flame and Sword Flame Punisher. The other one is called Ghost Fire Sword Flame and he is a level 10 necromancer!


Necromancer! This is a hidden character class!


But the one that I was most surprise at is the last member of the team. It is a female player named Purple Rhythm, and she is a level 10 priest!


Purple Rhythm was wearing a white colour robe. But the robe was tightly wrapped around her body, revealing a first class figure. Her massive tits stood upright and tall, making her especially enchanting. Her round buttocks were full and looked very sexy. Under the short robes, her snow-white and smooth legs make it irresistible for men not to look.


This Purple Rhythm is also one of the most beautiful woman I ever met. When compare to Ling Xue, she lose out in terms of youthfulness, but she added a lot of matured lady charms. Because, this woman looks like she is about 25 years old, while Ling Xue should be less than 20 years old.


My glance stopped at Purple Rhythm’s body for about 3 seconds, then I looked at the others. This let Dragon Soul Sword Flame feel astonished, while Purple Rhythm seemed to slightly curl at the corner of her mouth. Perhaps they were surprised that my eyes seem to be clear of lust?


I could not help it. Somehow I keep comparing each woman I met with Ling Xue. Had I fallen for her? Does she even know that I think of her each time I meet a beauty?


Dragon Soul Sword Flame looked that the corpse of the Golden Slime King that was slowly fading out, and he laughed as he asked, “Brother, did you kill this boss?”


I nodded my head, and admit it. “Yes I did. I was the first one to fight this boss, and the last one to kill it.”


My words seemed to imply that I did not kill steal.


Dragon Soul Sword Flame looked very pleased as he broke into a smile “Then we should congratulate you! Oh yes, did you have any items. If you have any items you do not want, can you consider selling it to us first. We will give you …. Twice the standard market rate!”


I suspiciously glanced at him, and Dragon Soul Sword Flame then laughed, “Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Dragon Soul, and these are my friends, Punisher, Ghost Fire and Purple Rhythm. We are all online pals, and transferred here from <<Moon monochrome>> game. We just want to find some glory, and our guild is call Sword Flame. Right now we have about 100 members. Of course, the core of our guild are the four of us!”


I smiled back at him, “So, you do not know each other in real life?”


Dragon Soul also laughed, “We are from different regions, and have spoken on the telephone before. Punisher and I are from the Dong Bei Province, Ghost Fire is from Shanghai, and this lovely woman is from Suzhou.”


“Yi? Same as me?” I was surprised.


Purple Rhythm also seemed to be surprised, and glanced at me, but did not say anything.


Dragon Soul continued, “Friend, since you can steal this boss from Sword Flame and the Fated guilds, you must be indeed extraordinary! Are you willing to be our friend, and join us to conquer the world together? Also, I still don’t know your player name….”


At this moment, I suddenly recalled that I had hidden my name in the beginner’s village to avoid trouble….


Therefore, I unhide my name.


“Easily Angered Bookworm….” Dragon Soul read my name and immediately laughed. It is an excellent name. Oh yes, you see what items the boss dropped. If after you have chosen your class, you can sell whatever you do not need to us. We will give you a superb price!”


At the same time, Dragon Soul requested to add me as a friend. I immediately accept. Punisher and Ghost Fire also added me as a friend, while Purple Rhythm stood at one side. I asked to add her as a friend. She lifted up her hand to look at me, and blushed before accepting my friend request.


Opening the bag, I saw two items. One of them is a bow. The other one is an armour. I stole a quick look at the armour.


【Wilderness Golden Armour】(Bronze level equipment)



Required Level:14



I was pleasantly surprised. This armour is still unidentified, but whatever I can see is already superb. Once I identify it, it would be a super awesome item! It is also a bronze level item, and is much better than a steel level item. Could this be the first <<Spirit of Grief>> bronze level item?

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