Chapter 15

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The Beauty, Ling Yue

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire



With a wooshing sound, a golden glow appeared above my head. I had once again levelled up, and had finally reached LV18!

I looked through the Level Rankings again. Having reached LV18, I was now number 83 in all of China! The number 1 position still belonged to the female Magician called “Qing Feng Lan Yue”, who was already LV20. The other top rankings all belonged to males.

Haha, after entering the top 100, today’s mission had been completed!

It appeared that the equipment that the quest had given me did not have to be appraised, so I took a look at its stats—

[Pristine Luminous Leather Armour] (Bronze level equipment- Leather Armour)

Defence: 36

Agility: +5

Constitution: +4

Required level: 18


Heheh! A Bronze level equipment with fairly high Defence was exactly what I needed!

I immediately equipped the Pristine Luminous Leather Armour happily. Now, my Defence had been raised to 82, which was higher than even most Knights of the current stage of the game. Now, the Blue Eyed Lizards couldn’t even break through my Defence- of course, it had to be noted that Defence was their strongest attribute, not Attack Power.

I had a look at my inventory. I originally had 18 gold coins, but after killing so many Blue Eyed Lizards and completing the quest, I now had 32 gold coins. It looked like I would have much more than enough to fulfil the company’s expectations, so the rest I could use in real life when the Money Exchange System opened.


After walking to the safe zone at the edge of the forest, I logged out.

After taking off the game helmet, I found that my body was covered in sweat. I immediately went to take a cold shower. For breakfast, I stuffed some pieces of bread into my mouth and washed it all down with a cup of warm water. I set my alarm to 8am, then crashed onto my bed!


After getting some nice rest, the irritating sound of my alarm clock woke me up.

The pain of being woken up from some sweet and necessary sleep was terrible. However, I didn’t keep sleeping- I definitely did not want to be late on my second day of the job!

As such, I quickly got up and brushed my teeth. I hurriedly rushed out, and made my way to the office. On the streets there were many girls walking with their friends to school. There were lolis everywhere!

By the time I got to my work, it was nearly 9am. I swiped my card, and sat on the sofa next to my desk, then took out a piece of bread which I finished in just three bites.

At this time, the four beauties also appeared.

Bing Cha [TLN: translated as ‘Ice Tea’ by the original translator] carried a small bag, and sat on another sofa. She looked at me and smiled, “Shu Sheng, how’d you go last night? What level are you now?”

I smiled back, “Doing pretty well, I’ve already changed class.”

“Oh? What class did you choose?”


The beautiful Bing Cha seemed quite delighted, “En, great. That way, we have two Archers- you and Silent Rain are both Archers, I’m a Fencer and Summer, hm? Summer, what’s your class?” [TLN: Silent Rain was translated as ‘Rainfall’ by original translator]

Summer wore a loose dress, and sat next to me. Half of her legs dangled onto my body, and she laughed, “I’m a Summoner- I can already summon LV10 Wolf Cubs!”

I was slightly shocked. Summer’s dress revealed quite a bit of cleavage, but she did not seem to mind at all. She rested one of her snowy white hands on my shoulder, and smilingly said, “Big brother Shu Sheng, do you want me to help you level up? If you do, you can give me your qq number!”

My ears instantly went red, and I couldn’t utter a single word. Damn, since I was young, I had never been able to get so close with a beauty before!

Seeing my awkward reaction, Bing Cha ill-humouredly laughed, “Summer, you should behave yourself. Otherwise, you might scare Shu Sheng away. We’re all going to be spending a lot of time together, so what’s the rush?”

I was stunned, “What do you guys mean? It sounds like I’m like a little chicken that you’re raising to eat one day…”

Summer smirked, “No way! Our Snow Moon office is a very united group- if anyone bullies you, I’ll be there to protect you!”

I was speechless. A little Summoner actually had such confidence.


At this moment, Zi Yue [TLN: translated as Purple Moon by original translator] walked in with a few cups of tea, “Come, come, come, I’m sure we all stayed up all night. Let’s drink some Chrysanthemum tea to revive ourselves!”

I nodded, and moved my body to the left, allowing Summer to properly sit on the sofa. Although her breasts weren’t that large, but she had wide hips and a large behind!

As such, I asked, “Beautiful Summer, do you have a boyfriend?”

Summer smiled, “I used to have one, but the bastard kept asking to ‘deepen our relationship’ by pulling me to the bedroom. For my pure body, I kicked him away!”

I was quite shocked, this woman was not simple at all!

Bing Cha brought over a bottle of ice tea and took a drink, then asked, “How have you guys been going with the gold coin requirement? Have you all collected 2 gold coins yet?”

