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Showing Off For the First Time!

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

A few people walked out from the forest. Two were Berserkers, two were Assassins and three were Magicians!

Looking over, I was quite surprised- it was my ‘old friends’, people from the Fated Clan. The person walking in front of the rest of the group was the Fated Clan’s head, Fated Madman!

Fated Madman immediately recognised Purple Rhyme and myself, and his face darkened, “So enemies are destined to butt heads, eh? This is quite a small world!”

Purple Rhyme coldly replied, “Cut the crap! There was no enmity originally between Fated and Sword Flame, but you guys started to cause trouble for us!”

Fated Madman harrumphed, “Sword Flame? Hmph, yesterday, we weren’t prepared, but today I want to see how you two will escape from us!”

Fated Madman turned to the three Magicians by his side and began to give orders, “First get rid of the Priest, and then I’ll get rid of the boy myself!”


I looked over, and saw that Fated Madman’s equipment were all pretty decent. He had an axe that was rippling with light, which was probably a Bronze grade piece of equipment. He was also wearing four pieces of armour, all of which had bonus stats. The lowest grade was probably Steel. The three Magicians had decent equipment as well, and from the looks of them, they seemed to be mid-high level players!

Purple Rhyme tightly gripped her staff and said in a low voice, “Shu Sheng, our odds don’t look too good this time. Try to escape while I stall for time!”

I couldn’t help but smile, “No need, if someone should stay, that should be me. If I ran off by myself, how could I face Dragon Soul and Punisher?”

Purple Rhyme helplessly smiled, and nodded, “Then we’ll die together…”

I laughed, “There’s no need for that!”

“Eh?” Purple Rhyme seemed shocked, as if she wanted to ask something.

I had already started moving. The Lightwave Dagger was already in my hands as I charged forwards, stabbing towards Fated Madman’s chest.


Fated Madman was also shocked by my actions. He never expected that I would make the first move, and so suddenly as well. As such, he immediately gave the order, “Kill him immediately!”

However, the moment the dagger was about to reach him, my body suddenly stopped, and I was unable to attack him.


A fireball had flown over and crashed into my chest!

The three Magicians had pretty high Attack, and every fireball dealt about 150 HP. However, with my monstrous 920 HP, how could I be killed so easily?

I quickly gulped down a red potion, and changed the direction I was running- it was obvious who my target was.

Fated Madman must have thought that I was an Assassin. He spun around with his axe while furiously yelling, “Earth-Splitting Slash!”



A fiery light flew over, and a damage figure of 45 rose up above my head.

I couldn’t help but laugh. After all, the Red Flame Equipment Set was a set of LV25 Bronze grade equipment. Even a Berserker like Fated Madman couldn’t get past my Defence!

Fated Madman’s mouth hung open in shock. I immediately equipped my Golden King Bow, and shot out a Fire Arrow. It streaked through the air, and exploded into a LV21 Magician’s chest!


The Fire Arrow passed through the Magician’s chest, and insta-killed him!

Fated Madman was completely shocked at this point, but before he had a chance to recover, I had already shot out an Ice Arrow. A LV20 Magician watched as the Ice Arrow sunk into his chest, but was unable to dodge at all! That was two Magicians down!

However, I did not stop moving. Before all of the Magicians were dead, Purple Rhyme would not be safe.


I was now already in front of the last Magician. I once again equipped the Lightwave Dagger, and slashed it across the last Magician’s neck. The Magician’s blood spurted out of his neck as he also collapsed onto the ground.

In just a few seconds, the entire situation had been turned on its head. The three Fated Magicians were now dead on the ground, and there were just two Berserkers and two Assassins now!

After killing the three Magicians, I charged over to Fated Madman while laughing, “Fated Madman, you brought a bunch of trash to deal with me? Heheh, if you want to kill me, you’re going to have to do your best!”

I unlocked the visual effects of all of my equipment in full view. Instantly, the forest was filled with golden light from my Golden King Bow and ruby light from my Red Flame Equipment Set!


All of a sudden, Fated Madman and his group were speechless. This was so for Purple Rhyme as well. Her mouth was open, but she was unable to make a sound.

A few seconds later, Fated Madman furiously yelled out, “Fuck! You think you’re so good just because you have good equipment? I’m going to kill you today!”

The Fated group began to charge towards me as well. Fated Madman once again struck out with his axe, and Fated Bloodthirster’s blood-red dagger also struck towards me from behind!

Their goal was obvious- using the heavy-armoured Berserker to tie me up from the front, while the dextrous Assassin would strike at me from behind!

I quickly retreated, and shot out with my Golden King Bow. An Ice Arrow struck one of the Assassins in the chest, and before he had realised what was happening, he was on his way back to the revival point!

Just then when we started fighting, I purposely tried to attract all of their firepower onto myself. This was because if they attacked first, I could retaliate all I wanted in the name of self-defence, and would not have to worry about the consequences.



I was once again hit in the chest by Fated Madman’s attack, and lost 100 HP. However, I was not worried at all. The only ones that had a chance of killing me were the Magicians, who were now all respawning in the Novice Village.


A Fire Arrow found its mark on Fated Bloodthirster’s chest, and with a stunned look on his face, he was also sent back to the Novice Village. Assassins were simply too squishy. Even if he had much, much more HP, he would still have been insta-killed.

Now, there were only two Berserkers left!

Fated Madman was furious. He yelled out, “Fourth bro! Charge with me together!”

The “Fourth bro” nodded, and charged over with his axe as well. However, before he was even close, my Armour Piercing Arrow shot through the air and pierced into his chest!


The terrifying number caused Fated Madman to despair. Even a Berserker, with their incredibly high Defence, had been dealt with over 1,000 damage by this Archer. What was the point of having such high Defence if they would still be killed in one hit?


The Fourth bro also turned into a streak of white light and returned to the revival point. Fated Madman was completely furious at this point, and glared at me as he yelled, “Bastard, I’ll make you regret making me angry!”


I replied with another Amour Piercing Arrow. Immediately Fated Madman lost 1069 HP, and was only left with a sliver of health!

I was just about to finish him off when Purple Rhyme laughed, “Let me do it!”


She swept out with her hands, and a purple Smite landed on Fated Madman’s head!

Soon after, Fated Madman died as a result of the Priest’s Smite skill, and looked extremely humiliated.


A helmet landed on the ground, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Fated Madman had actually dropped his helmet!


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