Chapter 9

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The Fated Clan

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Fated Madman suddenly took out a long sword. This is also an iron sword. It looks like a white colour regular item, and there was no colour on it. Fated Bloodthirsty also took out a dagger, and it also look like a white colour regular item.


Seeing that my face seemed to drop at the sight of them flashing their weapons, Fated Madman laughed out loud, “You have seen for yourself, there are three of us, but only one of you. If you are willing to sell that weapon, I am prepared to pay a high price. But if you are not willing to sell, then you better not blame me for ‘conducting a very unprofitable transaction’ ….”


Looks that this battle could not be avoided. This Fated Madman seemed to have lost his senses as he looked at my axe.


I smiled and replied, “Since it is like this, let’s not waste time and begin the battle, my time is very precious!”


Fated Madman immediately gripped his iron sword tightly, while remarking, “You do not know how to appreciate our kindness!”


At this time, the beautiful Fated Turbulence grabbed Fated Madman’s hand and shouted, “Brother! Why did you go back on your words? Didn’t you told me that you will be a good man in this <<Spirit of Grief>> game? Why are you seeking trouble?”


Fated Madman laughed sinisterly, “This kid did not understand that we are doing him a favour and is too arrogant! I just want to teach him a lesson!”


Fated Turbulence looked heartbroken as she walked to one side, and sticked out her tongue, “Then you do it yourself! I am not going to participate!”


“Relax! Bloodthirsty and I are more than enough to take care of him!”


Fated Madman looked at me in the eye, and remarked, “This little bird is too green, I did not even put him in my eyes!”


“He He!” I secretly smiled and with a cold heart, I attacked him with my axe!




A piece of mud was sliced into two, but my axe did not even touch Fated Madman!


At the same time, Fated Madman eyes were full of contempt as he laughed, “This is definitely a newbie! Bloodthirsty, let’s finish him!”


The iron sword retaliated against me. At the same time, Fated Bloodthirsty had reached my right flank and his dagger hit me.


“Puff Puff~!”


There was a slight pain, and two numbers appeared from the top of my head, “-24, -32”!


At this time, both Fated Madman and Fated Bloodthirsty seemed to be shocked as they exclaimed, “What the fuck? Such a high defence!”


The combined damage from these two men did not even take out 25% of my hit points. This surprised them. At the same time, for attacking a player, their name become change to grey colour, indicating that they are player killers. This is the exact moment I was waiting for!




This time, my shiny war axe hit Fated Bloodthirsty on his chest.  I heard a clear sound of weapon landing on him, and he was sent flying with just one hit! What is even more amazing is that he had not yet landed on the ground before a flash of white light respawn him back in the beginner village.


Fated Madman was enraged as he lifted his iron sword and charged towards me, while scolding me, “You bastard, how dare you kill my buddy!”


I did not say another word, and my shiny war axe rushed to meet his charge. It hit Fated Madman on his armpit, and a massive “-178” number appeared on top of his head. It did not managed to kill him, and the iron sword also handed on my sh oulders, but it did a measly “-27” points of damage.


I could not help laughing at the pitiful attack. As I pass by him, I whispered, “If you don’t have the ability, then you should not follow others and pretend to be a boss!”




Another sound rang out, and my shiny war axe strike Fated Madman on his shoulder, and sent him flying. A massive “-234” damage number appears on the top of his head. This is enough to kill him twice. Seemed that Fated men are fated to be killed by me.


In killing two grey out PKs (Player Killers), I did not even get any bad reputation. What is even funnier is that the Fated Madman even dropped several bottles of minor healing potions. I picked them up and threw them into my backpack. I should say a word of thanks the next time I meet them. After all, they were so kind as to gift me with free healing potions!


Fated Turbulence was looking at me with her mouth dropped open. She stood there for a full minute, before saying, “Sorry….”


I guessed, she was afraid that I would also attack her and send her back to the village.


I just smiled and said, “Kill more monster and less PK (Player Kill), in this way your level will grow faster!”


Fated Turbulence nodded her head, and apologise once again, before turning around and leaving.


After this small disturbance, I finally get back to my current quest. I headed towards the direction of the outpost, with the intent to remove the monsters residing there.


Along the way, the aggressive small goblins near me often charged towards me with a yell, but these level 1 creatures could not even pose any threat to me. With a chop of my shiny war axe, small goblins were launched into the air, gifting me with 10 experience points and about 3 coppers per goblin slain.


Accordingly to my research about the <<Spirit of Grief>> game, within the China area, there are two large main cities. In the jurisdiction of each of the main city, but there are five secondary cities. Surrounding each secondary cities are small villages, and towns. Right now, one of these small villages should be my beginner’s village.


At this time is the rush hour for gamers as many people had stopped work and reached home. There are a large number of players who are logged into the game. Many people did not even had their dinner before they logged  into the game. This also led to the situation where the beginners’ village is soon overcrowded.


It soon became impossible to level up near the village. So the players began to hunt in the forests surrounding the village. Of course, there are a lot of high level monsters waiting for them, which may bring them experience and wealth, or a sudden death!


