Chapter 21

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An Outstanding Person

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire


I picked up Fated Madman’s helmet and looked at its stats-

[Green Helmet] (Bronze grade equipment)

Defence: 52

Strength: +6

Constitution: +1

Required level: 14


The helmet’s Defence was passable, and along with its other stats, it was a decent piece of equipment. I couldn’t help but say, “Green helmet, green…”


Purple Rhyme couldn’t help but laugh, “You were going to say ‘green hat’ weren’t you? Do you think I’d be embarrassed by something like that? I’ll have you know that this big sister has seen quite a bit; I’m not a little flower!” [TLN: if you say a man is wearing a ‘green hat’, it means that he’s been cheated on by his wife]

I laughed. Indeed, Purple Rhyme’s mature air made her seem like someone who had seen quite a bit. Although she was not incredibly beautiful, I still could not help but take a liking to her.

Looking at the Green Helmet, I said to her, “After we get back, I’ll sell this and we’ll split the money half-half.”

“No way, you did all of the work, so the equipment should go to you!”

Purple Rhyme smiled, and said, “It’s getting late, so you should get some rest. Don’t tire yourself out!”

I nodded, and returned to the Novice Village. Standing in the centre of the Novice Village, I began to yell out, and soon, I had sold the Green Helmet for 40 gold. Now, most players’ levels were not too low anymore, so it was not too hard to earn money. The helmet was pretty much useless to me, so I decided that I might as well just sell it.


Before logging off, I had a look at the Level Rankings. Once again, I had dropped out of the top 10, and was ranked 17th with my LV25. First place was still the female Magician Qing Feng Lan Yue, at LV28.

This Qing Feng Lan Yue, what sort of girl was she?

I wondered to myself, then logged off.


I slept until about 8am, and seeing that I was going to be late, I skipped breakfast and ran the whole way to the company.

It turned out that the beauties Zi Yue and Summer were both late, and both arrived around 11am with their eyes red. When Silent Rain asked them why they were so late, Zi Yue replied, “Summer and I are both in the same Novice Village. Last night I helped her level up to LV19- I feel like dying!”

Summer indignantly replied, “Having a beautiful lady to train with you, and you took advantage of me so many times- and yet you seem so unwilling!”

Zi Yue glared at her, “Please, you’re talking as if I’m not a woman…”


Not too long after they started talking, Bing Cha walked in, “Everyone, come with me. It’s time for our meeting!”

“Meeting?” I asked in a puzzled voice.

Bing Cha nodded and smiled, “Mhmm, it’s about business matters in the game. General Manager Wang will be leading the meeting!”

I smiled- this time I could finally meet this legendary General Manager Wang!

As such, we all got up, and I followed behind everyone else. We walked into a conference room, and there were about 50 people inside. Some were from the Development Department, and others were from the Operations Department.

I sat next with Bing Cha on my left, and Summer on my right. Summer looked at the beauties around us, and said admiringly, “The General Manager’s Secretary has such a nice figure!”

I looked at Summer, and saw that she was wearing a loose camisole, which revealed quite a bit of her chest. Summer seemed to notice me looking and mischievously smiled, “Shu Sheng, big sister’s body is quite nice, huh?”


I replied, “A mountain range from the front and a mountain peak from the side.”

Summer didn’t understand, so she asked, “What do you mean, Shu Sheng?”

Bing Cha giggled, “He’s saying that you can’t see much when looking from the front, and you can only see some ‘peaks’ when you’re looking from the side…”

Summer vehemently looked and me, and said, “Shu Sheng’s so mean. I’m going to ignore you from now on!”

I chuckled. I didn’t like being toyed with by these beauties, so I had to let them know that I wasn’t a pushover either!

At this moment, someone suddenly called out, “General Manager Wang is here!”

I looked up, and saw a handsome-looking, yet nerdy looking man walk in. He had a pale face, slicked hair that was parted in the middle, and was wearing an expensive-looking suit.


I was slightly surprised, “This is General Manager Wang?”

Bing Cha replied “That’s right. This is one of the bigshots of our company, Wang Junjie. He has Master degrees from Cambridge and Harvard, and was headhunted to be the General Manager of our Bluestar Group!”

Summer smiled, “General Manager Wang’s also very young- I heard he’s only 28!”

I was quite shocked. He was only older than me by 4 years, and yet he had risen to such a prominent position. This Wang Junjie was quite impressive!

