Chapter 8

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Shiny War Axe

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In front of me, there are only two choices.

  1. Be killed by the Variation Flame Bat
  2. Kill the Variation Flame Bat

If I have enough healing potions, I could kill this variation flame bat without any problems. But right now I have but five bottles of healing potions. Each bottle would only restore 100 hit points. Add this sum to my original health, I only have about 780 hit points. Whether this is enough to kill this variation bat is a huge question mark.


But at this moment, with the variation bat attacking me, I could not consider too much. I immediately drank a healing potion. I had no choice – my health was getting low.


“Cha Cha~!”


Then I hit the Variation Flame Bat twice, and again, I managed to knock it  200 hitpoints off it. But the Variation Flame Bat retaliation attack forced me to drink another healing potion


As the battle heated up, I did not think too much, and just focus on chopping the variation bat with all my might. Suddenly, my blade seemed to hit the mouth of the bat, and a massive “-256” damage number appear on top of its head!


I was surprised, but quickly recovered from my surprise. In this game, almost all creatures have weak points. If you focus on the weak points of the creature, it is theoretically possible to win against the creature with half the amount of effort! And the weakness of this variation bat in front of me seemed to be the green colour mouth.


Therefore, I aimed my sword to focus my attacks at its mouth. As my sword slipped into its mouth, a massive “-248” damage number appears!


Seeing the health of this boss creature rapidly diminishing, I was elated and continued to attack. Every two or three hits, I could land a critical hit.


As I reached into my bag, I was shocked to discover that I had used up all my healing potions. I cursed! “Shit! Just when the battle is getting critical, I do not have any more healing potions left! Damn it!”


At this time, the Variation Bat did not have much health left. It opened it huge mouth and attempt to bite me.


I had only 140 points of health remaining, and could only endure the attack.


I bit down on my lips and charged forwards with my sword, and my sword entered into the mouth of the Variation Bat.


It hurts all over, and my health pummelled by a shocking 120 points. But at the same time, I heard a very welcomed ding sound.


“Ding ~!”


System Notice: You killed the Variation Flame Bat, and received 480 points of experience!


System Notice: You have gained a level.


“Ding Dong!”


The Variation Flame Bat also dropped some stuff, and several silver coins!


That is a shiny war axe!


I was shocked! Did I just strike gold? This item is shining and seemed to be coloured. Is it a magical item? Did I just receive the first magical item in the game?


I immediately pick up the axe and check it


Shiny War Axe】(Steel Item)



Required Level:6


Hahaha, this is a steel item, and it is also magical. It also increased my strength by 4 points. That is exactly what I wanted!


I immediately equipped my shiny war axe and my attack immediately increased to 33-40. This could be one of the highest damage in the beginner’s village.


I also picked up the silver coins from the floor. This is indeed a powerful beast, and is so much more generous than normal flame bats! It dropped 4 silver coins!


I was so happy as I kept the coins carefully. With the other coins I earned from the drops of the flame bats, the total amount of money I had earn is a whopping 23 silvers and 68 coppers!


I am still far away from the requirement to earn two gold coins. But nevermind, it is still early. I believe that if I continue at this pace, I will definitely be able to earn two gold coins.


Therefore, I packed my stuff, and headed back to the beginner’s village.


At this time, the village was full of new players. Of course, out of 10,000 players, 9999 of them were still armed with the rubbish level wooden stick. Therefore, my shiny war axe became the focus of envy as soon as I step into beginner’s village.


I was so scared that I immediately choose to hide my name. If someone target me and try to steal my item, that would be extremely bad. I am do not wish to PK (player killer) at this time – PK could be left for later. But now, time is precious, and I should use this time to gain more levels first.


I found Captain Ma Su, and handed over the 20 flasks of bat’s blood. He immediately shown a surprised expression as he remarked: “Brave warrior, you really did it! I did not expected you to be able to defeat these terrible bats! Here is your reward!”


“Ding ~!”


System notice: Congratulations on completely the question [Clear the fields]. You have gained 2400 experience points, 24 silver coins, +10 to reputation and received an item [Wilderness Boots]!


I was so excited! Another equipment!


Wilderness Boots】(Steel item)




Required Level:6


Another Steel level item! This time it is even more awesome. It actually provided an increase to two stats! Although the increase is minimal …


With the experience points rewards, I had levelled up to level 7, and after equipping the Wilderness boots, my defence had reach 26, while my attack had reached a whopping 35-45!

Translator notes:

Did he forgot to assign his stats again for the last two levels?😛


Looking my sword, I immediately ran up to the village entrance and gave a shout. “Sword with Attack of 1-4 for sale! If you are interested, please make an offer. This offer is only good for three minutes!”


