Chapter 5

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Entering the Game

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Blue Star Digital Square is located on a site that is used for a group of technology-related business. This location was rapidly developed and numerous businesses populated the surrounding area. I have heard of this place before. The building is quite near my home. If I run all the way there, it would take me less than 20 minutes to reach there.

Actually, I have no choice but to run there. Uncle Inspector had confiscated my bicycle for being a road safety hazard.

When I reached Blue Star Digital Square, it is already late in the day. Most of the employees had already gone to work. There was a continuous stream of shoppers, but most of the shoppers are students in school uniforms.

I entered the building from the back door, and enquired where the Development Division is. Then I made my way there.

This office is located at the top floor of the building, and after entering the door, my eyes could not help widening in surprise.

In the small room, there were four superb beauties.

The four beauties were seated on two large sofas, and seemed to be chatting happily. The most surprising thing is, all of them were dressed very sexily. Their shirt could barely cover their cleavage, and the mini-skirts they wore could not cover their sexy white legs.

At the sight of these impressive eye-candies, my mouth turned dried and my tongue seemed to be tied. I quickly swallowed my saliva to prevent them from dripping uncontrollably onto the floor.

At this time, a beauty who was wearing a western suit approached me. She glanced at me and asked, “You are the [Bookworm] that Ling Xue introduced?”

[Note that: Bookworm and Comfortably Rich sounds the same when spoken aloud – both of them translates as Shu Sheng. The lead name is Comfortably Rich Ding, and not Bookworm Ding, but this girl mistook his name as Bookworm.]

I nodded my head. “En, Yes! Is this the Development Division?”

This woman smiled as she held out her hand for a handshake, “Welcome to Xue Yue (Snow Moon) office! I am Bing Cha (Ice Tea), and I am a member of this team.”

Ice Tea’s actions are very natural and restrained! I shook her hands and could not help liking the soft feel of her hands.

But my attention was focused on her words: “Snow Moon office?”

Ice Tea smiled as she explained. “Yes! Our company was established as a result of <<Spirit of Grief>>. Right now we are temporary affiliated with Blue Star Digital Square Development Division. But in the future, we will be the Blue Star Digital Square Elites that managed to break into the <<Spirit of Grief>> market. ”

Then I realised why Ling Xue gifted me with the helmet and had recommended me to work here! I would need a game helmet to work!

At this time, the beauties at the sofa also walked over. She was dressed a blue coloured mini-skirt and winked at me as she introduced herself: “Hi, my name is ‘Last Year’s Summer’, just call me Summer will do. What’s your name, handsome?”

I shoot a glance at this beauty. I discovered that although her breasts are not very big, she have a pair of super smooth and sexy white legs. Also, her face looked very enchanting. I blushed red and stammered: “eerrr…… call me [Bookworm]….”

With a “he he” smile, Summer greeted me “Brother [Bookworm], nice to meet you!”

Next to Summer was a gentle and quiet girl who was looking at me as she introduced herself. “My game naming is ‘Rain Falls Quietly’. You can just call me Rainfall.”

I nodded my head and looked at the girl standing next to Rainfall. She was wearing a pink dress and looking with at me. When she looked into my eyes, she smiled and said, “I am Purple Moon.
Please take care of me!”

I was not used to this polite manner of speech, and waved my hands as I said “There’s no need to be so formal”.

Ice Tea pointed at the chair at a side and invited me to sit.

Looking at the behaviour of the other three girls that was respectfully listening to Ice Tea, it looks that Ice Tea is the person in charge here. I sat down and looked around, but did not even see a shadow of Ling Xue.

Ice Tea saw that I seemed to be sort of blurred and lost as I glanced around nervously, and she smiled as she explained: “We are all gamers in another game. This time <<Spirit of Grief>> is being launched, and we have been recruited by Blue Star Digital Square group as professional gamers, and spearhead its venture into this game. In the future if the company has new investments, each of us will also have different tasks to do!”

I nodded my head. But I was still apprehensive. Did I manage to land the job? I asked and confirmed: “Then, have I just become a member of Snow Moon team?”

Ice Tea smiled as she replied “Of course, Snow Moon team has six members. Plus you, it is seven!”

Other than myself, the rest of the four girls are all super beauties. I could not help feeling super excited. In future, I will be the only thorn among the flowers. But I did not still did not see Ling Xue.

I had dinner at the staff canteen, and even purchased some cakes for supper. After all, tonight <<Spirit of Grief>> will be launched globally, and supper is definitely needed!

Before I left the office, Ice Tea dumped some documents on the table, and announce, “The top brass has given us an order. All of us must log into the <<Spirit of Grief>> game today, and by tomorrow morning, each of us must be at least level 10. Also, each of us must earn two gold pieces, and pass these monies to the company”
I was shocked: “Two gold coins? I heard from the rumours that it is very hard to get money in this game….”

