Chapter 22

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Crazy Summer

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire


Ling Yue leant against a filing cabinet. She was wearing a woman’s style suit, and looked absolutely stunning.

Bing Cha sat next to me, looking very casual.

Ling Yue looked over, confirmed that the door was shut, and exclaimed, “What utter nonsense!”

Bing Cha testingly asked, “Director Ling, you mean General Manager Wang?”

Hearing his name, Ling Yue seemed to be a bit uncomfortable. She quietly said, “Never mind him! Does everyone know the situation right now? The company’s considering investing large amounts of money into Spirit of Grief to develop top-level players, as well as professional Production players in order to increase business activity within the game. Our Snow Moon office is one of the most elite groups, so I hope that you guys will be diligent and not lose to anyone!”

Afterwards, Ling Yue looked at us, and said, “I want all of you to go home in the afternoon and log on to the game. We’ll meet at the Twilight City’s Eastern Square – I need to make sure my team is in tiptop shape! If you have any friends who are high level, you can bring them as well. In not too long, we’ll have our own mercenary group!”


I suddenly thought of the Sword Flame people, but I decided against inviting them. After all, we were mere acquaintances, and I did not know this Ling Yue very well. My first impression of her was not too great either.

Ling Yue gave us a piece of paper, “All of you write your In Game Names on here; I’ll contact you all within the game!” [TLN: In Game Name = IGN]

We all wrote our name on the sheet of paper. Perhaps it was because I was on the top ten ranking for too little time, so no one knew of me.

Subsequently, Ling Yue told us that the meeting was over.

Half an hour later, I returned home. It was only 1pm, so I drank a cup of water, and had a look at the Spirit of Grief forums. On the homepage was the headline: “Number 1 Female Magician PK Video”!

Was it a battle with Qing Feng Lan Yue?

I became excited, and immediately opened the video. The video loaded, and began playing.


On the screen was five Berserkers surrounding a single Magician. From the visual effects of their equipment, these Berserkers all had Steel grade and above equipment!

The Magician the Berserkers were attacking was evidently a female Magician, but her face could not be seen clearly. However, the four characters above her head shone brightly: Qing Feng Lan Yue!

So it was her!

A fireball exploded, and her body rippled like water as she gracefully escaped from the encirclement. She was completely in control of the battle- no matter how hard they tried, the Berserkers simply could not hit her at all!

Just from this, I could tell that this Qing Feng Lan Yue was an expert of experts.

Fire balls and arrows made of ice flew through the air, and one by one, the Berserkers dropped. What was astonishing was that Qing Feng Lan Yue’s Ice attacks were incredible. A simple Arrow of Ice reduced a LV22 Berserker’s health by more than half! To be able to kill a Berserker in less than three seconds- this was amazing.

The battle only lasted for less than two minutes before the Berserkers were all dead.


As I scrolled down, I saw that this video had caused the forum to explode. Countless players absolutely worshipped this Magician who was ranked number 1 in China and number 3 in the whole world. After all, the game had only been released for a few days, and being able to rush to LV28 wasn’t something everyone could do.

OP: Qing Feng Lan Yue: China’s Number 1 Female Magician; China’s Number 1 Beauty!

Reply2: I love you Qing Feng Lan Yue, my qq is, please message me!

Reply3: Those Berserkers are idiots! Why didn’t they aim for the chest?

Reply4: This sort of amazing beauty is so rare! I’d die to be her boyfriend!! But how could such an ordinary guy like me attract her attention?

Reply5: Reply to Anon4: On a dark and stormy night, very gently, very tentatively, hang yourself at the city gates of the Twilight City. Maybe that’ll get her attention.

Reply6: (In jealousy): Hmph! That Qing Feng Lan Yue’s not even that great. This big sister’s figure is even better! (Photo uploaded)


Reply7 (OP): Big sis Reply6……

Reply8 (Reply6): What’s wrong with having a big chest? Why’d you delete my photo?

Reply9 (OP): It’s not because it was inappropriate, but… because they were too saggy!



I nearly spat out the water in my mouth. These people were so savage! There were already more than 1,000 replies, and I didn’t bother reading through them all.

I quickly closed the forum, put on the helmet and entered the game!

I looked at my account. I was now LV25 with 88 gold coins, but I had dropped to 124th in the Level Rankings. The Number 1 Female Magician Qing Feng Lan Yue was now LV30- what an absolute monster!

Returning to the Novice Village, I stocked up on potions, then spent 1 gold to be transported to the Twilight City.

The Twilight City was one of the eight major cities in the China Region. It was a training heaven for low-levelled players. There were many places to train, as well as many NPCs giving out quests!


A light flashed and my surroundings changed. In front of me was an ancient-looking city.  There were black tiles and white walls, and shops were lined up on both sides of the main street of the city. There were a few NPC soldiers holding long pikes patrolling around.

I opened the map and found where I was, then looked to where the Eastern Square was. After figuring out how to get there, I jogged over, and turned off the visual effects for all of my equipment. If Zi Yue and Summer saw my good equipment, I’m sure they would rob me for it!

There were not many players in the Twilight City. Most players were still doing their best in the Novice Village. After all, the monsters in Novice Village went up to LV30, which was appropriate for the current stage of the game.

In the distance, there were already a few people standing at the white-bricked Eastern Square.

One was a Fencer, holding a slightly glowing sword. Her ID was “Bing Cha” (meaning Ice Tea). At first, I thought she was one of those cold beauties, but after getting to know her, I found that she had a seemingly cold exterior, but had a warm personality, which was much like her name.

Next to Bing Cha was a little LV21 Archer- evidently, this was Silent Rain. Her equipment wasn’t very good though: she only had a Steel grade bow.


Next to them also stood a person, half of whose body was covered with leather armour. It was a LV20 Assassin: Zi Yue!

Zi Yue was talking to a LV19 Summoner. That person was wearing a magic robe, and holding a magic staff. Her name was “Last Year’s Summer”- of course, she was Summer.

I quickly walked over, “You’re all here already?”

The beauties looked over, and gasped in surprise, “What?! Is this Shu Sheng? Wow, you’re LV25 already!”

I smiled and replied, “Archers level up fairly quickly, so it’s not that amazing…”

Summer immediately charged over and pulled on my arm, “Shu Sheng! Help me train later on, alright? I don’t want to train with Zi Yue anymore. She’s so dumb- last night she died twice!”

I grinned, “Then you have to promise that when you’re training with me, you won’t go flirt with male players from other teams. Otherwise, things might get problematic for me.”


Summer coyly replied, “You’re so bad… do you really think I’m like that??”

In just these few, short days, I had found that Summer was a very coy and flirtatious girl. However, I was not too interested in her. Sure, she was pretty, but she definitely wasn’t my type.


After a while, Bing Cha spoke, “Why isn’t Director Ling here yet? Could she have run into some trouble? Does anyone know her IGN?”

Everyone shook their heads.


At this moment, a sweet voice sounded out from behind us, “Sorry for making everyone wait!”

We all turned around, and we all became so shocked that we couldn’t utter a single word!

The woman was wearing a flame-red magician’s robe, and her hair fluttered in the wind. Through the robe, two large peaks could be seen, and the sexy magician’s robe left quite a bit of her snow-white legs uncovered. In front of us was a stunningly beautiful female Magician!

I gulped, and managed to croak out, “Qing Feng Lan Yue…”


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