As I made my way towards the West, I saw that a lot of players were trying to kill level 3 Goblins, and some of the players have formed teams of 3 to 5 players to co-operatively hunt higher level Flame Bat and Wolves. But after I crossed a hill, the area was filled to the brim with slimes of all size. This area did not even have a single player except for me!


Slimes are type of green colour creatures that resembles green colour mud. They have a range attack – these creatures can spit out globes of poison. This gives most players a headache. These slimes had a habit of using hit and run attacks to lead players in a merry go round, and create all sort of problems for players.


At this time, a slime excitedly rushed towards me. Just when it is only a few feet away from me, it suddenly spat out a smelly green colour liquid on me. I felt intense pain from this attack, and was shocked to discovered that I had lost 70 hit points!


I immediately stole a glance the characteristics of this slime



【Green Coloured Slime】(Normal monster)




Hit Points:800

Special Attack:Spit Poison (Range attack)


Holy shit! This is a level 10 monster! No wonder the difficulty is 80. With my current level of 7, fighting this creature is going to be tough!


Luckily I had the [Bat skin Leather Armour] and [Wilderness Boots]. These two items boost my defence. If not for these equipments, I think one hit will wipe out half or more than half of my hit points!


But now is the time for battle, and I swing my axe. But I was greatly surprised when the slime sudden turn tail and ran, and my axe hit the empty air!


I could not help but winced, and chased after it as fast as I could. This time, I did not attack carelessly. After observing its movement, only then did I lash out. My shiny axe aimed for the place where the slime was moving to, and hit the slime. Some poisonous liquid ooze out from the wound, and its health dropped by a staggering “-254” points!


Looks like the attack of this slime may be deadly, but its defence is very weak. This type of high attack and low defence creatures are exquisite practice! Of course, this only applies when you have a lot of healing potions stocked up!”


I was feeling super pleased with myself. This time, I really had great foresight. I may not have many items with me but I do have a lot of healing potions!


After observing the Slime’s movements, I had already grasped their movement. Each time they move their fat butts, I could guess the direction in which they try to flee in. My shiny war axe would strike it with almost 100% accuracy. A slime only had 800 hit points. When I hacked at it for the fourth time, it find uttered a “Zhi Zhi” death cry, and dropped several coppers.


I checked and discovered to my delight that for each slime I killed, I receive 260 experience points.


With a mixture of pride and happiness, I was glad to note that while most of the players were targeting goblins that yield only 10 experience points, I had already single-handedly defeated a powerful slime!




Far in the distance, there seemed to be a simple outpost. The outpost seemed to have two soldiers looked that they were in a panic. It is not surprising, since the outpost was surrounded by slimes. This placed had been overran with slime, and my job is to turn these lovely creatures into experience points and copper coins!


The slime that I just killed had dropped 48 coppers. Although this creature has no pockets, it is a very wealthy monster!


I did not waste time, and carefully crept closer. Once I attract the attention of a slime, I immediately retreat to get it to follow me and lure it to a safe place. After that I used my trusty axe to finish it off. Right now, I could take on a single slime. But there were two or more slimes, I think even the light healing potions would be useless.


A typical slime had an attack score of up to 35 points and do at least 70 points of damage to me, even when I am equipped with steel level equipment. Against most people without the same equipment, it could result in an instant kill.


Time slowly passed. Killing each slime require me to spend at least one minute to complete the job. Killing them is easy, but luring them out is an art. More than once, I accidently lured two slimes, and this was a nightmare as I had to consume my expensive healing potions. Somehow, I miraculously managed to hang on for dear life, even though I had my hit points reduce to single digits a few times. A few draught of my minor healing potions later, I was ready to challenge the mighty slimes again.


I fought over five hours, and to my surprise it is now one a.m. I had long lost count of how many slimes I killed. But I can confirm that the number of slime medals in my bag had been steadily increasing. But the thing that made me most annoyed is that after killing so many slimes, I only got one level 8 regular white colour leggings. It offers 9 points of defence. I had nothing to lose, and immediately equipped it.


At this time, I had also reached level 10. At this level, I can change my class. But I am still short of 1 more slime medal to complete the 100 slime medals quest. Therefore, I decided to complete this quest before returning to the beginner village to get my class change.


By now, more and more high-level players came into this area, and many of them began to kill the slimes. Among the men, the highest level players were already level 8 or 9. But in the entire area, only I had reached level 10. Surprisingly, most of the men did not receive any quest, and none of the slimes they killed dropped any slime medal.


After killing a few more slimes, finally one of the slimes dropped a slime medal. I had finally completed this quest!


But at this time, suddenly there was a golden ray of light, and then sounds of angry shouts rang out. After that, there was flash of white light as over 10 players were instant killed and sent back to the beginner’s village to respawn.


I looked up and saw a massive golden colour slime that was slaughtering the men. Each time golden colour poison was spit out, it would always resulted in an instant kill. The men who were dressed in the beginner’s rags had no way of fighting this beast.


On top of the head of this massive creature was the words, “Golden Slime King!”


I sucked in a deep breath. Shit! A super level boss finally appears!

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