Silent Rain nodded her head, “En, I got exactly 2 gold coins last night!”

Zi Yue instead replied, “I only got 10 silver coins…”

Summer was even worse off, “2 silver coins; I didn’t even have enough to buy potions!”

Bing Cha had nothing to say, and instead asked me, “What about you, Shu Sheng?”

I replied, “I found a few friends and worked together, and got just enough.”

Bing Cha immediately began to exclaim, “You girls, look at Shu Sheng and how good his attitude is. After not coming in for a few days, you’ve all become so useless!”

I laughed, and turned on my office computer. I looked at the Rankings online- the female Magician Qing Feng Lan Yue was still number 1 on the Level Rankings, being LV22. As for me, my Golden King Bow was still the king of all the other equipment on the Equipment Ranking.

Bing Cha and the others all came up and looked at my screen. Bing Cha exclaimed in disbelief, “This Qing Feng Lan Yue is so incredible. When I woke up this morning, I looked at her records and she had only just logged off. I wonder what sort of woman she is…”

Silent Rain replied, “Levels don’t matter that much. After all, she could ask others to help her level up. If she had a group of people getting monsters down to half HP for her to finish off, this wouldn’t be too difficult. The thing is, did you guys see that Silver grade bow on the Equipment Rankings? It’s so incredible. Who would have such luck to find a Silver grade equipment already!? Even big sister I don’t even have a Bronze grade equipment~~!”

Zi Yue retorted, “You’re not that bad off. I farmed for an entire night, but I only have a Steel axe. If I had a better equipment, I probably would have been able to get up to LV15.”

At this moment, Summer said, “When I came in just then, Director Ling’s office seemed to be locked- I don’t think she has come yet!”

I could not help but be shocked, “Who’s Director Ling?”

Summer gave an ambiguous smile, “Director ling, heheh, is a super beauty. After meeting her, you have to control yourself!”

Could it be Ling Xue? It probably was- otherwise, how else would she have the power to get me into the Development Decision? Plus, if she didn’t have a high position, how else would she be able to afford a BMW?

Summer said, “Shu Sheng, I don’t know what you should be doing yet, so just surf the web for now. When Director Ling is here, she’ll give you some tasks .”

I nodded, “Sure!”

As such, I peacefully looked through Spirit of Grief’s website and forum. Near noon, Summer walked over and patted my shoulder, “Shu Sheng, the Director wants to see you!”

I was slightly nervous, and walked towards the Director’s office.

“Thud thud!” I knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

From inside came a woman’s gentle voice, which sounded very similar to Ling Xue’s!

I opened the door and entered. Behind the large office desk was a beautiful figure. She was writing something on her notebook with a look of concentration. Her long hair fell to her chest, and below her the white collars of her shirt, two proud peaks emerged, which could cause any man to fall into a trance.

After ten or so seconds, she finally raised her head. As I saw her face, I was stunned- that beautiful face, delicate skin, high nose, full and red lips, and beautiful eyes- who else could it be, except Ling Xue?

She looked at me, and calmly asked, “You’re Ding Shu Sheng?”

I was surprised- after not having seen me for a day, did she not recognise me anymore?

As such, I answered, “Ling Xue, I didn’t think you worked here…”

Who would have thought the beautiful woman coldly replied, “I’m not Ling Xue, look carefully! I’m Ling Yue, the ‘savage grandma’ who you talked to over the phone!” [TLN: see Chapter 2]

“What? Ling Yue!?”

I was completely speechless… So that day, when I answered Ling Xue’s phone… that was her older sister, Ling Yue? Goddamn, so they were twins!

Ling Yue gave me a cold look, and continued to speak, “Hmph! If it wasn’t for Ling Xue continuously asking me to accept you into the Development Division, I definitely wouldn’t let you in- you actually dared to call me a savage grandma, hmph!”

My heart was beating furiously. Goddamn, if I was to work under Ling Yue, wouldn’t I have to take a lot of crap from her? Those proverbs were completely right- a single wrong step results in eternal regret!

“Because of you, Ling Xue is still levelling up right now. As for you, hmph, go and work seriously at the game. And also, don’t you dare to bully those girls- they’re all treasures that the company paid a fortune to recruit!”

“En, sure!”

Ling Yue nodded, “You can go now, I’m gonna nap for a bit longer…”

“Hm? Nap for a bit longer?”

Ling Yue suddenly came back to her senses, “Get out, get out!”

I quickly retreated and closed the door. Just before the door closed, I could already see Ling Yue’s head on the table.


Adfly: [Chapter 14]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 16]

[Chapter 14] [Chapter 16]


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