Chapter 17

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King Sword Wolf

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Within the forest, the howls of wolves echoed out continuously, causing one to shudder.

Underneath a tree, many Sword Wolves with savage, glowing red eyes surveyed their surroundings.

I didn’t dare to go any closer- after all, I was by myself. If I was too careless, and ended up dying, I could drop my Golden King Bow, and my full-strength Archer build would become completely useless!

A blue light shot out, and the Ice Arrow I released buried itself into one of the Sword Wolf’s neck. Immediately, I then shot out a Fire Arrow, causing the Sword Wolf to take a few steps back. By the time it began to charge at me, it had been hit by a second Ice Arrow, and right before it reached me, another Fire Arrow found its head. The ferocious Sword Wolf crashed to the ground, and not only did it drop ten or so silver coins, but also a piece of Wolf Fur the size of my palm. I picked it up and examined it- it was indeed the Wolf Fur necessary for the quest.


I killed another few Sword Wolves, but none of them dropped any Wolf Fur. Only after killing the seventh Sword Wolf did I find another piece of Wolf Fur. It seemed that the drop rate for this quest item was not very high. However, the abundant amount of EXP and silver coins made me feel overjoyed.

After about an hour, a golden light flashed- I had finally reached LV19. At the same time, I had gained 14 Sword Wolf Fur. It seemed that collecting 100 pieces of Wolf Fur would take at least seven to eight hours.

In the blink of an eye, another two hours had passed. A Sword Wolf charged towards me, and as a fiery red light shot out, it too collapsed on the ground.


A piece of equipment fell to the ground, and a ‘Ding” noise also sounded out—

System Announcement: Congratulations, you have reached LV20!

System Announcement: Congratulations, you have awakened a talent—[Low Level Healing]!



I was slightly shocked, and remembered that when players reached LV20, they would receive a talent. There were many different types of talents, but their effects were all mediocre.

My talent was Low level Healing- it was a skill that could not be upgraded, and could heal me for 100HP for 10MP every time!

I gave a wry smile, “Time to pretend to be a Priest to get in with the Fencer beauties!”

I then remembered the piece of equipment that the Sword Wolf had dropped.

It was a piece of leather armour, glowing with a slightly red light. I picked it up and looked at it—

[Red Flame Breastplate] (Bronze level equipment- Leather Armour)

Defence: 36

Agility: +8

Required level: 25

Equipment Set Attributes: ???




I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things. This Red Flame Breastplate was part of a set! No wonder the system said that the Savage Wolf Ridge was similar to heaven! Not only could one kill monsters for large amounts of EXP, but they could even find equipment sets- this was a golden training area!

I decided to put the Red Flame Breastplate into my inventory. I’d appraise it after I went back to a town or village. I wondered what effects would appear when I collected an entire set.


My Healing talent seemed pretty good- it only had a two second cast time, and could restore 100HP. This way, I wouldn’t have to rely on red potions anymore- after all, swapping 10MP for 100HP was definitely worth it. Moreover, the Ice Arrow and Fire Arrows’ Proficiencies were unceasingly increasing. I estimated that by the time I completed this quest, both of these skills would be upgraded to Intermediate skills!

After levelling up to LV20, I wholeheartedly devoted myself to killing Sword Wolves. My EXP bar continuously grew, and by 2am, I had collected all of the Wolf Fur, as well as found a Red Flame Helmet and Red Flame Boots. If I could find leg guards, I would have a complete set. Although I was now only LV22, this was enough to once again push me into the top 100. I was now the twelfth in China- if I could keep this going, I could stand at the top of China!


After levelling to LV22, I could finally see the levels of the Sword Wolves. The Sword Wolves that I had been farming off were LV27 monsters, and had 150 Attack Power. No wonder they did so much damage to me!

By 3am, the entire Savage Wolf Ridge had been cleared out by me. What was shocking was that after 6 hours, the monsters still had not respawned yet!


Heading towards the depths of the Savage Wolf Ridge, I could only find two Sword Wolves. After clearing them with my Fire Arrows, with clatter, the final piece of the Red Flame equipment set, the leg guards, appeared!

I was incredibly elated, and put the Red Flame Leg Guards into my inventory. I took a deep breath, for I had now arrived in the depths of the Savage Wolf Ridge!

At the bottom of a bleak white cliff, there were five wolves standing there. Four of them looked very ordinary. However, the one in the centre looked extremely savage, and had an entire body of red fur. It was two metres high, and its sharp teeth glistened with its saliva.


The wolf in the middle was definitely the King Sword Wolf!

I deduced that the four wolves around the King Sword Wolf were the King’s Guards. Their levels were probably the same as the King’s, as their levels were hidden from me.

I knew that engaging the five of them in battle would be dangerous, but walking away from a free boss was simply stupid!


