Chapter 18

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Red Flame Equipment Set

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

[TLN: I’ll be translating equipment as “Bronze grade equipment” from now on, instead of level- it makes more sense that way]


While tanking the damage from the three King’s Guards, I quickly drank a potion while picking up the 25 gold coins that the King Sword Wolf had dropped, as well as the King Sword Wolf’s bloody head.

I didn’t have time to look at the stats of the equipment; that would come after getting rid of the King’s Guards in ten or so minutes!

After a while, the Savage Wolf Ridge lapsed into silence. All of the monsters had been slain, and had been turned into my EXP and gold. Of course, there was also the five pieces of the Red Flame equipment set, as well as the three pieces of equipment from the King Sword Wolf. In just one night, I had gained 8 pieces of equipment, and they were all definitely superb!

The EXP from the King Sword Wolf caused me to level up to LV23, and was close to LV24. After handing in the quest, I was sure that the EXP I would gain would push me all the way up to LV25!

I quickly ran back to where the hunters were, and took out the one hundred pieces of Wolf Fur, as well as the King Sword Wolf’s head.

Immediately, the hunter’s eyes widened, and after a short while he finally spoke, “Brave young man, you actually completed such a difficult quest. Here, this is your reward!”


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have completed the quest [King Sword Wolf], you have received 180,000EXP, 10 gold coins and Fame+400!



The EXP and gold rewards were quite good for a quest with a difficulty level of 387. However, the only downside was that there was no equipment reward. Despite this, I was not too disappointed- after all, it was said that the chance for a quest to give equipment rewards was only about 25%.

Just as I had expected, the abundant amount of EXP caused me to level up to LV25. I once again opened the Level Rankings- I was now number 6 in China. The number one position still belonged to the female Magician Qing Feng Lan Yue, and the other four were all players with names starting with “Battle Soul”!


I thought for a while, this “Battle Soul” name sounded very familiar. I remembered that they were a group that had recently been formed, and had gathered many experts. They practically dominated every single virtual game. I never thought that they would enter Spirit of Grief as well.

It seemed that the future would hold many challenges and battles. Just like the Sword Flame and Fated powers, I was bound to have battles with Battle Soul. After all, players were all aiming for the top, and the only way to talk was with one’s fists!


I had a look at the time, and found that it was already 4am. It was still 1 hr away from when I had planned to log off, so I took out a teleport scroll that I had bought for 1 gold coin and returned to Novice Village.  (Only after LV30 can one set their teleport scroll to take them to a corresponding main city).

A white light flashed, and I appeared in the Novice Village. Most players were still wearing their shabby equipment; most still had the tattered clothing that gave only 0-1 Defence. To the current me, it felt like I had walked into a world of beggars.


I walked to the Appraisal Shop, and put the five pieces of the Red Flame equipment set on the table. The Appraiser, upon looking at them, seemed slightly shocked, and then said in a low voice, “Total Appraisal fee is 15 gold coins!”

It seemed that each piece required 3 gold coins, so they were probably just Bronze grade equipment. Indeed, it was not that easy for Silver grade equipment to drop!

After paying 15 gold coins, the Appraiser passed his hand over the equipment, and the five pieces of equipment shone with a faint light—

[Red Flame Breastplate] (Bronze grade equipment- Leather)

Defence: 55

Agility: +12

Constitution: +8

Required Level: 25

Equipment set effect: Long distance Attack Power + 15%, Defence+5%, +12% chance to dodge an opponent’s Physical Attack!



[Red Flame Leg Guard] (Bronze grade equipment- Leather)

Defence: 45

Agility: +9

Constitution: +6

Required level: 25


[Red Flame Boots] (Bronze grade equipment- Leather)

Defence: 42

Agility: +9

Constitution: +6

Required level: 25


[Red Flame Leather Hat] (Bronze grade equipment- Leather)

Defence: 45

Agility: +8

Constitution: +4

Required level: 25


[Red Flame Handguard] (Bronze grade equipment- Leather)

Defence: 42

Agility: +9

Constitution: +6

Required level: 25


Although these five pieces of equipment were only Bronze grade, but their value came from their levels. The effects they gave were also awesome!

I took off the Pristine Luminous Leather Armour and Windrunner Boots, and when all five pieces of the Red Flame equipment set were equipped, my body felt incredibly warm, as well as very light. The equipment set also gave off a unique glow, through which one could tell that this set of armour was definitely not ordinary.


System Announcement: Equipment set effects have been activated: your long distance Attack Power+15%, Defence+5%, +12% chance of dodging an opponent’s Physical Attacks!

Once again, I was overjoyed. After I upgraded my skills, I would definitely be undefeatable, hahaha!


I had a look at my stats-

Easily Angered Bookworm (Apprentice Archer)

Level: 25

HP: 880

Attack Power: 175-230

Defence: 205

Fame: 1041

Luck: 0



I put all of my points from levelling up into Strength, which gave me 27 points of Attack Power. Right now, my Defence had reached a terrifying level of 205 points. My HP had risen to 650, but with the 26 Constitution from the equipment set, my overall HP became 880!

I laughed out loud, I was now a High Defence Tank Archer!!

I suddenly thought of the equipment that had dropped from the King Sword Wolf, and took them out. The first was a pair of armoured boots. I put them on the table, and the Appraiser gave it a casual glance and said, “Appraisal fee, 80 silver coins.”

