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Apprentice Archer

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

In the Class Change Hall, the Class Change Instructors were all spaced out from each other. Of course, in such a small village, they didn’t receive very good treatment. They were all fairly shabbily dressed- the Berserker, Knight and Fencer instructors wore nothing on their torsos, revealing their strong muscles. The Magician and Priest Instructors were wearing coarse cloaks, and the Assassin Instructor stood in the darkness, observing everything. The Archer Instructor was a beautiful female NPC, who wore simple leather armour. Her bewitching curves could be seen despite of the leather armour.

I was extremely delighted, and walked in front of the Archer Instructor without any hesitation, stating, “I want to change class!”

The NPC looked at me and replied, “The mighty Godking of Light bestowed upon me power. Heroic warrior, from now on, you are part of the Archer’s Association!”


My title had been changed to ‘Apprentice Archer’!


System announcement: Congratulations, you are the fifth Apprentice Archer in the Novice Village. Go and talk to your Instructor, she will give teach you skills specific to your class!


System announcement: Your stats growth have changed—

[Strength]: 6 stars

[Constitution]: 5 stars

[Agility]: 10 stars

[Intelligence]: 6 stars

The number of stars represented the potential increase in stats. For example, if one had 10 points in Strength, and their Strength had a star value of 10, then that bonus 10 points in Strength would increase their attack power by 10-10. However, if their Strength had a star value of 6, it would only increase their attack power by 6-6. This showed the difference between different classes. Thus, the only ones who had a star value of 10 for Strength were those who primarily focused on Strength and attack power, the Berserkers and Fencers!


I was a bit shocked- I thought that I had levelled up very quickly, but apparently there were four people who had become Archers before me. That meant in this entire Novice Village, there should be around 50 people who have already changed classes, and this was only one of the hundred or so Novice Villages in China’s South-East region…

Goddamn, I was probably in the ten thousands in the rankings!

I walked in front of the beautiful Archer Instructor, and opened her chat bar. Indeed, there was a learning skills section.

After selecting it, I saw three skills flashing in front of my eyes. The first was a Basic Archery skill; the other two were Fire Arrow and Ice Arrow—

[Basic Archery]: Passive Skill, increases Archers’ Hit and Damage.

[Fire Arrow]: Uses flames to shoot a flame element arrow.

[Ice Arrow]: Uses ice energy to shoot an ice element arrow.

Seeing the learning fee, I was shocked out of my mind!


Learning the Basic Archery skill cost 50 silver coins, whereas learning the Fire Arrow and Ice Arrow skills cost 5 gold coins each!

The game had only been released for 8 hours- normally it would be impossible to afford these skills at this point of the game! However, luckily I sold that Bronze level armour, and earnt 20 gold from that. It seemed like the time to use the gold that I had earnt was now!

As such, I learnt the three skills without any hesitation. Despite spending so much money, I still had 12 gold coins left!


I also decided to learn my Armour Piercing Arrow as well. Immediately, four skills appeared on my Skills Page.  All four of the skills were still at their primary stage.

[Basic Archery Skills] (primary): Proficiency: 0/10,000, no MP cost.

[Fire Arrow] (primary): Proficiency: 0/10,000, costs 5 MP.

[Ice Arrow] (primary): Proficiency: 0/10,000, costs 5MP.

[Armour Piercing Arrow] (primary): Proficiency: 0/10,000, costs 10MP.



I took a look at my stats. Right now, I only had 120MP, which meant that I couldn’t use my skills many times. In order to quickly raise the proficiency of my skills, it looked like I had to buy a few blue potions.

I decided to also have a look at the Rankings. A list of different Rankings appeared before me. These included: Level Rankings, Equipment Rankings, Fame Rankings, etc.

I first had a look at the Level Rankings. To my shock, I found that the highest level was LV16, and even the tenth ranked player was LV15! Moreover, in the top 10 players worldwide, 4 spots were taken by Chinese players.
Looking at the China Player Rankings, the top player was a female Magician called ‘Qing Feng Lan Yue’! [TLN: 清风 (Qing Feng) means a cool breeze, and 揽月 (Lan Yue) means embracing or seizing the moon]

The hell, a girl levelling up so quickly, that was incredible!