The question I then had to consider was whether I should kill the guards first, or take down the King first. If I could see all of their stats, this would make the choice easier, but as my level was too low, I couldn’t use their stats to devise a strategy.

Thinking to here, I thought, screw it, might as well just shoot then think.


A Fire Arrow shot into one of the King’s Guard’s neck!


A devastating strike!

However, I couldn’t feel happy at all. This was because although I had cleared out more than 2,000HP, its HP had only been reduced by a bit! Its total HP was probably more than 50,000!

I drew in a breath of cold air. At this moment, that King’s Guard had already leapt towards me, and its sharp claws dug into my shoulder.

Ignoring the pain, I was pleasantly shocked to find that the King’s Guard had only taken out about 35HP- it had barely broken through my Defence!

Could it be that the King’s Guard’s Attack Power did not even reach 100?

This seemed quite logical- after all, they were pretty much meat-shields for the King. Having large amounts of HP, but low Attack Power, was quite normal for a guard.


Suddenly, a red blur appeared within my field of vision, and I felt a sharp pain in my chest. My whole body was knocked flying back by the attack!


Battle Announcement: You have received damage from the King Sword Wolf, and have lost 443HP!

I was extremely shaken, and looked at my remaining 2HP!


I only had 480HP in total, and after consecutively being hit by the King’s Guard and the King Sword Wolf, I only had a measly 2 HP left!


I was knocked flying by the King Sword Wolf’s attack to the base of the cliff. Behind me there was only hard rocks, whereas the four King’s Guards had already charged up to me. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place!

I quickly swallowed a 300HP red potion, then used my Healing talent, and pulled my HP back up.

At this moment, the four King’s Guards all leapt towards me, and began to attack!


Under their furious attacks, my HP once again dropped below 200HP. However, relying on drinking potions and my Healing talent, I could still recover my HP.

I suddenly realised a very good piece of news!

The King Sword Wolf looked at me savagely, but did not approach. This was because I was surrounded by the four King’s Guards, and thus it could not attack me.

“Damn! Here’s my chance!”

I immediately shot a Fire Arrow towards the King Sword Wolf!


The Fire Arrow struck the head of the King Sword Wolf, and a damage figure arose.


Although the damage figure was not too high, it was still decent. This was a boss over LV27- to be able to deal this much damage to such a boss, most players would be completely speechless. After all, between LV15 and LV20, most players would already be overjoyed if their Attack Power was over 100!

The King Sword Wolf furiously howled, but it was a pity that it could not do anything about it. It was evident that the system had not given the King’s Guards much intelligence- they could not receive orders from the King, neither did they think of moving aside to make way for the King.

I continuously drank potions to maintain my HP, and occasionally used my Healing talent. I felt super lucky- if it wasn’t for my Healing talent, I definitely wouldn’t be able to stay alive!

Although the King Sword Wolf had incredible Attack Power, it did not have much HP. After 10 minutes, my Fire Arrows had already reduced its HP by half!

Another 10 minutes passed in the blink of an eye. As the final Fire Arrow shot into its head, it gave a pathetic cry and collapsed, and dropped many items!


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have killed the boss King Sword Wolf. You have received 120,000EXP and Fame+450!


“Ayy, equipment!’

Seeing the sparkling equipment on the ground, my greatest desire was to go over and pick them up. However, I remembered that I was still surrounded by the four King’s Guards.


Goddamn, these annoying guys!

I felt incredibly furious towards these wolves that I had felt very grateful to just a while ago. After continuously alternating between firing Fire Arrows, drinking red potions and using my Healing talent, they all met the same outcome as the King Sword Wolf!

Without a second thought, I ran towards the King Sword Wolf’s body, and collected the three pieces of equipment into my inventory.


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  1. This guy is using the game system programming to his advantage.
    Unlike Shura’s Wrath, this MC is realistically getting stronger.
    A refreshing chapter. Thanks for the update.

  2. I wonder why are all the games in Chinese “virtual life” novels so poorly designed?
    8 hours of continuous farming _of the same monster_ is a torture – and they even added extremely slow respawn rates and nonexistent loot drop…

    1. Because if everyone can become strong so easily, nothing becomes a challenge.
      It’s the thrill of the challenge that makes people come back to the virtual world eager to explore more.

      1. Before “becoming strong” or “wanting a challenge” – the game first of all has to make *paying* players actually *want to play it*. Which means normal quest length (and multiple possible solutions), much greater variation in mobs – and decent rewards.

        As is, those VRMMORPGs are attractive to one kind of players only – gold farmers that hate all variation with a prejudice since it makes their work more complex.

  3. -_- if DT happens the balance would be too broken but he can I suppose set it up like than on an ambush
    But in a battle?? one is dumb enough to be played like DT hha

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