And to my surprise, I was swarmed with hordes of players who crowded around me and angrily bellow: “Sell it to me! Sell it to me!”


Facing the crowd, I immediately shouted: “The highest bidder wins!”


Very quickly, many people begin to count their money. One of them shouted: “I offer 1 silver coin!”


Another man shouted: “1 silver? You think you are buying a chicken is it? I offer 2 silvers…”


A large shout erupt! “Handsome! Sell the weapon to me, I will be your wife!”


The crowd scolded the shameless shouter severely: “Shit! You look so bad and still dared to stand out! Quickly go back to Planet Mars!”


At this time, a player walked out and said: I offer 20 silvers. Sell it to me!”


20 silvers. Once this price is shouted out, the surrounding men all became quiet. Who is so rich as to gain 20 silvers in such a short time?


As I looked around, I saw that no one else could afford to offer this price. Therefore, I initiated a trade with him, and exchange the sword for 20 silvers. At the same time, I remember his name – Dragon Soul Sword Fire.


Looks like this is a professional player. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to earn so much silvers in such a short time.


I was very happy. A broken sword could sell for such a high price. If I take out my axe or my boots for sale, how much could I make?


Of course, I will not really sell these items. With these items, I can quickly gain levels, and get more and better equipment.


After leaving the crowd, I quickly made my way to the potion shops. I was perturbed that a potion that heal 100 hit points cost 20 coppers, but a potion that heals 300 hit points cost 2 silver! The difference is so big. But the effect is also much stronger. Now that I have reached level 7, my health is 320, and using the 300 hit points potion is just nice.

Actually, the higher the grade of potions, the faster the health is restored. Sometimes, having a higher grade potion can save my life!


Looking at my backpack, I now have 43 silvers and 68 coppers. I spent almost all my money to buy 15 light healing potions (that restore 300 hit points), and purchase 27 minor healing potions (that restore 100 hit points). In times of emergencies, I will use the light healing potions. But in between fights, a minor healing potion should be more than enough.


Once again, I become penniless!


I believe that I should be able to get back my investment. As I return to Captain Su Ma to enquire about any other possible quests, Captain Su Ma seemed to say “The Village Chief seemed to be troubled by something.”


“Yi, is this a hint?”


I immediately returned to the village, and visited the village Chief. He lived in the biggest hut in the middle of the village. At this time, most of the players were outside of the village grinding levels, and few if any remains in the village. Therefore I was the only one who entered the hut and visited the village Chief.


Upon seeing me, the Village Chief immediately sigh, “The evil demons had begun to attack the area around Twilight City. Our village is also affected by this attack. At the west side of the village, large number of evil creatures have appeared. Young man, are you willing to help us?”




System prompt: “Will you accept this quest?”


I immediately confirmed that I accepted the quest.


The Village Elder continued to speak: “A team of brave conscript soldiers are trapped within an outpost on the west side. Hopefully, you can save them.”


“Ding ~!”


System notice: You have accept the quest [Clear the Outpost]! (Beginner’s quest. Difficulty: 80)


Quest Details: Go to the west of the village, and find the outpost. Kill the slimes there, and retrieve 100 slime medals.



I was so stunned like a vegetable. What the hell is slime medal? I had never heard that slimes got a medal for meritorious service!


I put my thoughts to the back of my head. It does not matter. I should know when I reach there.


This mission difficulty is 80. With my current level of 7, these slimes should not be any lower in level than myself. As well, I need to collect 100 slime medals. This is really very troublesome – an ordinary creature only drops a quest item 20% of the time. This also mean that I need to kill about 500 slimes to complete this mission!


Therefore, I picked up my Shiny War Axe, and headed towards the West area.


Perhaps my Shiny War Axe really stand out, but very quickly a lot of people threw looks of envy towards me. But they did not do anything.


But just when I left the village, I heard a voice behind me. “Friend, I can ask you something?”


I turned around and found that there were three level 6 players standing behind me. They seemed to have followed me for a long time, and their name are similar – all of their name begins with Fated. “Fated Madman,” “Fated Turbulence,” and “Fated Bloodthirsty”. What weird names!


The most interesting thing is that Fated Turbulence is a very beautiful woman, and the shabby beginner clothes could barely hide her towering twin peaks.


I had not met a top class beauty like Ling Xue, I think I would be struck dumb by this Fate Turbulence and lost my senses.


Looking at that, I immediately asked: “What do you want?”


Fated Madmen laughed out aloud and pointed towards my axe. “Will you sell your weapon?”

I immediately shook my head: “Of course not!”


Fated Madman looked sinister as he asked: “What if we insist on buying?”


I was shocked, but I smiled and asked: “How do you proposed to buy it?”

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