Chapter 4

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A Fee for Staying

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I end up sitting down, and with a single mouth, I finished the bowl of vegetable gruel. To be frank, I was really hungry.

Ling Xue was sitting opposite me, and she picked the vegetable from the gruel and quickly ate them.

The supper ended in less than one minute!

Ling Xue licked her lips and smiled, “The taste is not too bad, but next time, remembers to add less salt”

I did not say a word. Looking at her, it seemed that she had no intent to sleep anymore.

“You look very foolish. I know, now on I will call you Dai Zi [it means Little Sucker]. Is this ok?” Ling Xue laughs.

With a firm resolution, I replied, “No Way! That is a derogatory name.”

Ling Xue smiled and the dimples on her face never look this cute. “Not really. In today’s age, this type of nicknames is all the rage with close friends. For example, Little Rascal, Little Fool etc. are all common names with close friends

“A load of crap!”. I thought but did not say anymore. If we follow her logic, then Little Bastard, Little Idiot, Little Fucker etc, all these terms that you call your friends?

Ling Xue eyes swept across the room, and found that the <<Spirit of Grief>> game helmet has already been opened. For a minute, she was momentarily surprised, then immediately squat down and pick up to examine it. She discovered that the blue colour microchip had turned yellow in colour. For a moment, all hell freezes over as she turned and looked at me and said: “IS.. THIS…YOUR…. HANDICRAFT….?”

I was stunned at the great change in her. One moment ago, she was all sweet and smiley, and the next moment she is so cold. Even though it is summer, I could feel a chill in the air from her words. I embarrassingly replied: “It is a mistake, a misunderstanding. How would I know that once I put it on, it will be locked and could be used only by me?”

Ling Xue seemed to be dumbstruck as she looked at me. Then she bit her lips and suddenly wailed: “You idiot! You know how difficult it is for me to get this treasure, and you used it first. Waahhh, Waahhh ~ ~”

Just as quickly, she composed herself. Then she looked at the clock in the hall, and sarcastically said: “Now, that’s great! There are still 14 more hours before <<Spirit of Grief>> is launched. I have no desired to queue and buy a new game helmet anymore.”

I searched around, but there was no hole nearby for me to hide my head in shame. Therefore, I could only say this in a low voice. “Errhhh…. I will definitely pay you back for this in the future. But, currently, I do not have the money to do so ….”

Ling Xue looked at me, and suddenly placed the game helmet onto my chest.

I stretched out my hands and received the helmet, and asked in a shocked but light voice: “What are you doing?”

“I am giving this helmet to you! Now that it had been locked to your iris, only you can use this helmet. What’s the point of me keeping it?”

My first gift from this beauty! And an expensive game helmet that I have always wanted on top of that!  I was on cloud nine, and would jump up for joy. Except that while Ling Xue was giving me the gift, she was glaring at me so intently and with so much fiery that it could bore holes of fire into my body. I shrank away from her, only to hear her asked. “Do you have any place here where I could take a shower? I am feeling very uncomfortable, and would like to have a shower.”

I was surprised again. Her temperament switched so fast. One moment, she was cold as an ice. At the next moment, she is hot like a volcano. Then  now she is calm and wants to take a bath?

But I replied anyway: “Forget it, it would be better for you to drive out and find a room in a hotel to take a bath. My place is not convenient. Also, I do not have any clothes for woman….”

Ling Xue seemed to frown at my suggestion. “It is already so late, and you still expect me to go out by myself? Are you not afraid that I will meet some bad men?”

I put on my fiercest look as I glared back at her: “Are you not afraid that I am a bad man?”

Ling Xue just took one look into my eyes, and laughed “You look so foolish! I bet that you do not even dare to take advantage of a girl who was sleeping next to you. Being next to you is very, very safe!”

This #%$$%@@! Is this is SARCASM?

Without a word, Ling Xue walked into my room without any invite, and opened my closet. From there, she picked a big t-shirt. She searched for pants to wear, but all I have are large summer shorts and underwear. Therefore, she turned beet red, and took the shirt and entered the bathroom.

The sound of water running roar out. I was outside the door, and could not help fantasising: “At this moment, which part of her body is Ling Xue washing?”

Damn it, it does not matter where she wash, just the thought of it gave me another massive erection!

Did God just heard my resentment and took pity on me?

A girl walked into my bedroom, used my shower, and took my clothes. Does it mean that I finally am going to score a big one tonight?

The next tens of minutes were an agony and I tried to suppress my sexual urges.

When Ling Xue walked out of the bathroom, I almost cried in happiness. Tonight will be my lucky night! She was dressed in just my shirt. Her exquisite legs were exposed, and just the sight of these legs made me trembled in excitement.

She walked into my room, and go under the blanket.
I thought my bad luck had finally changed and was about to creep under the blanket with her. Then I heard her next words: “You better sleep outside. Also, take this!”


A wooden blanket was thrown towards me. I quickly caught it. Although my face was still smiling, inside my heart, it was crying. “Seemed like tonight I definitely have to sleep alone in the hall!”

Oh God, why are you so cruel as to repeatedly tempt me with this beauty, but refused to let me score?

I took the blanket, and carried the helmet out of the room towards the hall. As my hands feel the game helmet, it seemed that all my resentments towards God had evaporated, and I could not help feeling happy.

The helmet is very expensive, but I got it for free. With this helmet, I can play the game that I always wanted to. I have heard the rumours that this game has an online auction for rare items, where players can sell items for real world cash. Maybe I can earn some money to pay my rent…

That night, I had a sweet dream. I dreamt that I had became a peak expert in the game of <<Spirit of Grief>>, and with a single swing of my sword, I could kill a thousand creatures. I was rolling in wealth, and have a harem. Ling Xue was one of the women in my harem, of course.

When I heard the doorbell rang, then I realised that it was nothing but a dream. I raised my head and found the door to my room was opened, and my room was empty.

I quickly got up, and discovered that Ling Xue had left. The blanket was tidily spread on the bed, and it is the first time my bed was made – I don’t really keep my bed tidy. The handphone and the car keys were missing, it seemed that Ling Xue had taken them as well.

On the pillow, there was a crisp, new banknote. On top of the money is a piece of paper. I took the piece of paper and read it.

“Little Sucker, if you want to find a job, go to Blue Star Digital Square Development Division and request for one. Also, this thousand dollars note, is the fee for my stay.”

At the bottom. There is a very pretty drawing. The eyes are big and clear, and a smile is so sweet. Just like Ling Xue’s smile, so irresistible!

I was thinking, “Fee for stay?” @$%#@@$%!! I am not a gigolo! Even if I was one, I should have scored at least once, right?

Looks that my conversation with the landlord last night has been overheard by Ling Xue.

Seeing the banknote, I could not help feeling touched. It seems that God did not abandon me and do not want me to be evicted. In addition he had provided me with a way out of starvation – the vegetable porridge last night was the last of whatever food I had remaining. God really works in mysterious ways!

The more I looked at the words and drawing, the more I felt that a woman’s handwriting had never looked so good. And this was written by a top beauty like Ling Xue.

There was a saying, if God had gifted you with beauty, then God will take some of your brains in exchange. But this law, if it exists, does not apply to Ling Xue. God is really unfair, and gifted her with an abundance of both beauty and intelligence.

Although I did not know who Ling Xue is, and her background, but since she said that Blue Star Digital Square Development Division have a job for me, I should go and try it out.

Therefore, I took a quick shower, changed to a nice clothes, and left the house.

No matter what the job involve, I must reach home before 6! <<Spirit of Grief>> will be launch today at 6 pm. I must go online at the first opportunity and dig out all the money from this game!

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