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Variation Flame Bat

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As night fell, the rain covered the forest. Each step of my foot would result with a “Ba Ji, Ba Ji” sound as my foot splash among the water puddles in the grass.


I had already run for close to 10 minutes. In this forest, other than the players and goblins, I did not see any other creatures. But when I pass over a small hill, I finally saw a new creature!


“Zhi Zhi ~!”


A bat that was encased with flame seemed to emit the horrible creaking noise continuously. Its body was red in colour, but its only eye is green in colour.


[Fire Bat] (normal monster)

Level :5




Special Attack:Poison attack


I was mildly surprised. It was a level 5 beast, and it is much stronger than the goblins. With a life of 500 hitpoints, it is very hard to escape the poisonous attack of these creatures.


I looked into my character profile.



Easily angered Bookworm(Player)








My attack is considered not bad, but my defence is much weaker. The Flame bat should be able to break my defence. This, plus the special attack that can poison me, is definitely a tough fight.


But I need to engage it if I want more experience and stand heads and shoulders above the other gamers.


Therefore, I immediately waved my sword and rushed up, and chopped down at the head of the Flame bat with all my might!


“Pa Cha!”


A very nice number “-85” appears on top of the bat!


Woah!! I was pleasantly surprised. The attack with all my strength was indeed impressive. Just one chop with my sword had already cut down a large portion of the Flame bat’s health.


But at this time, the flame bat was also annoyed and immediately attacked me. But before it could do so, I quickly hit it again with my sword, and managed to knock off close to 100 hit points!


Finally, the flame bat’s wings hit my arm, and a searing pain erupted.


Combat notice: You have been injured by the flame bat, and lost 51 points of health.


“Shit! Just a hit from it and a quarter of my health are gone?”


I was shocked. This Flame bat attack is definitely very vicious!


I dare not to waste time. Before the next strike of the Flame Bat, I must quick finish it. Since this creature is two levels higher than me, and I do not have any defensive equipment, I could only do this if I want to survive.


With two more “cha cha” sounds resounding when my blade landed on the Flame Bat, two massive numbers appeared on top of its head “-91, -87”!


Although the Flame Bat speed was not very fast, its second attack had arrived before I managed to kill it.


All I saw was a flash of green, and a poisonous was spat out by the Flame Bat and hit me. I felt my body getting rigid and my health had dropped by 70 points!


Combat notice: You have been hit with the Flame Bat poison. Every 3 seconds, you will lose two hit points. This will continue for 60 seconds.


I was slightly surprised. The unavoidable thing had finally happened. But this poison was not as strong nor as scary as I thought. Every 3 seconds it will do 2 points of damage, after 60 seconds, it will only do about 40 points of damage.


But I did not consider that most normal players could not afford to buy potions. The cheapest potions would require 20 coppers for a flask. Each goblin only drops 2 to 3 coppers. A typical player could not hope to accomplish and take as much risk as I in engaging a Flame Bat. I was very lucky, but did not even realised my luck!


Two“Cha Cha” sounds rang out, and my sword quickly landed on the Flame bat, slaying it. After a last dying cry, it dropped to the ground and dropped some coppers.


“Ding ~!”


Combat notice: You have slain a Flame Bat, and received 120 experience points!



I could help laughing aloud in happiness. It is really true that the greater the danger, the better the rewards. A single goblin only gives ten experience points. But just kill a single Flame Bat could net me 120 experience points!


As I picked up the coins and counted them, I counted 14 coppers. This is also much more generous than the goblins!


But, my health had dropped by more than half. Although the risk is great, it is definitely worth it!


Therefore, I drank a potion, and continued to kill a second Flame Bat!


In less than one minute, I killed the second Flame Bat and received 120 experience points and 19 coppers. But there was not a sight of the quest item [Bat’s blood]


This continues until I killed the fifth flame bat, and heard a “Pa Ta” sound, when a flask of red colour liquid dropped onto the ground.


[Bat’s Blood] (Quest item)


There seemed to be nothing special about the bat blood, and I just carelessly threw it into my backpack.


Now I had killed five flame bats, and received 600 experience points, but I had also drunk two flasks of healing potions. It is like 40 coppers had just left me. This expenditure made me wince in pain.


The forest is quiet except for the sound of Flame Bat flapping their wings with a “Hu Hu…” sound. At this time, I heard some sounds from my back. One of the other players seemed surprised at my appearance: “Wow! This guy just soloed a level 5 creature!”


I turned my head and saw three level 2 players had come into this area. Not long after one of them creep up to draw a Flame Bat towards them. But the Flame bat was very vicious and immediately bit the player. In just one attack, half the player’s health was lost. The player immediately turn pale and shouted “Lao Er, Lao San, quickly come and help!”


