Chapter 12

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Golden King Bow

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

[TLN: We’ll be translating 鉴定 as ‘Appraise’, as opposed to ‘Identify’, and ‘Guild’ instead of ‘Clan’]


I sent the Wilderness Golden Armour’s stats as an attachment to them, and immediately, Dragon Soul and Punisher’s eyes revealed their enthusiasm and excitement. After all, this Bronze grade piece of armour was extremely valuable towards Fencers and Berserkers!

Dragon Soul asked, “Shu Sheng, was it just this one piece of equipment”

I answered, “There’s also a bow!”

Dragon Soul smiled, “Can we also see the bow? Oh, and what class are you going to choose?”

I thought for a while, and replied, “If this bow is good, I’ll choose Archer. If it’s not that great, I’ll be a Berserker!”


Dragon Soul and Punisher looked at each other, and said, “God, please give him a super OP bow!”

I couldn’t help laughing. These two fellows were quite interesting. If I really did become an Archer, then I wouldn’t be able to use the armour. Thus, they would be able to justifiably ask me to sell the Golden Wilderness Armour to them…


Thus, I immediately took out the longbow. It was incredibly beautiful, and the bowstring emitted a faint glow.

The longbow’s name and stats were revealed—

[Golden King Bow] (Bronze level equipment)

Attack: 55-70

Strength: +7

Required level: 14



I was so shocked that I stood there for a while. It was another Bronze grade equipment! Plus, in its unappraised state, it already had an awesome upper limit of 70 attack, so what would it be like after being appraised?

I quickly sent the stats of the longbow to each person. Immediately, Dragon Soul and Ghost Fire all began to salivate. Even Purple Rhyme’s eyes began to glow with admiration.

Punisher grabbed my hands, and said, “Brother, let’s return to town to appraise it! We’ll find someone to appraise the value of this armour, and whatever price you give, we’ll try to meet it!”

I couldn’t help but be shocked. This fellow, Punisher, was very straightforward. In comparison, Dragon Soul was much more reserved!

In actuality, even Dragon Soul was furiously gulping down his saliva, but he just controlled himself better.


As such, after a few rays of lights flashed out, us five people arrived at Novice Village and went to the Appraisal Shop. We saw an elderly Appraiser fiddling with some antiques in a very happy and content manner.



I put the Golden Wilderness Armour onto the table, and said, “Please appraise it!”

The Appraiser turned his head and looked at the armour, and said, “Please pay the fee of 10 silver!”

Goddamn, it costed a whole 10 silver to appraise!

It was very painful for me to take out 10 silver.

The Appraiser put his hand on the armour, and immediately, the armour released a glow of light. The armour’s stats were displayed in front of everyone—


[Golden Wilderness Armour] (Bronze level equipment- Armour)

Defence: 85

Strength: +10

Constitution: +5

Required level: 14



It had actually increased by 35 points of Defence, and has 10 points of Strength and 5 points of Constitution!

Everyone in the room stood in dumbfounded silence.

After a long time, Dragon Soul spoke, “This armour is damn awesome. Shu Sheng, what about the bow?”

I put the longbow on the table, and the Appraiser’s nonchalant attitude immediately vanished, and instead inspected the longbow closely and carefully. He gave a surprised ‘oh’ and said, “Who would have thought you would have such a treasure, the appraisal fee for this longbow is 10 gold!”


I was speechless, “Boss! You sure you’ve got it right? That Golden Wilderness Armour was only 10 silver, so why is this Golden King Bow 10 gold?”

The Appraiser lazily looked at me, and said, “If you don’t want to pay, you can leave!”

At this moment, Dragon Soul pulled my arm, and said, “Don’t be silly! The more expensive the appraisal fee, the more valuable the equipment is! If you don’t have enough money, I’ll pay for the appraisal fee!”

I immediately realised that if this guy paid the appraisal fee, he would definitely want a large discount when buying the Golden Wilderness Armour. I definitely didn’t want to suffer such a loss!


As such, I painfully took out 10 gold coins and handed it to the Appraiser. Arghhhhh out of the 12 gold coins I had picked up from killing the boss, I had used 10 here! At least, with the remaining 2, I could meet the company’s expectations.