I immediately knew that this was probably a trash piece of equipment…

The boots flashed, and its stats were displayed-

[Wolf Tail Battle Boots] (Steel grade equipment)

Defence: 72

Strength: +4

Required level: 27



Goddamn, turns out it was indeed a trash piece of equipment. However, it wasn’t entirely useless- Warrior classes had very high Defence, and just a Steel grade piece of armour greatly exceeded the Defence from any of the equipment from the Bronze grade Red Flame equipment set. If a LV27 Berserker used Bronze grade equipment, I might have to use an Armour Piercing Arrow to break through their Defence!

The second item that the King Sword Wolf had dropped was a book, so it didn’t need to be appraised-

 [Red Flames Sea] (Skill Book): Summons a sea of flames that causes damage to a set area.

Requirements: LV25 Magician

Once again, I was very pleased. Although there weren’t many magicians who could use this book right now, after half a week, most Magicians would be around LV25. At that time, there would be a great demand for skill books!

The third piece of equipment that the King Sword Wolf had dropped was a radiant dagger. Just from looking at it, my instincts told me that it might be a Silver grade equipment!

When I put the dagger on the table, the Appraiser’s attitude completely changed, and said, “This… this is a treasure! Appraisal fee is 10 gold coins!”


I was ecstatic and immediately paid the appraisal fee. The Appraiser’s hand passed over it, and a brilliant light shone out from the dagger.

[Lightwave Dagger] (Silver grade equipment)

Attack Power: 60-95

Agility: +15

Constitution: +8

Required level: 25


The dagger had impressive Attack Power, but definitely could not be compared to the Golden King Bow. From this, I determined that the Golden King Bow’s stats definitely surpassed the Silver grade, and was even bordering on the Gold grade!

Archers could equip two types of weapons- one was bows, and the other was daggers. As such, I equipped the Lightwave Dagger, and my HP rose by 40 points, bringing me to a total of 920 HP!

There were no other players in the Appraisal Shop, so I turned on the visual effects of the Red Flame equipment set, Golden King Bow and the Lightwave Dagger. Immediately, the room burst into light. It was simply dazzling!

I was very satisfied, and turned off the visual effects. I decided that I would continue to keep a low profile. Once I started fighting other people, I would be unstoppable!


I went outside, and stored the Red Flames Sea skill book into my inventory. I cleared my throat, and sold the Pristine Luminous Leather Armour and Windrunner Boots, which got me another 10 gold coins. Now, I had 76 gold coins in my inventory! At this stage of the game, I was incredibly rich!

I restocked on potions, and found that I didn’t have anything to do. Going back to the Savage Wolf Ridge was not feasible- I wasn’t sure if the monsters there had respawned yet, and just going there would take half an hour or so.

I shook my head and laughed, “Never mind, I’ll just sleep. Health is wealth!”

Just as I was about to log off, a “dii~” sound rang out- it was a message from a friend!

I opened it, and saw that it was from Purple Rhyme. Immediately, Purple Rhyme’s figure appeared in my mind. What did such a beautiful Priest want from me?

The message said, “Are you busy? Can you help me with something?”

Since I had nothing to do, I replied, “I’m not busy.”

After a few seconds, another message from Purple Rhyme appeared, “Then I’ll meet you at the village entrance!”

I walked towards the village entrance, and saw a beautiful figure appear there. It was Purple Rhyme!

She was wearing a slightly glowing Magician’s robe. Judging from its appearance, it was probably a Bronze grade equipment. The Sword Flame guild was quite impressive- they had acquired a Bronze grade Magician’s robe in such a short period of time.

Purple Rhyme was looking around, probably searching for me.

As I was wearing the Red Flame equipment set, she did not recognise me at all, until I walked up to her and smilingly said, “Hai~!”


Immediately, Purple Rhyme turned and looked at me, her eyes full of shock and surprise. Only after a long pause did she smile and say, “You’ve gotten together an equipment set so quickly, wow…”

I humbly smiled, “Nah, it’s nothing. That’s right, did you want help with a quest?”

“En, it’s a quest. I need to kill a LV20 boss, but Dragon Soul and Punisher have already logged off, so I thought of you. I won’t waste too much of your time, and I’ll give you 5 gold coins for your time…” Purple Rhyme earnestly said.

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t worry about it, you consider me as a friend right? It’s just killing a boss- I’ll treat it as travelling with a beautiful girl for free, so I’ll be happy as long as you don’t charge me money!”

My words caused Purple Rhyme to laugh, which caused her to look incredibly beautiful and gentle.



At the same time, at another corner of the Novice Village, a beautiful Fencer finished off] a dog-headed man by herself.

A golden light appeared above her head, and she wiped off the sweat on her forehead as she sweetly smiled, “I’ve finally reached LV20. I wonder if that dummy has reached LV20 yet…”

Under the moonlight, the young lady’s snow white skin gleamed, making her seem especially enchanting and beautiful.


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  1. I can’t wait til the girls hes working with irl find out how much of a BA he has become lol. Though how much longer can that low level bow actually last for him anyway? It may be high rank but it is still low level and once he loses the effect of perfect accuracy from that bow then his Archer will be in big trouble lol.

    1. Perfect accuracy skill is from using the Bow. So if he loses or breaks the bow, then he may be in trouble.
      I just hope it’s possible to change professions in the future.

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