I grumbled bitterly, and opened the Equipment Rankings. To my surprise, my Golden King Bow was at the top, and was far superior to the second ranked Bronze Great Sword! Heh, that’s right, Silver grade equipment were far superior to Bronze grade equipment. Moreover, the Golden King Bow’s stats were simply awesome! Normal LV15 Bronze bows would be considered good if they could give 50 attack power, but the Golden King Bow not only added 125 points of attack damage, but also had a breathtaking passive skill!

I slightly smiled. This wasn’t too bad- I took the top spot in one Ranking, which was pretty good. Although my level wasn’t as high as that female Magician called ‘Qing Feng Lan Yue’, if we were to fight, I was sure that there was a 90% chance of me instantly killing her!

I looked at my EXP Bar. My LV12 EXP bar was already 92% full, so I wasn’t that far away. Besides, I hadn’t even handed in my [Clear the Outpost] quest yet. After spending 6 hours killing slimes and gathering 100 slime medals, the rewards should be pretty good!

When I reached the Village Elder’s hut, I saw that he was continuously looking out. After seeing me, his face burst into a smile- a smile that looked like a split orange peel—

“Young man, you actually did it. Those evil slimes were very dangerous; you’ve helped our village a lot. Here, this is your reward!”


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have completed the quest [Clear the Outpost]. You have gained 50,000 EXP, 5 gold coins, Fame+250 and received an item [Windrunner]!

With two swishing sounds, the generous amount of EXP from the quest allowed me to directly level up to LV14. Taking a look at my EXP bar, there was only another 98 points until I could reach LV15!

I was extremely delighted, and opened my bag to take a look at the equipment—

[Windrunner] (Bronze level equipment- Leather Boots)

Defence: 24

Agility: +4

Constitution: +2

Required level: 10


It was a pair of leather boots- just what I needed. Because I had changed to the Archer class, I could no longer equip my Wilderness Boots. As such, both the Wilderness Boots and the Shiny War Axe were both sitting in my inventory. After all, Archers could only equip leather armour, as well as use bows and daggers for weapons.

Now, I had to fight barehanded for a while. Luckily, killing a few monsters would give me that final bit of EXP to level up to LV15. After equipping the Golden King Bow, I’d get a tremendous surge in power!

I gave a laugh, and walked to the Village Square and shouted out, “Steel grade boots, hurry over if you want to make an offer!”

In just a moment, the entire Square erupted into chaos. Countless people were yelling things like, “There’s someone selling Steel grade equipment? Damn! Hurry over and have a look- even if we can’t buy it, we can at least have a look at it!”

In just a few minutes, I had been surrounded by an ocean of people. However, there weren’t many who could offer me decent prices. In the end, a little warrior bought the Wilderness Boots for 5 gold coins. After all, it was only a Steel grade equipment- in just a few days, it would become a common good, so I definitely had to get rid of it quickly!

I thought I might as well also sell the Shiny War Axe, so I also sold that for 10 gold coins. Because the demand for weapons was much greater than that for armour and other equipment, the price was much higher.

Thus, I now had 27 gold coins. I once again went to the potion shop and directly filled half of my inventory with low level red and blue potions. In total, I spent less than 7 gold coins in total. I then went to the weapons shop and bought a few quivers of steel arrows. These arrows all increased my attack power by 1, so the large amount I bought should probably last me a long time.

I looked at the players around me. Most of them were hurriedly trying to level up, only occasionally coming back to the village to restock on potions or to repair equipment.

As such, I hid my name, and took out the Golden King Bow. Of course, although it had ‘Golden’ in its name, it was still a Silver grade equipment. If someone found a Gold grade piece of equipment at this stage of the game, then most other players would probably rage-quit…

Most areas around the village had already been occupied by players who were farming. As such, I decided to explore around the area to the west of the village, past the Slime territory, in the deep parts of the forest. Perhaps I could find something good there!

After taking care of some weak monsters on the way, a golden ray of light appeared, and I levelled up to LV15. I immediately equipped the Golden King Bow. In a flash of light, it appeared in my hands, surrounded by a golden glow. It was simply beautiful!

The light of the Golden King Bow attracted the attention of many players around me. Following my principles of keeping a low profile, I turned off the appearance effects of the longbow. Immediately the golden light disappeared, and became a dark coloured longbow. It now looked like an unremarkable common good!

After equipping the Golden King Bow and the Windrunner, I took a big shock after looking at my Stats Page.

Easily Angered Bookworm

Level: 15

HP: 440

Attack Power: 125-180

Defence: 51

Fame: 551

Luck: 0


My Attack Power was incredibly astonishing!


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