Chapter 2

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The beginning as it happened

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Today, other than having the good luck to pick up a hot chick, my luck has been terrible.

In the morning, I received a phone call. It was a call from my company telling me that I have been fired. After that, I threw my handphone away in anger, and it happened to fall into the river. There goes my 300 bucks Motorola Cottage phone.

After that, I went to an ATM to withdraw money to pay my rent. But who knows that the money in my ATM card had been pilfered by hackers, and my card was eaten up the ATM machine? Oh, high and almighty bank, the 500 bucks in my card is to supposed to be used for paying my rental expenses!

Next, the bicycle which had accompanied me for 3 or more years left my side. It was ‘arrested’ by an inspector uncle for being too old and clunky and was considered a road safety hazard.

I did even not have dinner, and muddle-headedly return to the cell where I live in.

And found that there was a BMW parked below my flat.

Looking out the window, I was surprised to see a female driver, lying on top of the steering wheel. I do not know why, but her shoulders were twitching.

It was not really my business, so I did not really care about it.

Walking through the neighbourhood, I sneaked a glance in all directions. Surely heaven is not so cruel to me? I am sure that God will provide me with a way out!

I did not know whose house had planted some green vegetables in their garden. The garden seemed to be abundant with the plants.

I stretched out my hand, and sneakily took one stem of vegetable. After washing away the soil, this plant could be used to make a vegetable porridge. What is even better is that this green vegetable is definitely fresh!

My home is on the fifth floor, a 3 room flat with a hall. I rented the middle room, and my rental is about 500 bucks a month. As for why the rental is so low, it is because other people are not willing to rent this place. At first I thought there are ghosts here. But it turns out that my neighbours are a bit more ‘special’.

The women living in the room to the left of my room often brings some middle age men home. Then the room seemed to shake and you could hear the sounds of panting, moaning and groaning. Of course, such a straight and sweet man like myself have no idea what they were doing.

As for my neighbours on the right, it is rented by several university students who are forming their own band. There is a guy in the room who would play his drums and sing loudly every night as he tried to compose some music.

Therefore, it is not surprising for me to wake up into the middle of the night, with two types of sounds drifting into my room.

“arrhh. Aiya.. Arrrhh.. Arrhhh… Ohhhh…!”

“You died already and you still want love…..” [Lyrics to a self-composed song]

“arrhh. Aiya.. Arrrhh.. Arrhhh… Ohhhh…!”

“You died already and you still want MORE LOVEEEE….”

Therefore, in loneliness of the night, while I am sleeping, I often I wish that I  was dead.


I shook my bag of rice, and discover I did not even have 100 grains of rice. I double confirmed and found that I have exactly 56 grains of rice. That’s wonderful! 56 nationalities in China, and 56 flowers. All 56 nationalities are one big Chinese family!

[Note: China has exactly 56 ethnic groups refer to 56 nationalities in China. Each group has a national flower, and all 56 groups belongs to China. See here.]

I am very excited. Yes I am feeling super excited. Because this means that I will not starve to death! Horray!

I washed the green vegetable that I ‘borrowed’ from the garden, and carefully remove the soil. Then I cut it into many small pieces, and threw them into the pot. In this way, it will seem that I have eat many pieces. At least, in this way, I feel that I had eaten a lot, and will naturally feel full. I do not ask for a lot, as long as I can make my stomach stop growling in hunger, that is more than enough for me.  On several occasions, as long as I tricked myself, this would be enough for me to live.

While the rice porridge is being cooked, I returned to my room and switched on the computer. Only to discover that almost every website are advertising about <<Spirit of Grief>> being launched tomorrow at 6pm. For the virtual gaming industry which have been losing customers steadily every year due to declining interest in the gene, <<Spirit of Grief>> is like a blockbuster that had the potential to retrieve the struggling virtual reality market!


Unfortunately, I could not afford to buy a game helmet. Although I have a dedicated gaming network cable, but it is unlikely to be able to allow me to be online at the moment of the launch.

Much later, the best and worst thing in my life happened to me. I save the beauty in the BMW, but found myself being locked out of my room.

The beauty even had a game helmet in the hall!

I was shocked. Is this really the <<Spirit of Grief>> game helmet? But this is impossible as the helmet is only on sale tomorrow onwards. Why is there a helmet here?

My heart could not help being suspicious. Who is the beauty sleeping in my bed?

Right at this moment, a shrill noise rang out. Only then did I discovered that the lady’s handphone and car keys are all in the bag as well.

Looking at the CallerID, it says “Elder Sister”.

Yi? Her elder sister had called her?

This is wonderful! Why not let her come here and take the beauty inside away? Although I had repeatedly begged God to gift me with such a beautiful girl, but surely God had no reasons to make sure that I sleep outside my room tonight?

Once I thought it over, I immediately received the phone call.

A sweet voice rang out: “Hello, Ling Xue, where are you now? Why are you not back at home?”

This sweet voice is almost identical to the sleeping beauty in my room. It looks that the owner of this voice is definitely her sister.

I replied: “Are you her elder sister?”

The girl was immediately placed on high alert. “Who are you? Where is Ling Xue? What did you do with my sister?

I immediately tried to clarify: “Your sister is all right, she is in my room!”

Who knows it only make her panic: “You rotten bastard! What did you do to my little sister!”

At this time, I was too angry to reply. Today is really not my lucky day! I had save this Ling Xue lady, and in return, I got a scolding from her elder sister?

Therefore, I roared: “You savage grandma, listen to my explanation, ok?”

The lady on the phone seemed to be shocked: “Tell me where she is, I will immediately drive over!”

I was about to reply, when I discovered that the mobile phone was flashed a warning sound “Out of battery….”

Then the mobile phone automatically shut down by itself.

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