The two players immediately rushed forwards and their short sticks whammed the Flame Bat on its head. Immediately two numbers appeared on top of that creature’s head.




I was watching this screen from a distance, and almost laughed out loud. Without any potent weapons, they dare to attack a creature that is three levels above them. This is no different from seeking death.


As I expected, within 2 minutes, all the three men could not withstand the potent attacks of the Flame Bat, and respawn in the beginner’s village in a flash of light. They left a bloody Flame Bat in the area.


With such an excellent opportunity in front of me, why wouldn’t I grab it?


I immediately rushed up and my sword lurched a volley of quick attacks against the injured bat.


“Ka Cha!”


After the resounding noise of my blade hitting the bat, the bat emitted a death cry, and at the same time, there were two “Ding Dong” sound, as if something had dropped onto the ground.


I immediately searched the ground, and discovered 17 copper coins, and a flask of Bat Blood. Also, there is a coloured leather armour!


I was pleasantly surprised, and immediately picked up the armour, and examined it.


Bat Leather Armour】(White colour regular item)


Required Level:4


I could not help laughing in glee. Even God is helping me! I was quite unhappy that I did not have any suitable armour. But right now, this is the best thing that ever dropped. If the three men knew that the bat they were targeting had dropped this item, they would turn green with envy!


I looked at my experience bar. Just a little bit more and I will reach level 4!


Therefore, I immediately drank a health recovery potion, and attacked a Flame Bat that was not too far away. After I had killed it, a golden light enveloped me. I had gained a level!




System notification: “Congratulations! You have gained a level, and have gained 20 more hits points. You can allocate 5 points of attributes to any of your stats.”



Hahaha! I finally can get to work!


I immediately equipped the bat leather armour, and my defence raised from a measly 4 to a 12 points. I also add all five attribute points to my strength, and now my attack has reached 16-21!


Although the bat leather armour is not very good looking, it is the first armour that I had won from monsters’ drop. This armour could also be the first armour that was dropped in the beginning village. Therefore, wearing this armour, I was very happy and pleased with it.


Having 12 points of attack, I again target the Flame bat with my sword, and to my amazement, an incredible number rose from the head of the Flame bat “-248”!


“What the fuck?!”


I could not believe my eyes. One swing of my sword had taken out half of a level 5 beast hitpoints?


I looked at the combat log. Only did I discovered that I had landed a critical hit.


Even then, with a regular swing of my sword, I could hit a Flame bat for about 124 points of damage. This could be considered not bad!


At this time, the Flame Bat retaliated against me, and I felt a small sting. I was shocked to discover that the Flame Bat poison attack had only done 24 points of damage to me.


I was elated! Looks that wearing this armour have reduced the amount of damage I received greatly. Now I can continuously kill Flame Bats without worries.


Therefore, after killing the Flame Bat in front of me, I continued to seek out more flame bats to kill.


As the time goes on, after about half an hour, I had already received 19 vitals of bat blood. At the same time, I had levelled up to level 5. Fighting against similar level beast was much easier. With just three swings of my sword, I could annihilate a Flame Bat.


After killing anther Flame Bat, I picked up the spoils of war- another flask of bat’s blood.


I counted the number of vials of bat’s blood and confirmed I had 20 flasks! Great. Now I can return and complete the quest!


Therefore, I turned around and prepared to go back to the beginner’s village. At this time, I suddenly felt a massive chill in my back. I turned around, and saw something that scared the crap out of me!


Not far away, there suddenly appeared a massive Flame Bat, and it is at least ten times as big as a normal Flame Bat. It was floating in the sky like a small aeroplane.


Variation Flame Bat】(Variation Beast)





Special Attack:Poison


I was shocked. This is a boss level beast. It’s attack was so high that it was very scary, doing maximum 28 points of damage with each hit. Its defence was an insane 18 points. My current level 5 character with 26 points of damage could barely break its armour.


The variation bat did not allow me time to think and immediately charged towards me. Its sharp claws racked my armour and left a mark on it.


I felt a massive pain, and from the top of head, a huge number appeared “-88”


Although this is a lucky number, I could not find myself being happy [1]. I immediately retaliated and with a “Peng” sound, I managed to do 110 points of damage to the beast.

[88 in Chinese sounds the same as fortune. It is considered an auspicious number by Chinese. Yes I know, the author’s Chinese jokes do not translate well among non-Chinese.]


The number is not too bad, but I need to have 20 strikes of the blade to kill this variation bat. I looked into my backpack and discovered I had left only five healing points. Would I be able to last and destroy this flame bat?

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