Ice Tea smiled as she replied “Even if it is hard, you must also complete this mission. [Bookworm], did you know that our boss, Director Wang, has seen this game as an opportunity to expand our group, and will be using the game to complete a massive task? ”

I was surprised. “So it is like this! This Director Wang is really a @$$%0#*!”

Ice Tea just laugh as she replied “Not really!”

No matter what the top brass had in mind, I also don’t care too much. To level to level 10 within a night is not too difficult. But the problem is two gold coins. Everyone knows that in <<Spirit of Grief>>, most of the beginning monsters only drop copper coins. 100 copper coins are equal to 1 silver coin. 100 silver coins = 1 gold coin. 2 gold coins is 20,000 coppers.

To get this amount of money, it probably requires several months or even years!

But it does not matter. I believe that with my experience in games, I will not be weaker than the office gals.

I carried my supper home. It was getting late. Looking at the time, <<Spirit of Grief>> will be officially launched in about half an hour. I was very excited.

I returned to my room and locked the door. I feel the helmet in my hands and could not help letting out a “he he” sound. This helmet is a gift from the most beautiful woman I saw in my life, and I could not help treasuring it. But let’s forget about how this expensive helmet come to be gifted to me, shall we?

I put the helmet on, and switched on the game.

Once I put on the helmet, it immediately scanned my iris and confirmed my identity before letting me into the game.

I seemed to be transported into another world. A fairy seemed to fly in a circle in the sky above me, before landing near me. “Good day! I am a helper in <<Spirit of Grief>>. Welcome to this world! You have not created any character yet. Do you want to create a character now?”

Oops! I almost forgot! One hour before the game is officially launched, you may create your character!

Therefore, I quickly confirmed and chose to be a human. After scanning my facial features, I accepted the computer generated image. Finally in the character name, I choose “Made in China.”

Then I hit the confirm button.


“Sorry, this name is already in use!”

“Night Club Gigolo!”

“Sorry, this name is already in use!”

“Lovely Duckie!”

“Sorry, this name is already in use!”

Shit! Every name I thought of is already in used!

I thought, why not have a name that uniquely describe me?

“The world’s most handsome bookworm!”


“Sorry, this name is already in use!”

Damn it! One more time: “Bookworm will not eat rice today!”


“Sorry, this name is already in use!”

I bit down hard on my teeth and was about to explode from anger! I typed “Easily angered Bookworm!”


“Congratulations! Your character has been successfully created. There is still twenty-one more minutes before the game launches. Please wait patiently.

After that is a very boring period of waiting. I swear, this must be slowest ever twenty minutes in the whole world.

Why is it that time crawl like a snail when you are awaiting something and seemed to fly when you are doing something you love?

During my student days, I used to play a lot of games with my classmates. Now there is only me left who continues to play games. The rest of them got a job and moved on with their lives.
I don’t know if I could meet up again with my old buddies!

After 20 minutes seem to crawled by, I suddenly hear another ‘Ding’ sound. This was followed by an announcement: “Game launching in 60 seconds!”

Accordingly to rumours, the gamers who are the 1st few to enter the game early have a chance to get a lucky draw. This lucky draw can give items or some other rewards. I must grab hold of this opportunity.

Therefore, I stare at the clock as it countdown to 0. My hands and feet are ready to charge into the game at a moment notice..


“System announcement: There are 10 more seconds before the game starts!”








“System Announcement: The game is officially launched!”

I just ignored all the system announcements, and as soon it reached zero, I immediately entered the game. I also opted to skip the opening cinematics. After all I have seen it before.

The screen in front of me seemed to flicker and a bright light shone on me. I closed my eyes for a second, and when I reopened my eyes, I was in a tiny village. This village seemed to be in the Stone Age. Even the buildings were simple. This level of realism is freaking unbelievable!


“System Announcement: You are the 6th gamer who entered this game, you received 100 experience points!”

I was surprised by this announcement. Then a bigger surprise awaits me: I found that a golden light surrounds me and I seemed to have gained a level!

I opened my character screen and found that my experience bar had been reset to 0. It seemed that exactly 100 experience points is needed to be promoted from level 1 to level 2.

I was a bit disappointment. There was no unique weapons or armour for me. But having advanced to level 2 is not too bad. At least I saved a few minutes.

I checked my backpack and discovered there are two items:

[Lousy stick] (Rubbish level item)
Attack: 0-1
Level needed to use this item: 0

[Sackcloth] (Rubbish level item)
Defence: +1
Level needed to use this item: 0


En, two items! I equipped both them.

At this moment, there were several rays of light appearing all over the village. A large number of gamers have joined my starting village. I need to get out quickly, or there will be no more monsters for me to hunt!

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