The Appraiser took a deep breath, and lightly put his hand on the Golden King Bow.  A glow of light was released, and its stats were revealed–


[Golden King bow] (Silver level equipment)

Attack: 80-125

Strength: +15

Agility: +12

Bonus Effect: Guaranteed Hit; attacks cannot be dodged by targets

Required level: 15



Once again, all of the people present were completely speechless! After being appraised, this Golden King Bow had been upgraded to a Silver equipment!

After five minutes, Dragon Soul finally spoke, “Overpowered!”


I was also extremely shocked. This 10 gold was definitely worth it! A LV15 longbow with 125 Attack, that was simply ridiculous! Moreover, because it was a Silver grade equipment, it could be used all the way to LV30! Or even LV50!

Most importantly, this longbow had a bonus effect, which was guaranteed hit! It was impossible to miss targets, or for targets to dodge. This incredible bonus effect gave me a bold idea: normal Archers would only put half of their stats into Strength, and the remaining half into Agility. This way, they could ensure that they had both attack power and accuracy. After all, for Archers, Agility determined accuracy, or ‘Hit’, and Strength determined attack power. Thus, since this Golden King Bow guaranteed me to hit my targets, I could put all of my stats into Strength. This was incredible!

Thinking to here, I couldn’t help but laugh loudly! A newbie expert was about to be born!


On the side, Dragon Soul and Punisher looked at me strangely and said, “Did Shu Sheng go crazy from happiness?”

I stopped laughing, and immediately put the Golden King Bow into my inventory. I was only LV12 at the moment, and couldn’t use it yet, so I had to keep it safe. I turned to Dragon Soul, “If the Sword Flame Clan wants the Golden Wilderness Armour, state a price!”


Dragon Soul and Punisher looked at each other and smiled, and Dragon Soul spoke, “Right now, we don’t have too much. All we can give you is 20 gold. This is our entire savings…”

I looked at him and smiled, “C’mon, we all know that this Bronze level Armour is worth much more than that to you…”

Dragon Soul looked very awkward. At this moment, Purple Rhyme said something quietly, and pushed something into Dragon Soul’s hands. Brimming with confidence, Dragon Soul walked over and said, “Shu Sheng, have a look at this. Can we buy the Golden Wilderness Armour for 20 gold coins, plus this?”

After he spoke, Dragon Soul opened a Trade Screen with me. A ray of light flashed, and a book appeared—



[Armour Piercing Arrow]: Ignores 50% of Defence, attack power is determined by level.


I was slightly shocked. Everyone knew that in ‘Spirit of Grief’, one had to find skill books by themselves. NPCs could only teach the most basic of skills. Against Berserkers or Knights with high Defence, this skill was amazing!

As such, I added the Golden Wilderness Armour onto the Trade Screen, and Dragon Soul added 20 gold. The exchange had been completed!

Dragon Soul directly gave the armour to Punisher. Punisher did not waste any words, and gratefully accepted it. However, because his level wasn’t high enough, he could only put it away for now.

I also put my Golden King Bow into my inventory. Dragon Soul faced me and said, “Shu Sheng, have you ever thought about joining a guild? Although our Sword Flame guild doesn’t have many people, we’re all good brothers. If you want to join, we’ll welcome you with open arms!”

I was slightly moved by Dragon Soul’s actions. He was willing to directly just give the Golden Wilderness Armour to Punisher- indeed, they were all good brothers. Following such a boss, I would definitely be able to live a good life. However, I also realised, perhaps Ling Xue would also want to form her own guild. I simply owed Ling Xue too much, so if I didn’t do my best for her, I’d die of shame!

Thus, I said to Dragon Soul, “At the moment, I don’t really want to join a guild. Please give me some time to think about it- when I’ve made my decision, I’ll let you know immediately!”


Dragon Soul nodded, and gave a loud laugh, “Sure! We’re going to go and farm, see you later!”

The four core members of Sword Flame left Novice Village. Punisher was incredibly happy, and Ghost Fire was also happy for him. As for Purple Rhyme, she looked back at me, and gave a slight smile, and also left. For a Priest to level up to LV10 so quickly, it seemed that she definitely farmed with Dragon Soul and the others.

Thinking to here, I walked by myself towards the Class Change Hall!


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