Wang Junjie sat down at the conference table and asked, “Is everyone here?”

Beside him, the Supervisor of the Marketing Department replied, “Director Ling isn’t here yet; everyone else is here.”

“Oh? Ah Yue still isn’t here?” Wang Junjie referred to her in an affectionate manner, as if they were very close. [TLN: Sometimes, if someone wants to refer to another person affectionately, they might use ‘Ah’ and then the person’s name (e.g. Ling Yue = Ah Yue). This is usually used from parents to children, or between good friends or lovers]

I was slightly surprised, and asked, “What’s his relationship with Ling Yue?”


Bing Cha looked around her and bit her lips, “This idiot Wang Junjie is Director Ling’s boyfriend. However, Director Ling doesn’t give him much face.”

For some reason, I didn’t feel quite comfortable.  Ling Yue was Ling Xue’s twin elder sister, and sometimes I couldn’t tell the difference between them. As such, when Ling Yue was in front of me, I would always think that she’s Ling Xue. With such a handsome boyfriend jumping in out of nowhere, I felt quite uneased.

Wang Junjie coughed, “Then let’s wait for her!”

After 10 minutes, Ling Yue finally arrived. Her hair seemed to be in disarray, as if she had just woken up and rushed over.

What caused everyone to feel even more shocked was that Ling Yue discourteously sat down at the seat of the host- the most important position!

I was a bit confused, “A Director is more important than a General Manager?”

“Of course a General Manager is more important!” Bing Cha replied, then continued to explain, “I can tell what you’re thinking. It’s actually very simple. The boss of the Bluestar Group is Ling Tian, and Ling Yue is Ling Tian’s daughter. As such, Ling Yue is actually the one with the most authority here. As for Wang Junjie, he’s simply someone working for the company. He’s very talented, so Ling Tian treats him well, and is considering to pass on his position to him. As such, he’s willing to accept Wang Junjie as his daughter’s boyfriend…”

I nodded as everything became clearer to me.

Bing Cha continued to talk, “Wang Junjie’s family has been in decline for a while. I’m sure they want to grab on to this opportunity and make sure he marries Ling Yue, so that they have the support of the Bluestar Group.  In actuality, Wang Junjie is pretty much just a leech!”


At this moment, Wang Junjie concernedly looked at Ling Yue and asked, “Ah Yue, are you feeling alright?”

Ling Yue only calmly replied, “Start the meeting!”

Wang Junjie obviously felt a bit awkward, but quickly announced, “Today’s meeting is about our business matters within the game. Spirit of Grief has already been open for two days, and many of our employees have already risen above LV20. In the afternoon, all players above LV20 are to meet at the Twilight City, and all players are required to contribute 5 gold as the initial operation funds.”


Many of the male employees began to nod, whereas many of the female employees began to complain amongst themselves, “I’m not even LV20 yet, and I don’t even have enough gold to learn my skills. It’s completely impossible for me to contribute so much!”

Wang Junjie smiled, and continued to speak, “Those who don’t want to train and level up can take on business within the game: buying and selling shovels, arrows and lumber axes. These people should learn Production Skills, which will be paid for by players who choose to fight and level up. I hope that our Bluestar Group will be able to make a name for ourselves within Spirit of Grief!”

Afterwards, Wang Junjie looked towards Ling Yue, “Ah Yue, what about you?”

Ling Yue casually replied, “I will manage and monitor the employees in the Administration and Operation Departments. I don’t want anything to do with other matters.”

Wang Junjie was once again coldly blown off. He could only bitterly smile.


At this moment, Ling Yue stood up, and looked towards us, “Bing Cha, Summer and Shu Sheng, come with me to the Development Department; I have things to say to you all.”

I was still wondering what was going on when Summer pulled me out of the door. I glanced over, and saw that Wang Junjie’s face had darkened. Next to him, the pudgy Supervisor of the Marketing Department smiled at him, “General Manager Wang, don’t worry, maybe it’s because Director Ling isn’t feeling too well today…”

Wang Junjie stared at Ling Yue as she left, his eyes cold.

[TLN: Was anyone else surprised by the boss of the Bluestar Group, ‘Ling Tian’? The Chinese characters are written with the same characters as the name of the main character from Shura’s Wrath, and given that the author wrote both of these series, it’s possible that they’re the same person. I guess time will tell!]


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[Chapter 20] [Chapter 22]


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